Mike Relm Interview at Further Future

At the end of April, the DJ Techtools team went to the Further Future festival in Nevada, with one goal: to talk to unique DJs, bands, and producers about artistic process. In the first video from this series, we talked with Mike Relm, highly-skilled turntablist, VJ, and current DJ for The Pharcyde. Watch to learn his views on DJ technology, playing with a live rap group, and keeping his DJing style unique.

Mike Relm Interview

Mike Relm is well-known for his collaborations and performances with notable hip-hop groups – including Lyrics Born, Git of Gab, Del the Funkee Homosapien, and recently, The Pharcyde. He a skilled turntablist, and has a number of impressive routines that utilize video mixing in Serato DJ.

Watch our full interview with him now:

It was pretty amazing to see Mike perform live with the classic hip hop group, The Pharycde. His energy as a DJ was used to both hype the crowd up and bring energy to the onstage performers.

Check out some of Mike Relm’s routines on YouTube, follow him on Twitter or Instagram, or listen to some his mixes on Soundcloud below:

Stay tuned for more interviews from the Further Future festival in the coming weeks! 

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