Xone:PX5 – Is Allen & Heath Teasing A DJ Mixer/Controller?

First spotted by DJTT reader Laserbeam on the DJ Techtools forums, Allen & Heath are teasing the release of a brand new piece of gear, the Xone:PX5. We know very little about this new piece of gear so far, but keep reading for some clues and speculation.

Note that the header image contains an outline of the Xone:DX. We don’t know that it has anything to do with the Xone:PX5, but keep reading. 

Allen & Heath XONE:PX5

Xone:PX5 Preview Eventbrite

The teaser for this new Xone:PX5 came in the form of an Eventbrite invite (see flier above) to an upcoming preview show at Berlin’s Kantine Am Berghain, a smaller venue directly next to the infamous Berghain/Panorama Bar.

Xone X Series = DJ Controllers?

The last Allen & Heath Xone product to have an X in the model name was the Xone:DX, a four-channel hybrid MIDI controller and external mixer designed originally for Serato ITCH. The Xone:DX was discontinued in 2012, but had a dedicated fan base that got incredibly upset when the new Serato DJ software was announced to not have support for the unit.

The Xone:DX

Of course, instead of DX in the product name, it’s PX5. Could the P mean that instead of being DJ-focused, this new piece of gear is Producer focused?

Doing investigation work into upcoming products is extremely fun, so we thought we’d dig a bit into the only other bit source of information we have so far: the artists playing the event.

Torsten Kanzler Hints At A Four Deck Traktor Controller

No artist can resist teasing a new piece of gear they’re working with on their own social media, even if they do it in a very indirect way. In the caption on this Instagram photo, the top-billed techno artist from the event writes (in German, roughly translated): “Something is missing here”.

With the background of the image, it would seem that this new Xone:PX5 is designed with Traktor in mind – with four decks running in Traktor Pro. There’s also a Maschine Mikro off to the left, and many of the other artists playing the event seem to regularly use Ableton Live when playing out – which would suggest there is a live production focus.

What do you think the Xone:PX5 will turn out to be? Let us know your thoughts in the comments on this article. 

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