Ableton Live 9.7 Out Now: Sampling Power Up!

We’ve watched carefully as Ableton has prepared a new release of their DAW. Live 9.7 is being released today as a free download to all current users. If you’re ready for new sampling features and a bunch of Push updates, this version is for you. Keep reading for the details.

Ableton Live 9.7

Here’s the main features of Live 9.7, as reported by Ableton themselves:

  • You can now slice by region as well as transients
  • You can route audio/MIDI in and out from the hardware
  • We’ve added 16 levels for drums which means you can quickly select between 16 fixed velocities when recording rhythm parts
  • You can colour code pads, clips and tracks from the hardware
  • Record count in and knowing where you are in a clip is now visible from the Push display
  • We updated the pad behaviour so the sensitivity changes automatically depending on whether you’re playing percussive style or chords

Mad Zach Shows Off The Sample Slicing

Want to see how the sample slicing is changing? Here’s Zach sharing his techniques with a beta of this version of the software:

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