Nightmares In Clubland: Spryte’s Worst DJ Gig Ever

Photo by Karl JK Hedin on Unsplash

Every DJ loves to talk about their very best nights behind the decks…but what about when things horribly wrong? We regularly get a veteran club DJs to talk about their dreaded “worst night ever” on the job. This month, we caught up with LA’s very own DJ Spryte.

Many open format DJs can scratch acceptably, but Spryte actually began his career as a competition DJ back in 1996. Since then, he’s combined his skills behind the turntables with an encyclopedic knowledge of music and become a very active open format DJ in the United States. He’s now signed with SKAM Artist Agency and is also half of the duo Made Monster.

The road to the top is often a rocky one, and even Spryte has had less than ideal nights at the club. As he was unfortunate enough to find out, being from Los Angeles is sometimes worth keeping under wraps…particularly when dealing with a bunch of drunk sports fans from Boston.

Without further ado, let’s hand it off to him!

  • Years Active As A DJ: 23 years
  • Style: Open Format
  • Listen: Mixcloud

DJ Spryte’s Worst Gig Ever

Back in 2010, I got booked for my first open format gig in Boston, MA. I was super excited for the show! I spent all week editing files and prepping music to make sure my set would be on point. Little did I know, things were getting a little crazy in Boston. We were just days away from Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

I’m not a big sports fan, so I don’t really know when big sporting events are taking place, who’s beefing with who, or any of that. As I would soon find out, the Boston Celtics and the LA Lakers have one of the most bitter sports rivalries of any NBA teams, and it was about to spill over into my club gig.

F#@K LA?

I got into Boston early, like I usually do with most of my travel shows. I love exploring new cities when I get the opportunity. During my little walk around town, I start to notice all these people wearing “F#@K LA” shirts.

This obviously sparks my interest, because I’m coming from Los Angeles. I start to see they’re selling these shirts on street corners, souvenir shops, and even restaurants. I stop and ask a couple, why is everyone wearing “F#@k LA” shirts?

Of course, I find out that the NBA Finals are the very next day! This was a clearly a massive game for Boston, and people were all fired up about winning the NBA Championship.

I would soon find out how hardcore sports fans are in Boston. 

LA Meets Boston: Hilarity Ensues

Fast forward to that night. I arrive at my gig, and the club is full of people wearing the same “F#@k LA” shirts I saw earlier that day. Hilariously, the club is also right across the street from the arena where the NBA Finals are being held! So not only is everyone in the club wearing the shirts, but so is everyone at the 20 bars around the club as well.

I tried not to think too much of it and proceed to set up my gear. I’m about to drop my intro and start the show when I hear the host of the night get on the microphone from across the room.

Of course…they said:

“Straight from LA, give it up for DJ Spryte!”

My heart literally drops, and the entire crowd turns around and stares at me.

Within seconds, hundreds of people were screaming “F#@k LA!” and booing at me! A beer bottle flies right past my head and I had to duck under the DJ booth. Security even stepped in and had to stand in front of me the entire night!

This STILL didn’t stop everyone that walked past from yelling something at me. After I finished my set, which was incredibly difficult to get through, security told me to hang out at the club for a while before I go out onto the streets. They thought I was going to get jumped if I went outside.

This was hands down one of my craziest situations I’ve ever been in as a DJ.

Now, whenever I go to a new city, I always check the sporting events in the area!

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