DJ TechTools Store Front Open For Business!

This Saturday will see the official grand opening of a DJ TechTools retail location in Huntington Beach, California. That’s about 45 minutes south of LA in Orange County, or the “OC”. The new store is owned and operated by our good friend Charles Feelgood, a prominent house dj and long time fixture in the LA area. The Dj TechTools Retail store will be the best place in the LA area to get hands on time and training with all of the controllers and dj technology available today. Read on for photos, a launch party and a special deal for all of our customers world wide.

7561 Center Ave # 36   (in Dj Culture) Huntington Beach, CA 92647-3038  – 714-895-3575


3 Years ago I started Dj TechTools as an online replacement for the educational and social hub missing from dj culture after the demise of most of our local record stores. I hoped that a community of global djs who shared experiences, information and gear tips might start to fill that gap in a modern way that would survive over the years. Well, it’s safe to say that we we’re on to something- Dj TechTools is now possibly one of the biggest online dj communities in the world.

While an online virtual world is great, it never completely replaced all the benefits of a hyper local store where you can walk in, drop flyers, chat with your friends and try out the latest gear. With that in mind, we decided it was time to experiment with moving some aspects of Dj TechTools back into a real location that maintained the positive, welcoming and controller-centric vibe of the website. Charles, one of our original supporters, believed so much in the idea of Dj TechTools that he came to me and offered to open up a retail location in Southern California. After months of planning and work on his part to renovate the existing space- it’s now ready for the public.


Dj TechTools is sharing a small store front in a goofy outdoor mall called “Old World” which is styled after a German village! Dj Culture was one of the original record stores in Orange county; but over the years, with demand for records diminishing, the store moved into ticket sales and rave accessories. To help fill that gap and bring back some modern “Dj Culture”, we teamed up with them to fill half of the store with the latest in controllers and gear. Come down, try out a Midi-Fighter, VCI-100 Arcade and even the new S4. Both Charles and I will be on hand to answer questions, demo gear and spread the word!




I will be playing a 1 hour dj set along with Charles Feelgood in celebration of the store opening @ Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa California on Friday November 19th.


Since most of you are nowhere near LA, we wanted to spread the love and offer something to everyone. Follow these 2 simple steps and we will give you a 10% coupon off anything in the store for the next 24 hours (ending Thursday 11/18 at 5PM PST). Yes- that includes S4’s and the coupon can also be redeemed in the Los Angeles store too!

  • Tweet something about Dj TechTools or re-post this article to Facebook
  • Send us an email to with a screen shot proving you did it
  • We will send you the coupon code!

If you’re in the LA area,  Charles says: “please come down and buy something!”  Seriously, we are trying to find a way to make local stores work for the good of dj culture and our local dj communities, but it won’t work without your help. The Dj TechTools Store is 30% retail and 70% hangout, educate, interact.  We hope to create a location where the digital djs of tomorrow feel comfortable learning and expanding their skills regardless of their technology or music of choice.


Dj TechTool’s San Francisco is planned for next year and then possibly other locations after that. If you’re interested in possibly getting involved, drop us a line and we will keep you posted.  Good candidates for store managers/owners would have retail experience and a serious love/dedication to the DJ world!

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  • Mrtranquility000

    Ean, did you guys move out from DJ Culture? I went there once I found out you released the clear buttons for the midi fighters and the guy there said the store was moved? Do you guys have a new store in the HB area?


    Hey where can I get dayglow knobs and facets for an ah cone dx ??

  • 187drugs

    Kinda think this one wont move much as nobody has interest in what used to be so important as dj and associated material to support the unique style that mix tapes and cds promoted and gave a way to enter a market that raves were about seeing your favorites and maybe some new act would get a chance to spin ext. It was something many worked at as well as party dis and the bedroom artist that no one would ever know about it all took time effort and cash which preferably came from selling mama when it used to make money and not every jr high kid had it at scoop and always pretty good with online info to help keep it honest if you care but it sure isn’t much of a dj store crowd spending money at the store no more basically an insomniac ticket drop and that’s about all stores do thees days just ask…

  • DjBuca


    Love your site and posts, hoping to make it to your store next time in Cali unless yo make it to Minneapolis or Chicago before.


  • Discotrick

    [quote comment=”40254″]WTF?! Ean! You’re based in The Bay and open up a store in SoCal? Boo! Turn in your NorCal card. You are dead to me.[/quote]
    Haha he does have a point. When can I actually step foot in a DJTT store in the bay area? 😛

  • strange tapes

    midi fighter, what a weird name, but cool controller! big upsss

  • Brian senyo

    Absolute maximum well wishes on the new store, and bringing back a much needed element of the music and Dj scene – the record and equipment store! If I am ever out west, I will swing buy and buy a t shirt, and hopefully more!

  • chubby

    this is so sick, i live about 5 minutes away! time to try out the s4!!!!

  • secret squid

    siiiick, my rents have a house in LA, ill def visit when i come out. been reading for a while, would love to chat!

  • Petter

    I’d like to see a store in Europe. I live in Sweden but I think a store in London or Paris would be awesome!

  • hector

    i would like to know if there is on line (or internet)
    e-learning, because i live so far.

  • aprizm

    [quote comment=”40405″]Fudge, I live in Montreal, Canada and am a very big follower of this site, for like the longest time. I soooo wish i could come down to LA for the opening. Congrats Ean! All the best! I’m definitely passing by whenever i’m in LA. This is tooo awesome.![/quote]

    w00t bigup im in Montreal Too ! we should start a DJ TECHTOOLS up in these neck of the wood

  • Adam

    Thanks guys for putting this on. It was a excellent show and great vibe. Good to see everyone who was able to make it. Awesome to see these amazing DJs up close and personal and in such a chilled out setting.

  • Brian

    I was there. Great demo ean! The event was a great success

  • DJ Techron

    I am glad that you guys have this store just around the way for me. I can’t wait for the seminars to begin!!!! So when will they begin??

  • Noki

    congratz from france !

  • Wezzelby

    i have retail experience but i live in belgium 🙁

  • DJ Color TV

    Congrats on the store opening! This is a big step and I, and all my people, wish you the best!

  • Shane

    I’ll be there

  • Ronskee

    Fudge, I live in Montreal, Canada and am a very big follower of this site, for like the longest time. I soooo wish i could come down to LA for the opening. Congrats Ean! All the best! I’m definitely passing by whenever i’m in LA. This is tooo awesome.!

  • donbuz

    Howdy Guys!

    this is great news – I will make sure to stop by if given the chance to go to California.
    Also – I sent a couple emails yesterday to but haven’t received any feedback yet… can you get back to me?

    thanks !!!! take care !

  • Fyoog

    Congrats and massive props to you all for sorting this out.

    Wish I could be there but the few 1000 miles in between might be a bit difficult for me.

    UK store? I’m your man!!!

  • Sarasin


    UP UP and UP!!!!

  • DeDreiIx

    Hey DJTT,
    I wish you a good start with your new Store.
    Maybe someday I will get it managed to visit you. 😉


  • Ron Solo

    This is awesome news! Congrats to the DJTT team!! So glad for you guys, it’s always awesome to see good things happen to good people.

  • Chelan

    I am very excited to be hearing about this. Congrats to Ean & Charles Feelgood & the supporting cast @ DJTT for making this happen. I used to live in Costa Mesa & still visit about a couple times a year so I’m more then happy to go check out the new store next time I’m in town! I like the photo of the set-up in that you want DJs and others curious or interested to try out the equipment. Nice thinking…it works great for the Apple stores!

    I’d also like to add my support for 2 ideas tossed out by other people. First, a stream or video of some demos @ the store, & hopefully someone will get great video of Ean & Charles Friday night & later post it. Second, I also would be all for lessons being able to be taught @ the new store as someone also mentioned.

    Hope Friday goes well for y’all and congrats again on the new store. I have learned much from this website, and look forward to much more too. And even though I’m not in SoCal, thanks to Charles for wanting something there for the DJTT community.

  • Lance Blaise

    Congrats guys. I will check it on my next trip out there! 🙂


    Awesome I’ll be there in support Saturday! Congrats on the new store!

  • Simplycax

    SOo excited about this! We will definitely frequent the store. We live down the street! So you there!

  • Mark Theis

    Nice! .. But could you please set up a camera to live stream it? .. would love to see the opening.


    Hope to see you guys open a store on the East Coast, Boston more specifically. THE DJTT team should bring some demo gear to the Together Festival happening from April 18-24 in Boston. Last year’s first annual Together was amazing. Check it…

  • Lovebump

    Yay !!! Happy… I live in Huntington Beach. Guess where I will be on Saturday.

  • Mr Draxx


  • D-JL

    Congradulation Ean and the whole DJ Techtools team on this grand accomplishment. I will definitely be there this Saturday

  • djjackmeoff

    Fucking AWESOME. Finally a DJ STORE FOR DJS BY DJS!! Bring one to DC please!! Feelgood has a huge following here!

  • Ricey

    Since after watching the film high fidelity with jack black who works in this record shop, I’ve always though it would be a dream to be part of one. Maybe one day hopefully DJTT could go international and have one in London. Thing is theres a lot of stiff competition over here (London) with WestendDJ to name.

  • DJCamRoberts

    Goodluck Guys, hype up the store to all the dj’s in LA, so they say fuck guitar center and go to a store that is designed by cutting edge dj’s for cutting edge dj’s.

  • Cheap Dj shop

    This is so great! Good luck guys.
    Your store is very hot sell.

  • Vendetta

    This is so great! Good luck guys

  • ToOntown

    Congratulations, team! This is fantastic news and I wish you all the best.

  • PioPro

    And so the quest for world domination begins mwahahahahahahah!!!
    great news guys can’t wait for a UK version of the store if it eva happens…
    now i have another reason to plan a trip to the states 😉

  • Albertorto

    A super cool news about the store opening and looking forward to see the company expansion.
    Hope this saturday is awesome, I will do my best to get trough it in Rotterdam (Netherlands) and celebrate it by my own!

    A la salud!


  • Mr.Nicklebe

    Wow guys, many congratulations on the actual real physical store. Best of luck too in these rather troubling economic times. I remember when this site was just a simple blog, it’s come so far!

    I’m in the UK so I don’t think I’ll get to see the store any time soon though :p


    Massif news, although I won’t see it as I live in Perth, Western Australia.

    Best of luck Ean with your latest endeavor.

    Any chance of a franchise agreement over here?

    much love


  • Synthetix

    count me in!

  • jeff

    HELL YEAH!!! I will see you guys @ Detroit Bar and will probably be visiting the store from time to time, I am lucky to be in the OC, sweeet

  • DjWindzOne

    Wow. . .This is big news for me. . .I get to tryout a midi fighter befor I order one. . .YES. . .may not be able to make it to the grand opening weekend. . .but now that it’s an 2 hour drive for me, It’ll be worth it!

    Congrats to the DJTT staff and the many people who are benefitting/contributing to from the site!!

  • djstevesullivan

    good luck with the store!

  • Steve

    Hey guys!! Congrats!!! This is really cool. I can’t wait to come over from AUS and have a look.

  • Lionel

    Hi Ean,

    Great shop ! Will you only sell Traktor stuff or are you open to sell a wide range of DJ Software ?

  • pSiOnIcZ

    Open one in Barcelona ! ! !

  • Holotropik

    That’s great news! Best of luck, hope you kick ass!

  • jimfuso

    Ean what time do you think you’ll go on friday night at the detroit bar?

    I’ll be stopping by the new shop for sure.

  • *Otter*

    Sick man! Huntington is like an hour from me, prolly wont make it out to the opening but look forward to stopping by soon! Thanks Charles Feelgood and the DJ TT Crew!

  • DJ Phaidon

    Most DJ stores are closing up shop, and DJ Techtools is opening them. Love it! Amazing. Was planning a trip to DJTT headquarters at some point, now it might have to extent to SoCal also 🙂

  • Haze324

    The Glamour Shots of Ean on the flyer is classsicc!!!!!!!

    Hey you guys should offer classes. Beginner, Advanced, Midi-Mapping, Scratching, etc.

  • Bamrocket

    patiently awaiting my coupon so I can snag me an S4 :]

  • DJ Gummo

    Looking forward to Saturday. So happy that the store remained at Old World. I’ll start here then move onto the Ratskeller!

  • Goremay

    I just sent my email in… you guys going to be able to handle the email traffic before 5 tmrw?
    Well congrats anyway. This is the site that got me into DJ’ing 2 years ago, and I still learn much from your articles. Best of luck!

  • Jim

    Congratulations!!! bit of a trek from NZ but you never know. Not so sure about competitions that require you to be on twitter though, some of us choose not to.

  • Anonymous

    FEELGOOD!!!!! YAY!!!!!


    wow, couldn’t be more excited! i live in long beach ca, so you’re right in my back yard. If yall need workers, i’m very very very interested!!! I NEED more Dj time in my life!!!! Great work on the site guys and congrats on the store… i’ll be your first regular loiterer.

  • Dj PC3

    You guys rock, wished I lived in Cali….

  • Kylemac

    Sometimes I wish I lived in CA. Now is one of those times.

  • DJJorel

    Yesss!!! This is only 20 minutes away from my house…I will definitely be there!

  • Abyrne7

    I feel like flying down to visit haha

  • eflynn

    Ean, can you Ustream your set from the store for us? possibly others as well?

  • eflynn

    Big congrats to the DJTT team. It’s a big step and I wish you nothing but success.

  • DJ Urkel Dee

    I’ll be there:)

  • Dustin V

    Awesome news DJTT! this is when I wish I was in the U.S. If you guys ever feel like expanding to South Africa, let me know! Serious. Dustin V

  • Marius Martin

    DJTT in Berlin….that would be a wet dream come true ^^
    I’m living more than 600km away, but that’s way closer than California.
    Maybe “Schneiders Büro” or rather “” could make an appropriate partner.

  • Snowball777

    Well done Lads. So good to hear about this. Wish you all the best with the store!

  • LaQuenepa

    I’ll play lottery today so if you see some person buying a lot of stuff w/o testing then thats me!!

  • Bucky

    DJTT is blowing up! Maybe the retail store will have better shipping than the online store. I kid, I kid. Good luck!

  • Travis

    Big deal for the DJTT! Congratulations to all of you that put in the work to make this community what it is today. Wish I could checkout the store. 🙂

  • n:deuce

    this is frakkin awesome! i really hope this works out!

  • Synthetix

    awesome!!!!!! im like a couple hours away but im definitely going!
    I’m so fricken stoked! lol

  • kcd3

    Congrats on the store. I am really excited to visit it soon when I go up to Huntington.

  • Kellen

    Awesome this is 15 minutes from me. Looking forward to checking it out soon!

  • Killerfanatics

    Pretty stoked about this. I know it was mentioned in the forums, but didn’t see anything about Ean performing. See you there!

  • Luis Rocha

    I live in San Diego and will do my best to stop by 🙂

  • seen

    damn same thing in germany pls… i’d kill for that

  • Coldfuzion

    THIS IS AWESOME! I was planning on flying up to SF and swing by sometime soon, but now you guys are opening a store in my back yard!!! I wish I could come by for the opening, but most likely i’ll be in Las Vegas at the time :(. Had I known – I would’ve re-scheduled :(.

  • Orologeria

    Congatulations!!!!!!!!!!!! ive been following Djtechtools site since the beguinning looking back i love to see how its grow till the point of a phisyc store, i wish you so much luck in this new proyect but im shure its gonna be succesfull, cause wen you do things with love, prosionalism y organisacion shure things succede, god bless this new Store!!!!!!!

  • kaunetroxx

    dang too bad i already ordered an s4 heh

  • Phaserjunkie

    I’m going to try my darnest to make it out, even though I am from pittsburgh.

  • archies'bald

    If the franchise ever reaches Scotland, I’d better be first on the f**kin list…….

  • Chris Jennings

    Very nice!! Congratulations.

  • Ean Golden

    Un-officially, Dj TechTools headquarters is open to the public. Anyone can come down and try out gear and meet the team. We are going to open a SF store in the next year once we find a suitable location that wont break the bank.

    A European location (particularly in Berlin) is being seriously considered. If anyone has a lot of retail experience and is interested, please get in touch!

  • cpoynter

    Congratulations from Victoria, Canada!!!


    Nice! would love to visit if I ever get to LA.

  • Priscilla

    Good stuff. I’ll be there.

  • Whyte

    Gratz guys! We’ll think about you at SEKOIA haha.

    Respect that you’re able to pull this off. It must be a dream to be able to fill your daytime with dj-related stuff as well as the night.

  • Graham

    Damnit Ean, you had me all excited. I wanted to try out the Midi-fighter in San Fran. I cant go to LA just for this. Still, if I’m ever in the area, I’ll make my way to you.

  • Kobbe

    Why couldnt this be in Stockholm? 🙁

  • Wishmaster

    I saw the beginning from DJ Tech tools Stors (World Wide) !!!!
    Maybe in the Future????

  • O

    “…for the good of dj culture and our local dj communities but it can survive without your help” Oh ok then. Wait, what?
    Sorry, that was bugging me.


  • The Beat Worx

    WTF?! Ean! You’re based in The Bay and open up a store in SoCal? Boo! Turn in your NorCal card. You are dead to me.

  • JesC

    Very nice, Im in East L.A. so Ill try my best to make it out.

  • Vinicius Hoffmann

    Oh man, I wish I were there…
    Here in Brazil is impossible to find a dj store 🙁

    I wish you sucess on the business and a very good opening with many good vibes 😀

  • Rasmus Kjærbo

    Wow, to bad I’m way back in Denmark. Would’ve love to join in on both the party and the opening of the store!

    Gratz with it though 😉