New Traktor and Serato Controllers from Pioneer (Updated)

Although widely rumored, its looking official, Pioneer is finally jumping on board the controller craze. They have been working on 2 models, 1 for Traktor (DDJ-T1) and one for Serato (DDJ-S1). Both are basically identical in layout but equipped with specific features for each software.  We have known this was coming for a while but Pioneer did an amazing job of keeping it from leaking, especially considering they showed it to everyone under the sun. Read on for more speculation and a new record low volume of factual data!


The Pioneer DDJ-T1 controller is clearly an amalgamation of their CDJ-200 line into the controller world. Throw in a 4 channel mixer and depending on the feature set/software bundle- you may have the first real competition for the S4.  Considering the new CDJ-200’s run around $300 each and a decent 4 channel mixer is at least $400, this should represent a really good value for new djs looking to maintain a Pioneer work flow in the digital domain.

The real question here is whether or not Pioneer struck a deal with NI to include a new Traktor Pro software with S4 features (more info tomorrow on that). If they did, then that means there will be real competition in the market place for that platform. If not, and NI holds on to the S4 feature set for themselves, then I doubt the controller will make it much farther.


  • the knobs and buttons look noticeably plastic
  • based on the size of the jog wheels relative to the transport buttons, its full CDj-20 sized, which means a wide controller
  • needle drop touch strip
  • auto loop encoder matches the s4 (look for this to become standard)
  • there are mic and headphone jacks so a built-in sound card is evident
  • the top photo is probably a very good 3 render, while the photo above looks like an early stage prototype.


This one has the potential to be really interesting because its rumored to be working with Serato Scratch, which means it might be the very first all in one controller/sound card combo fully supported by Scratch (transport control without requiring the SL1/2/3boxes). Most mobile djs are stuck using Serato Scratch in the club and then Itch in the mobile territory. They really all just want a mobile controller for Serato that does NOT require a SL box. If Pioneer manages to be the first to create that reality, they will kill it in sales. If not, its still looking like a great alternative to the popular vci-300.


  • 2 channel mixer (itch supports 4 decks but Serato only 2 without the right hardware)
  • needle drop touch strip has LED feedback of position
  • overall look and work flow is a much closer match to traditional CDJ equipment than the DDJ-T1
  • VU meters here but not on the DDJ-T1

pics via

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    Or embed the tracking link in a descriptive text
    SIX STAR DJ Gave me a good price on this item.

  • Dj_forcedhand

    I’m wondering why the V/U meters aren’t directly located under the up-fader now-a-days?

    • Dj_forcedhand

      (crud… hit return by accident) Just like the knobs know have light up chase tick-marks (or at least a ring of light).

  • Shahan

    I really need help in what to buy? whether its gonna be a pioneer ddj-t1 o traktor s4 o ddj -s1, Please can someone help me with this??

  • aram

    hi guys 
    its it possibe you use virtualdj soft ware for traktor s4 or ddj-t1?????

  • Seansalternative

    Where’s the EQ Kill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Seansalternative

    Where’s the EQ Kill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kaz

    love my ddj-s1 after upgrading from my ns7. price is a bit off putting but i got a 10% coupon from

  • Kaz

    love my ddj-s1 after upgrading from my ns7. price is a bit off putting but i got a 10% coupon from

  • Kaz

    love my ddj-s1 after upgrading from my ns7. price is a bit off putting but i got a 10% coupon from

  • J-Bone

    You know what they say… imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

    Nice work on the S4 Ian.

  • Piofail

    Wow. Apparently Pioneer failed to include separate booth monitor outputs/control just like NI did on the K S4. Unf•cking believable. A basic, yet essential feature which is why it’s on nearly every DJ mixer on the planet. Kinda defeats the purpose of having an “all-in-one” solution if you have to lug and/or connect to extra outboard gear just to obtain simple control of your monitors. For the life of me I can’t understand why it is so difficult for these manufacturers to get it right after so long. LOL at engineers/designers tasked with developing products for DJs who don’t actually DJ themselves.

    • Markku Uttula

      As far as I can see, the problem is that the software does not have a booth-output function. Thus, adding one into the controller would require Pioneer to actually build a mixer inside that thing (T1 is only a controller with a dual stereo output soundcard; one for the main out and one for monitor out).

      It is interesting though that they did include an AUX-input in the unit as a “backup” (wise, too – even though my TSP has only crashed twice during last two years … well, even once is too much).

  • Karl Detken Pro DJ

    Well I certainly didn’t expect my old alma mater to have a controller in the $1600 retail range but then again I’m not surprised due to the points I made earlier. I’ll hold off on passing judgment until I see it on Thursday morning at NAMM. Until then I still lovethe S4

    BTW: if anyone is interested in NAMM news I will be reporting on all the new products from the show floor throughout the week. I’ll also shoot a video of the Pio controllers as soon as the show opens. You can see my posts on it on my twitter under the hashtag #NAMMnews.

  • VJ Justin Allen

    Very nice to see Karl Detken posting again!!

    I keep looking for a small set-up that does ScratchLive and so far I have been disappointed. Since I play 100% videos in my clubs none of the scaled down versions will work for me. SO while these are nice, small all-in-one controllers, they are not seamless for me to switch between my bigger club nights and any smaller “bar” gigs I happen to pick up.

    It’s been 7 years I think since I purchased my DVJ-X1’s…and they are still keeping up with the times.

  • ToOntown

    this doesn’t surprise me at all. i am sure there will be about 50 of these coming out before the end of 2011, all priced differently and of different quality. one thing is true, the VSM-4 was first therefore it’s the best (kidding).

  • Jay

    Pioneer makes some cheap ass **** just wait it out until Rane gets into the market, it might weigh 50 pounds but it will last FOOORRREVVVERRRR (sandlot) – Pioneer will sponsor a couple house DJ’s to take pics with these controllers and say how great they are blah blah blah this will change the game blah blah blah just to sell units and then all the clubs will buy one notice no one uses it and by then you’ll get these on centralist for 500 bucks…. only good thing to come out of pioneer was the djm800 and the efx1000 everything else is garbaggeee…. played with the S4 and it is great controller no will match it anytime soon (game changer)!

  • frogstar

    I hope pioneer figured out their weakest link of having fixed power types.. try plugging in a pioneer mixer or cdj in another country with a different power type.

  • Chris

    No compagny will make a near perfect controller cuz that’s no sense in the capitalist world we live in…..

    They need to sell sell sell

    this time people will buy it cuz it’s pioneer…

    In 2 years, they will add better jogg (they already have) and a vu metters….and people will buy again

    So don’t be stupid in buying each new product…

    Buy one or keep yours and wait a real new good product that will fit 90% your need

  • zeba

    hope that soon a hardware will be released with both soft traktor/serato together !!!

    • korona

      I hear that! Whatever happened to good old “just MIDI” controllers?

      • Will Marshall

        Too many hard limitations in MIDI.

  • Floodwatch

    Ummm, what’s with the CDJ-200 comparison? The only thing either of these controllers bear in common with that deck is the finish on their jogwheels. Whether the controller includes a full version of Traktor Pro or not isn’t entirely relevant either – sure it’ll price this above an S4 but nevertheless, it’s been long established that Traktor Pro users will be getting an update which includes Pro S4 features.

    Personally, I think the layout of this controller is great and has a few significant advantages, not least of which is the needle search ribbon above each jog. It also looks a great deal less cramped and cluttered.

    Would be most interested to do a side by side comparison in any case.

  • djerikt

    without the S4 sampling features, this product just doesn’t give me what Im looking for. At my job, we are major pioneer fanboys, but I may need to go with the S4. I am waiting to see what S4 features will make it into other products. I don’t particularly like that its a special DDJT1 version of Traktor. the Traktor software line is getting really fragmented, who knows which version will get what feature update, Duo, Pro, DDJ-T, S4, pretty complicated.

  • Al

    I don’t think the DJJT1 will meet the needs of the serious controllerist out there, and I definitely don’t think Pioneer had any real commitment to the professional DJ when designing this (just read their own product summary), but rather created just another expensive stepping stone to hook in entry level and bedroom djs to eventually purchase their top of the line CDJs (remember this is their bread and butter).

    If your an entry level DJ and want to persue CDJing buy CDJ350’s, or even the larger CDJ850’s for that matter. For mobile DJs, there are many much better and cheaper options. And for the established controller based club DJs, it’s just too big and lacks too many key features, particulary if its going to be compared to the S4.

    However I must say I am a little intrigued by the DJJS1 Serato controller (albeit that it is still too big and only 2 channels), particular if the bridge is opened up to the itch software down the track and the DJJS1 gets the software updates and mappings to properly support it.

  • DoubleDutchdj

    I’m normally first to shoot down most Pioneer over priced products, but I think people are getting carried away here. We don’t know the prices yet but you can be sure they will have to be at least a bit competitive as that is the current nature of the midi market.
    Can anyone point me towards other all in one deck and mixer controllers that are the exact same flavor as these two?
    Obviously the NS7 comes to mind, but not everyone wants moving platters.The Denon is compact but maybe over crowded, the S4 is a controllerist/producer instrument dj weapon ( which is a bit to plasticky ), the DX is a really high quality midi mixer (with pointless jogs and long throw cue buttons), VCI 100/300 and all the other touch sensitive jog like controllers sort of fall in to the same type of tiny toy like categorie.
    It’s really good Pioneer are finally joining in the digital fun, sure there’s nothing new to get excited about, but at least we finally have a couple of controllers that represent a proper more realistic traditional set up rather than yet another teeny VCI alike. Less than five years ago we only had midi keyboards to dj with, look the options we have now!
    Whats really funny is how many of us digital dj’s over the years have looked at pioneer types as close minded and from a product point up there own arse, but looking through the comments here the roles seem to of changed, there’s a lot of digital snobbery going on coming out of these once humble pages, shame on you!

    • Mudo

      Pioneer has some ads arguing against controllers (xponent to be exact) and selling their CDJs as ONLY solution…


  • Ariser

    At last a midi controller with a proper pitch control and decent sized jogs. This will be taken seriously in clubs as it’s pioneer so just having to take a laptop with you is appealing 🙂

  • Nacho

    Too bigs and too expensive…

    • Dj PC3

      The lights are a real nice touch, and glad to see its not made of plastic, but it doesn’t have any S4 features, no XLR (though neither does the s4) and I can’t tell if I can run timecode through it… If I can run timecode through it then I just might consider it.

  • josh@firestorm

    i do like the way a laptop keyboard can fit snuggly under the controller.

    • korona

      So you either never ever need to search your entire library for a song? Or you have a really small library?

      (Point being made: Why would I want to do away with being able to use the laptop keyboard for searching for tracks?)

  • SSmokeygingerman

    It says here it will ahve its own version of traktor All i want is motorised platters (7inch minimum)on a controller so i can scratch on it properly!

    • Mudo

      V7? oh sorry NOT supported grrrr

      Maybe Dn3700?

      At last go for VirtualDj, to be the less pro has support for BOOTH.

  • Lee Harris

    Looks like a cheap S4 imitation…

    I know pioneer has made some incredible CDJ’s and mixers (obviously) but I’m just unsure of this new delve into the world of midi controllers. When I first saw the picture it looked like some 200’s and a djm pushed together… and it still looks like that. Why use it? Especially if this is a larger controller. I would rather show up with a audio card and just use the clubs… Hell most clubs/events are at least using 800’s and at least here in Denver most clubs/events have a full 2000 set up. It just doesn’t look like it provides much more beyond what you could alredy do on CD set-up.

    • Steve Francesco

      You’d still need to add something else for your effects racks/hot cues etc… a 800 style deck with some extra rotaries and without the CD transport would be the “ideal world” install solution for me but guess its not happening anytime soon… I’m More interested in the T1 mind you, and personally I do like BIGGER

  • Paul

    I just got an email from pioneer stating software releases and configs are now avail for serato and tracktor …. nice … I was going to get the S4 but If the platters feel like cdj platters then im getting this simply because of that haha 🙂

  • Steve Francesco

    That price does not seem THAT bad considering its Pioneer! ..

    I wonder though might this be the first incarnation of STANDARDIZED midi controller kit that we’ll start seeing in a club and install environment ?

    The issue with some of the other GREAT kit is that its from manufacturers is they are unknown in many cases by alot of smaller bar/club/ wedding DJS’s…..Yep sounds nuts but even Native instruments. While WE all know they make Traktor, many smaller and some just not-so-techhie djs associate the software name “Traktor” and dont even know who the hell native instruments are! … An example of this is a friend of mine a 50+ year old DJ who recently bought a controller/ mac and software to do his regular wedding / party thing… works a treat, but just knows that his computer is Apple (OSX ? Whats that) and that his Software is Traktor.

    The Numark NS7 would have been a great install controller IMHO one of the best, had the platters been designed with Traktor in mind, like their CDX’s however “they weren’t pioneer” .. and much like a 2k rane rotary mixer, I heard so many DJ’s bitching about how it made life SOOOOOO HARD for them !!! (maybe I just like a challange?)

    Personally I love the idea of just walking in and playing on whatever is provided in a club just like I used to with techs. No the pioneers might not be THE best hardware on the market BUT either were 1210’s … Better turntables came along (Vestax) but they still reigned king in clubs and you could bet your bottom dollar that every time you walked into a club you’d be sorted with industry standard equipment, something that has been severely lacking with the controller market despite it being nearly 10 years old the best one can hope for normally is a DVS (SL/Serato) or, if you are lucky CDJ400’s else you’re bringing your own box.

    In short .. I hope the pioneer incarnations become as standard as the CDJ has .. it’ll make everything ALOT easier…substitute records / CD’s for laptop and plug in .. job done.

  • Karl Detken Pro DJ

    WOW I’m half right on the price because the Serato Itch piece is $1599 the Traktor piece is $1299. That means I estimate:

    DDJ-S1: Retail=$1599 MAP=$1299 Street=$1150-$1300 <~ (my educated guess
    DDJ-T1: Retail=$1299 MAP=$999 Street=$950-1050

    Both street estimates of course depend on inventory and market demand. More demand = higher price

    • Dj PC3

      That’s INSANE!!!!

      The S4 has a whole host of new/better features, and close to 50% cheaper. To top it off, the unit looks like it is made of plastic (correct me if I am wrong).

      Pioneer or not, I wouldn’t spend that kind of money for controller, that was basically running off a decade old, communication protocol (MIDI0.

      In addition the T1 (Traktor version DOES NOT HAVE XLR! WHY?!?!?!?!? And no VUs, and not S4 sample banks.

      The only thing that makes this gear look half-way attractive, is unless it took in Traktor timecode, so I could use it like a standard DVS. Does anyone know if it does that? Cuz if it doesn’t this thing is a complete waste of money!

  • Karl Detken Pro DJ

    WOW I was right. Like clockwork Pioneer did it’s typical “Monday before NAMM” new product announcement. New controller features and specs now announced 1 minute ago here:

  • Karl Detken Pro DJ

    * I think the Traktor piece has 4 cue points if you look to above the jog wheel to the right. The mode/ddelete buttons tell me they apply to the 4 cue buttons.
    * Looking at the picture closer is says mic 1 so that would mean there is a mic 2
    * There is an on/off printed on the top so I guess that the mixer is USB or AC powered. Probably in case the software goes down the mixer is still operable if you have two other sources in the iputs ie CDJs/turntables.
    * Since Pioneer had so many complaints with the DJM-400 not having XLR outputs I am sure it will have XLR. Don’t think theyll have it for the booth because Pio has never done that on the mixers.
    * The top scroll looks like the same scroll as the MEP know that I worked on 3 years ago so it’s probably to scroll through your itch or Traktor playlists.


    I wonder why nobody ever mentions the Stanton SCS3 system on the controllerism category. I tell you this much, it’s modular design, responsiveness and a fresh take on MIDI for DJs, is fun and functional…

    • Mudo

      Because was expensive and buggy in the beggining… Final Scratch suicide not help neither…

  • Karl Detken Pro DJ

    I can surmise that Pioneer’s product will always be more expensive than the competition. Reason: the engineering and components are highest standard possible without going astronomical in end user price.
    That being said, my guess is price point will be $1200-$1300

    * From feature specs the picture makes me think that the mixer and/or the players have a curved profile on the bottom. My guess that is to fit your laptop under it. (I think)
    * The Serato controller is for Itch only. I doubt Serato would let Pio disrupt the very profitable relationship with Rane. So that means you’d still need the Serato box.
    * Knowing that the Mobile DJ industry is a piece of the pie that Pioneer would love to have more of I am almost certain that it will have 2 mics. (I may be wrong and if I am Pioneer will have missed the Mobile DJ boat with that key feature need)
    * I am sure the 2 other channels on the Traktor controller are also for the turntables/CDJs.
    * I would think Native would not give Pio access to the new S4 software because that would then make the S4 controller less a commodity. So Pio may need to have to live with Traktor Skratch Pro.

    Be right back…

  • Karl Detken Pro DJ

    Hi guys,

    Many of you may know me from being 18 years at Pioneer Pro DJ division Planning/Marketing/Designing ALL Pio gear up to the DJM-2000. I’m retired now, enjoying life & occasionally consulting to help manufactures build better products. I have no advance notice in this controller but now that I’m out I can have fun speculating like you guys. So here is my take on this new controller based on my life inside the walls.

    (ooops be right back have a call coming in that I need to take.)

  • Trumps Aces

    “you may have the first real competition for the S4”
    I guess you guys never saw the Denon DN-MC6000.

    • Jonny

      Exactly what i was thinking…or wait, wasnt Ean a part of the S4 design?

  • ManDingo


  • Strategy

    Those look nothing like CDJ-200 platters but more like the CDJ-400 platters to me!

  • josh@firestorm

    i’ll wait and see build quality compared to the S4.. but i think i’d still go the S4 over this.

    Pioneer are about 2 years to late into the controller market. Well at least 12 months.

  • mest42085

    The Traktor controller doesn’t have dedicated hotcue buttons? Weak.

  • 2010

    This thing needs arcade buttons and chunky flourecent knobs.

  • sgb

    The DDJ-S1 has what looks like 2 extra inputs at above the decks. You can clearly see that there is a 3 band EQ above each one, and some sort of switch off to the side. In fact, the right deck looks like it has 2 switches. If I was a gambling man, I’d bet that 4 deck control might be possible. I take that back, the FX section clearly has A/B/Master/Cue select switch. Maybe 2 analog sources in?

  • AJSA

    nice… serato… controller.. $$$ ? I’m trying to get a vci-300 something more portable but this one looks nice.. wonder if Rane would ever make a serato controller turntable ??

  • Angelo Nasso

    I’m guessing that the price will be around 1200 . I am happy with my vci300 but if pioneer can keep it a reasonable price would love to smash a set out on that.

  • Nosferatu

    I think the real value of any controller is it’s integration with software. This is where the S4 shines.

    • korona

      Really?? I would like you to elaborate on this. For me that’s a WEAK point in a controller. I just want my controller to be a solid piece of machinery that sends MIDI, I’ll take it from there. I’m so picky that I’ll end up changing most stuff, and I would never want to lose that ability.

      • Padi_04

        s4 is midi mappeable

        • korona

          Really? Cool! Then I might seriously get one 🙂

  • tom

    Am i the only 1 that thinks this really sucks if u look at the other controllers?

  • Kizouk

    Honestly i think that Denon win this batle with this controller the DN-MC6000.
    I hope someone make a nice full review for the DN-MC6000.
    Thanks for this site

  • Mr 7

    Why even bother, Denon has made a killer dj kit for less money that Pioneer never will match.

    DNMC 6000, kicks ass on NI – S4, and it will kick this gears ass as well.

    nuff said

    • Dj Scaldia

      Only downside of the MC 6000 is that it is made for tiny fingers 🙁 and again everybody seems toignore the fact the S4 uses a higher resolution protocol. Thus being better in mixing and control.

    • Jonny

      Agreed Mr.7, I have the MC6000, and used the S4, denons controller is excellent, as for being made for tiny finger?? DJ Scaldia, have you used one?

  • Anonymous

    wonder if you can put arcade buttons on them

  • MrPopinjay

    Man. Does no one want to make a decent midi controller that functions purely as a 4 channel mixer and transport controls?

    I’m really not a fan of these bulky things with jog wheels.

  • danny herrera

    damn! i just got my s4 now i wish i waited for this controller

  • Padi_04

    it does say Itch on Serato’s controller….

  • Steve

    Gonna be the most expensive DJ controller on the market you can bet your bottom dollar!! Pioneer will price out the Bedroom DJ again.


    Now I already test DDJ-T1,DDJ-S1 may be next month.

  • duerr

    i’m intrigued… looking forward to hearing more news about this product.

  • Markku Uttula

    Well, apparently Pioneer is doing one thing right that (nearly) every other controller manufacturer constantly keeps doing wrong; the deck controls are identical for both sides (ie. the pitch fader or any of the buttons is not mirrored in the layout).

    Absolutely worth a plus for the effort.

    • ManDingo

      Would have been better if left deck had pitch and the play/pause controls on the outter left side instead of inner right!!! Just an observation. That shyte is whack anyway!!

    • josh@firestorm

      its never bothered me which side they’re on.

      on an all in one controller i’d prob prefer that they were on opposite sides anyway due to the restrictive layouts because of space confinement.

      if they were single units then it wouldnt bother me as i could space out the gear to my comfort/ergonomics

  • Rishi

    Good for mobidisc but not real innovation here as mentioned above.

    Where is the Pioneer Deck controller for Serato and Traktor for the club DJ?

    One CDJ style controller that switches between decks and can plug into a standard club mixer.

    I am guessing NI will be the first with that two. They seem to be leading the way with innovation on so many fronts at the moment.

    technics – gone
    bye bye Pioneer
    Hello – NI (…and DJTT)

    • Jay

      Pioneer is not going anywhere, serato is not going anywhere, technics might be out of business but they last forever, Native instruments still isn’t a club standard…. dj techtools is great 😉 —- (SYNC)

  • loop

    The T1 looks like a 200EUR MixTrack Pro. Apparently, this team didn’t a lousy job. It really doesn’t make much sense why they would release a product with such a poor design …

    The Itch one is definitely the better! It’s just good – well done ITCH/Pio team! If I was for a Pio (read a fanboy), I’d get the Itch controller to run Traktor with it …

  • Dill Wanner

    Dude this is soooo whack that they don’t include VU meters on the Traktor version. They also don’t include any of the nice features that are on CDJ1000, 2000s, 900s, 800, or even 400s for that matter – its insane. No nice platters? No LED detailing? AGHHH why can’t anyone get this stuff right?
    Seriously, is it just me or does everyone feel like these companies never really hit the nail on the head? Everything is just slightly off when it clearly doesnt have to be…

    • josh@firestorm

      all omitted to make it to a pricepoint to get a stranglehold on the market rather than making it a truly professional piece of kit.

      I guess they do that to get people onto the pioneer bandwagon and to then suck them in to buying their higher end midi-less, more professional gear.

      • Dj PC3

        Completely agree with both of you… I feel these companies are always at 9.5/10 when it comes to this stuff…
        They do it to reach price point and so they can release things in Phases… that way when you buy this one, they will intrigue you to buy the “MkII” version when it comes out in 2 years.

  • jfd6812

    RE: knocks on the Traktor version-the article above notes that the Traktor picture is likely a prototype and that the top pic is probably closer to the actual product.

  • DECO

    hmmm, what about controlling recordbox?
    could a person just dj with that now and then have all cues and loops set when in a club on cdj’s?
    this would be worth the buckets of cash it’ll cost if it had a usb port so a person could dj with some flash cards instead of just a lappy.
    i’m not into spending $1000 (give or take a few hundred) on a controller.

    • Johbremat

      Except you may hae some difficulties determining what track you’re selecting…

  • AWP

    Why the hell is there no vu meters on the traktor version??

      • KC

        That Denon is HOT! Thanks for providing the link. Gotta get my hand on one soon.

    • Mike T

      [quote post=”10132″]Why the hell is there no vu meters on the traktor version??[/quote]

      I didn’t think Dj’s ever looked at the meters?!Every time I see a DJ in a club the meters are pinned in the red………………

      • DJ Draco

        That’s because you’ve never seen me play. I’ll adjust the amps before I let my meter go that high. I’m a stiffler for not allowing my mixer to clip or get distorted.

  • FTW

    Hey Pioneer, give me the DDJ-T1 with CDJ-2000 platters, VU meters, and an output gain level similar to the DJM-800 on both the phones, and master, (which I know is not exactly the best sounding mixer out there, but just to be on the club standard side of things…) and you have a customer. As it stands I dislike both of these. Why can’t we get real platters on these MIDI controllers man? It seriously can’t be that hard, or that much more expensive to put them on there. Oh and don’t forget to include XLR outputs, both Master and *Booth*, We always need a Booth output. Always.

    • korona

      “We” don’t always need a booth output. I tend to never use booth monitors, I’m fine with my headphones.

      • Heatwolves

        haha good luck with that. try using monitors if you want to start playing for real.

  • Mr.Nicklebe

    The Traktor one looks plastic/massive and a bit crappy in comparison to the obvious competition of the S4. The Serato one looks a bit more solid however.

    I suppose it doesn’t really matter how good or bad they are with the S4 already being out for a while now and pretty much dominating the market. Too late to the party I think Pioneer? (Well atleast the Traktor party at least)

  • Mudo

    If they made it only for ITCH (and The BrITCH) will be (another) epic fail from Pio…

    The technology is developed (take a look at the link about firmware update of CDJ)

    • Mudo

      It seems that’s right but somebody is talking about VIDEO in ITCH (this is the other way, of course: upgrade ITCH)


      Edited: Someone is talking about VIDEO in ITCH. Let’s search!

  • mostapha

    The Serato one is for Itch if the logo on the mixer is right.

    Also, F U, Pio. Thanks for producing the controller that no one actually needs but everyone will want after they realize that everyone’s going to buy it. You’ve added nothing that doesn’t exist elsewhere except for platters that–if they’re not like the 200 or 400–feel good. Your mixers all feel like they’re put together by squirrels with soldering irons in their teeth.

    Cut them apart. Make a standalone deck controller, and I won’t consider it a joke.

  • Pieter Christiaens

    haha lol they aren’t even your own pics dj techtools! :p stole them from … look at the watermark…

    • La Quenepa

      They were mentioned on the bottom Mr. Troll

  • tombruton

    If serato brought out a itch scratch type of controller wouldnt it be a rane. Plus as these come from pioneer they are probably going to be around the 800-1000 mark. So club owners would need this plus cdj’s to keep every1 happy so why not get cdj 2000’s. Alot of places rent equipment so this also would not be commercisally very viable. Also my take on controllerism and digital djing is making the setup personal to you. So if every1 started using this you would loose that personal touch.


    • zJ

      No, serato ITCH and serato SCRATCH LIVE are not the same software.
      Rane has an exclusive license agreement to Scratch Live. ITCH is fair game to companies like Vestax, Numark and now Pioneer.

  • zJ

    yeah if you notice on the bottom right hand corner-it says ‘itch’.
    i highly doubt it will be compatible with scratch live. Pretty sure Rane has an exclusive hold on scratch live. though i want to be optimistic, its inevitable that scratch live will one day will open to a midi unit, Rane midi controller?! yes please 😉

  • Fow-T

    Price ???

  • tilo

    left deck has an additional mic input, the right seems to be able to select aux …
    maybe for itch 2.0 with the bridge ?

  • PioPro

    if this has general midi controller use the you could just map either ddj-s1 or the ddj-t1 to the relative software lets hope it dont work like a dongle like for scratch live as personall i think the ddj-s1 looks the better of thee 2

  • Dj PC3

    Mayb its the lighting in the photograph, but the Serato version “looks” a lot more professional and seems a little cleaner…

    • josh@firestorm

      both the top and bottom photos look more like renders, while the middle picture is def a photo.

      VU meters on the serato controller makeit look a little more pro than the traktor one.

  • Mudo

    They will work with SSL not itch like CDJ2000 and so on. That’s the only way for PRO not ITCH.

    Now time to move for Numark (NS7/V7).

    About the controllers, the Jog is not the best option (from their possibilities) and it will be better take the CDJ2000 ones.

    There is any info about pricing?

    I will wait for M-audio news…

    • Anonymous

      This controller will work with Itch, I can see the Itch logo on the right side of the crossfader!

      • Mudo

        It seems that’s right but somebody is talking about VIDEO in ITCH (this is the other way, of course: upgrade ITCH)


  • Stratum

    there IS a rather big difference between the two, the DDJ-T1 features a 4 channel mixer, while the Serato version has only 2 of them.

  • Chris Jennings

    As a Traktor DJ I’m not interested. However if I were a Serato DJ I would be all over this if it actually is an all in one Serato solution.

  • k

    you guys DO know that Serato is the company that produces Itch, right?
    if it where labeled “Itch” AND “ScratchLive” that would be another topic.

    • k

      so i guess putting “SERATO” on it is just a new labeling policy, and does not have anything to do with >> ScratchLive << .

      • k

        laughing at everyone trying to correct me.
        my statement is correct.
        google it. period.

        • DJ PHANTAZAM

          hey,guys i have some basic “dumb” questions. Do you know if i can conect my turntables directly into the unit to incorporate them, and is there good scratch ablity with the built in jog wheels ? thanks for any help

    • Tacos

      You do know that Rane is the company that produces Scratch and Itch and Serato is the name of the product line, right?

      • Super Dave 3000

        Nah bro Serato is a company. Look it up.

        • GRiNSER

          @Paul: Nope – Serato is its own company – Rane is just the exclusive licensee for the Scratch Live interfaces…

        • KL

          Hi all,

          Serato and Rane are 2 different companies.

          Now… SERATO is officially licensed to the RANE corporation.

          Serato Audio Research is the developer company.

          So just like the music industry, there is a label and a distribution company, same business model.

    • Professorbx

      Serato=company who makes Serato Scratch Live exclusively for Rane, Itch for everyone else.
      Rane=Company who makes the hardware for Serato Scratch Live.

      Are we still having this discussion after almost 6 years? Really?!?!?

      • Skul

        To get this clear.
        Serato Audio Research is a sister company of Rane…

        • nik39

          Ryte. And Rane and Serato are subsidaries of Pioneer who is owned by Sony, and we all know the biggest shareholder of Sony is the U.S.A, and the U.S.A. rules the world.