Serato Projection Mapping on Turntables and Mixer

We’ve seen the guys behind this project show off their Serato projection mapping before, but since their last update, they’ve really stepped it up about twenty notches. VU meters on the mixers, waveforms on top of the vinyl and next to the mixer – incredible stuff, click above to watch the video!

Video Description:
This is a projection mapping project we’ve been working on for about a month as of uploading. It’s a user interface for Serato Scratch Live that is vinyl rotation reactive, as well as sound reactive, and makes it possible to mix using Serato without having to look at your computer screen whatsoever. We Have Real time Waveforms Streaming across our mixers, or our vinyl platters, and we have started to incorporate video effects that are controlled by wii remotes. We are also working on controlling effects with motion capturing using a camera.

Much more to come!

Engineered by Mark Morris & Bruce Lott

What would you project on your turntables? Let us know in the comments below. 

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  • HiGrade Records

    how about any my logos on the turntables and making them spin or stay still.

  • HiGrade Records

    how about any my logos on the turntables and making them spin or stay still.

  • Shuriken Tenshii

    So the issue comes in when DJs want to use different gear  then they will have to reprogram to suit. Like the mixer in the video is a basic 2 ch but what if its a Rane 68? And cdjs instead of TTs? A permanent club setup would be kool but mobile? Only if ur on tour for something like this and there is ample space. 

  • Dj Numarv

    project some rims spinning

  • ENS

    We’ve updated this to do some amazing new things, check it out:

  • Thewlc

    It would make my dj room look a hell of alit sweeter hint come out soon

  • Janosch Graue

    I think some of this stuff is really only for fun, but this could be the future

  • jhardydj

    That tune needs some thump.

  • redvoid

    kinda wish they would say how they’re accomplishing it. custom Max4Live programming? what? @facebook-588757951:disqus mentioned what a pain it would be to setup live, and I agree, but for a nightclub permanent installation, the whole booth could be designed around that from the get go and it could actually work. Anyway, the waveforms in a circle projected onto the spinning white timecode vinyl presumably at the correct place in the rotation was an awesome application for this kind of idea though. nice work. 

    • E.N.S.

      we are making an instructable on how to achieve this, but we decided not to make this an instructional vid because that would have been an hour long. It’s more complicated than just one software. try 6.

  • Simon Kelly

    Very cool. If they refine this it could be amazing!

  • Michael Hiller

    this is cool but it would been a pain in the balls to setup somewhere live.

    (that didnt have a permanent install)

    • cokeisdope

       I don’t think so. Once everything is configured etc, if you bring all your gear (mixing+laptop+projector)and don’t spend time recalibrating everything it’s just about projector ajustments.

    • Anonymous

       I’m working on the original project, this vid isn’t mine.  A live setup was one of my first considerations, While extra equipment may be needed, I’m aiming to make something that can be easily setup in a DJ environment and adapt to any setup.

    • E.N.S.

      we are working on a stand that makes this a 10 minute setup. 

  • Duringtherapy