Video: Luciano on the Traktor Kontrol F1

This morning, Native Instruments released a video spotlight on how Cadenza Records founder and Chilean/Swiss DJ Luciano uses the Kontrol F1 in his live Traktor setup. It’s awesome to see artists “in the wild” adopting use of the Remix Decks! Check out the video below.

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  • aleks

    hey guys, when you look that closely already, you might notice that there are two computers on stage: one on the left side, the other one on the right side. as i see it, he plays traktor with 4 decks and has the remix decks running through the aux channels of the A&H… this might be due to the fact, that this video was shot before the F1 was out… who knows? i do – i was there 😉

  • Antony Davies

    This video doesn’t really give anything that I didn’t know already. Feel’s as though hes plugging for Native instruments under a contract. This is not to say I dont think they are a brilliant addition to the Traktor line up. Just that this video feel’s like a corporate promotion.

    He’s not using them in the live video from his gig, pause at this:

    Theres no sample decks running and im sure he wouldn’t enable during a live set?

    • James Wilson

      Agreed. Waste of time.

    • 1000 Cutts

      I think the big NI logo at the end gave that one away…..

    • Ryan Glassman

      That’s probably just a clip from one of his other gigs he did while they were filming this, or from earlier in the summer, or whatever. It could even be stock footage from before the F1 came out. But he is using two X1s in that video. I mean clearly this is an NI promo. But I don’t think the point of it is to be like “look at this new, innovative use for the F1” so much as showing a DJ using the F1 in a live mix environment—rather than in a staged remix setting or video shoot with, say, a dancing plugged-in glowing robot man and a DJ who looks like Peter Pettigrew.