DJ Player iOS App To Include Complete DVS Capabilities

Spotted over this last weekend was a new version of the DJ Player application for iPad – you might recognize it as the platform on which the popular Red Bull BPM DJ applications run. DJ Player looks like it’s about to throw a wrench into how people view iOS solutions for DJing, as the video below demonstrates full DVS support for the application.

Gábor Szánto, one of the members of the team behind DJ Player confirmed on Twitter that the application has support for two deck control using two turntables – and showed off a picture of the control vinyl which is labeled “PURE SINUS” and “NO TIMECODE”.

More Info:

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  • Shuriken Tenshii

    Seriously? How useful is this?! So you buy an ipad with a camera….load a bunch of music on it, and it’s a DVS system (basically)….same as using your computer. Only difference, the background is whatever the camera is pointed at. HELLO, battery consumption? 2 decks into 1 ipad? Processing speed of the ipad vs a computer? How lazy do you have to be to need a see-thru screen to see the crowd? What is the point of this? SO it’s not timecode…..what is it then……the deck is plugged into the ipad = some sort of coding ….or the camera picks up the motion = much more lag and still some sort of coding. There is still coding present no matter what you do. Timecode CDs work wonderful and have no issues. Vinyls depend on who’s using them. Yea there is a lag but there will always be lag and how much worse will it be on an ipad with a 3rd the processing speed and the 12mp camera running?

    • Gábor

      This is a “traditional” DVS setup. You connect your turntable to the iPad using a USB sound card.

      The camera is used for fun and better view only, it has nothing to do with DVS.

      This DVS system with 2 turntables doesn’t eat more than 5% CPU on the first generation iPad.

  • Emil Beatsnatcher Brikha

    The guys behind DJ Player has some amazing stuff in the labs and I’m super excited to see how they progress over the next year or so. For sure the most playable, stable and tight piece of iOS DJ kit.

  • Theo Void

    Nice!! iOS is really the thing to have if you’re into DJ’ing. I use multiple apps on my iPhone for “real” audio stuff that makes it’s way into my tracks. Animoog for one is honestly one of, if not my absolute favorite soft synth, and now it has MIDI support. I also record found sounds w/ my iphone and use them in all my tracks!!
    This is actually pretty huge! Once tablets get more powerful they’ll become the center piece of the set-up.

  • Lylax

    another toy for the IPAD. just what i dont need.

  • Lylax

    another toy for the ipad.