Pioneer Launches CDJ-2000 Nexus

As teased earlier this week, the new Pioneer CDJ-200 Nexus units have dropped with a brand new feature set, including the expected wireless Rekordbox functionality, tempo and beat synchronization, color-based key indicators, advanced slip modes for loops, reverse, and scratching, as well as a slew of other improvements. Read on for more details and the official Pioneer release videos featuring Eats Everything, Kissy Sellout, and Laidback Luke.

While the new players are seemingly chockfull of new ideas and improvements the three major new features on the CDJ-2000 Nexus that we’re most interested in and that warrant a bit of discussion include:

  • the development of a new beat sync and quantization engine – yes, this looks like it does make synchronization very possible on CDJs
  • the slip features – which allow a user to scratch, looproll, or reverse without affecting the actual playhead time
  • the new wireless Rekordbox streaming like we saw on the XDJ-AERO

Obviously the first thing on most of our minds: how much is this kit? The suggested retail price is $2,399 – about $500 more than the CDJ-2000 Mk1s are selling for around the internet. A pretty penny – especially considering you’ll probably want  a set of them to really use all of these features in a setup.

Editorial Update: As expected, the debate rages on across the web about how adding sync features is the best/worse idea ever. Big-name DJs are already weighing in on Twitter with their thoughts – check out two highlights below: 

Pioneer has three videos out – all performance videos showing off the new feature set as listed below. It’s really nice to see Pioneer product release videos that feature off technical routines and show the potential of the kit as opposed to how cool you’ll be when you buy it, like with the lower-end controller releases we just saw.  Check them all out in the links at the end of this article or watch the Kissy Sellout video below:

Obviously there have been a few other major and minor updates on these new units, and we know how you all love the technical details, so here’s the full feature set straight from Pioneer:

Industry’s First DJ Player with Wireless Source Capability
The CDJ-2000nexus can utilize different music sources, from a hard drive to USB thumb drive and/or SD memory card, and now for the first time, an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and a computer via Wi-Fi. Using Pioneer’s rekordbox App to create playlists, cue/loop points, beat location settings, waveform analysis and more, users can temporarily transfer the content wirelessly through Wi-Fi to the CDJ-2000nexus. Users can also perform the same wireless function with a Mac utilizing the rekordbox music management software.

New rekordbox Software Functions
With the included rekordbox music management software installed on a computer, users can organize and catalog their entire music libraries. Newly added features available when rekordbox is used with the CDJ-2000nexus include music file analysis functions such as Wave Form Zoom (wave form expansion) and Key, as well as additional settings such as Active Loop and Hot Cue Auto Load.

When music files are imported to rekordbox, the software analyzes each file and prepares it for use specifically for the CDJ player.

Key elements of Pioneer’s rekordbox software:
Data Analysis – Wave Zoom, Key, Wave, Beat Grid, BPM, ID3 Tag and more
Track Settings – Active Loop, Hot Cue Auto Load, Cue, Loop
Creation and editing of Playlists
Saving of playback log information

Full-Color LCD Display
The CDJ-2000nexus features a large full-color WQVGA 6.1-inch (480 x 234) LCD panel for displaying song titles and album art as well as detailed track information. The Wave data of each song is also illustrated on screen and the new Wave Zoom function provides five different levels of magnification of the wave data which are color-coded according to bandwidth.

Pro DJ Link
Pioneer’s Pro DJ Link feature enables up to four CDJ-2000nexus players to connect via the Link Port and share a single music source. Additional functions added to the CDJ-2000nexus that can be accessed when other players

are connected using the Pro DJ Link are:
Beat Sync – Tempo and beat location of music currently playing on one of the device can be matched with the push of a button.
Traffic Light – Shows the keys of music being played by any players connected via Pro DJ Link, making key-compatible music easier to find by a different color indicator.
Beat Count and Phase Meter – The Beat Count, which is the number of beats until a set point (memory cue), and the Phase Meter, which shows the beat/bar of the music, can also be displayed simultaneously by other players.

Performance Functions
Pioneer added Slip Mode and Quantize functions to the CDJ-2000nexus for added performance and reliability.
Slip Mode – When activated, Slip Mode silently continues song playback during a loop, reverse or scratch and continues audible playback at the exact time when the loop, reverse or scratch is ended, resulting in smoother transitions.
Quantize – Utilizing a Quantizing feature, cue points and loops can be set perfectly on-beat. The Quantize feature ensures cue points are set accurately and automatically, correcting and synching beats during manual looping or real-time cueing to reduce off-beat mistakes.

My Settings – The function settings of a player can be saved to an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, USB storage device, SD memory card, or other device. For additional convenience, the settings can also be can be made ahead of time on the rekordbox App or software allowing users switch to their settings when a connection is made to the CDJ-2000nexus.

Wolfson Processor – To achieve excellent sound quality, the player is equipped with the audio industry’s highly respected Wolfson® DAC processor, delivering a very transparent, accurate audio signal with a highly improved signal-to-noise ratio and increased headroom.

More Features:
DJ software MIDI/HID control – Up to 35 controls on the surface of each player can be used to trigger other devices, such as DJ effectors and software by way of HID and/or MIDI.
Active Loop – Automatically starts loops when playback begins from a specified point.
Load Previous Track – Playback of prior music that has been loaded to the player.
Rating on the Go – Users can rate tracks during play for easy reference or sorting.

More Info:

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  • godson

    wat is the cost of cdj

  • Nkoesana Mafistoz

    My Fellow Dj’s And Upcoming Dj’s. Please Don’t Be Fooled By The
    Sync Button On Your Controllers. That Button Is Not There To Help
    U But To Destroy Your Skills. Many Of U May Think Is Time That
    Technology Mixes 4U. If That’s So. How Would U Feel If Your
    Woman Brought A Vibrator To The Bedroom? My Point Exactly.
    There’s Nothing Wrong With Learning How To Mix Properly. Please
    Respect Yourself & Most Importantly Your Craft. Ps This Is My
    Opinion And U Are Welcome To Disagree With Me.

  • dj stumpy

    still not able to connect a usb keyboard????? SYNC BUTTON IS A GIMMICK used by djs that can not beat match!! i still use the out dated cortex hddt500WITH USB keyboard for easy access to a libruary of more than 50,000tracks….

  • Topcat

    I have to say this. i have read all the posts. and my personal view is that i believe traktor is a creative bit of kit. i have an s4 and its awesome. but i also have techies and cdjs and i love most of all building a mix with records. Say what you will about beatmatching. it is a skill. but can be mastered. Kinda fast if ur praticing alot. i think useing records makes u conserntrate on your techniqe and the music u play too. alot if kids i work with use traktor/serato but dont practise anuff. its the genaration “instant” after all. dont get me wrong thought new technology is great when ppl use it right. problam is alot dont. the industry moves so fast now ppl dint get long to learn be4 it changes again. keeping ppl distracted from the art of it and more on the gear. plus this “creativity”buzz word is only a sum of what new buttons or effects were given. which means the companyies only have to invent a new one to add a grand to the price. we all dj rats following the pio-piper. its time we all stopped telling n dissing each other and get on. djing is awesome. beatmatching is just one link in the chain but itsthe basis of djing. so i agree if u cant ur abit of a pussy. but u can so .. its all good ppl… dvs or controllerists , vynalists .. were all the same. its the tunes and how much u connect with your crowd and your music that matters

  • Dee J Rhoni

    Is pioneer degrading dj talents, or trying to push us thru different levels of creativity?

  • Maxy

    While Kissy Laidback Lukes spin on the new decks is cool and demonstrates the main features for me. What an amazing setup. I like

  • soulfric

    Its Traktor in a plastic box with an expensive label… Perhaps now all the pioneer fans will stop bitching on software DJs.

  • Anonymous

    still no flac support?

    this sounds like a cdj for people who can’t beatmatch and pay for a machine to do it for them.

  • TMEntertainment

    its like they took some pointers from your old hoax post of the cdj 2000 mk2 you did some months back

  • Charles Mykid

    the problem with the new features is the timing….. Pioneer has a great vision that would be great if we were in 2008, not 2012, why would i spent so much money on 4 cdj’s when i can buy a laptop and traktor and ableton and tracks, headsets, clothes, a premium account on soundcloud and a few midi controllers with all that money, now a dj has to learn MORE features that will come handy SOMETIMES….. great cdj but if i have to use a cdj again i’ll use the MK3

  • The Truth Of The Matter...

    An overkill with all the features, the music (the art of mixing is lost in all the button pressing) sucks, and this dj didn’t do shit in convincing me I need to go out spend that much money on this unit. A bunch of bullshit if you want my opinion.

  • Joe Maffei

    It’s still unbelievable to me how ridiculously expensive DJ gear is. I’ve been a professional keyboardist for 12 years and, in the world of live performance, $2000+ gets you a keyboard with a LOT of technology under the hood. For the price of two of these CDJs and a mixer you can get a MacBook Pro with all the bells and whistles, music/DJ software and good controllers to boot. DJ equipment manufacturers are shooting themselves in the foot, failing to realize that such high prices will only steer people away from traditional DJing equipment. They try to create synergy between CDJs, vinyl and digital DJing, but all they’re doing is encouraging new DJs to ditch tradition and embrace controllerism. In my honest opinion, that’s a great thing! 😉

    • Joe Maffei

      On the other hand, these new CDJs could be compared to a 9-ft grand piano. They’re amazing to play, but very few people actually own one in their home. So if Pioneer just developed a boutique instrument for venues and top-dollar buyers, I guess that’s a good thing for the art of DJing. It gives beginner DJs (like myself) something to shoot for, much like pianists who dream of playing a gigantic Bosendorfer at Carnegie Hall.

  • shuji

    I want “standard CDJ” like’s too much features.

  • tr4gik

    a little bit off timing on fingering his cue points @1:14 … XD. Awesome piece of equipment, clearly only for big rollers. On another comment, A-TRAK, AMEN! Lol at the beatmatch purist, wake up its 2012 you old geezers !

  • St3pupDJ

    Will traktor ever incorporate slip mode into its arsenal? The only thing that i miss 🙁

    • DJ Rob Ticho,Club mU

      just duplicate deck a to deck b. you can mangle, scratch or whatever you want to deck a then cut to deck b. pretty much the same thing.

    • Traktorhead

      well, a bird told me this could happen really soon 😉

  • Anonymous

    To be quite honest, this player makes me somewhat dislike the 2000-series… And why does everything have to come with iCrap compatibility?

    • David

      wow, needless iDevice potshot. if you don’t need it, don’t use it! I wouldn’t use it as its probably likely to be unstable/unreliable. And for the record, I’m an android fan, so I’m not an Apple shill sticking up for them by any means.

      • Anonymous

        “If you dont need it, dont use it”? Everything comes with a iPod/iPhone connection these days. I dont need it, i dont want it and to be honest I dont feel like paying a dollar extra for the comfort of having it. And as of iPhone 5 with the new connector, all the accessories will be useless.

        To be honest, a world without Apple would be a better world in general.

        • Justin Turner

          It would be a virus and tech support filled world, with dull plastic case laptops. I’ll keep my shiny, high-priced macbook and steer clear of windows.

  • Zam

    They are not expensive enough for me. Maybe next time…

    • loopcat

      nice one

  • Laszlo Mag

    Woho – time pop some popcorn and watch the trolls fight about how technology is ruining djing and their career opportunities because they spent 12 weeks learning how to beat match.

    • MaLazer

      There’s a difference between trolls and whiners…

  • Shishdisma

    This is actually kinda boring. I’m not seeing anything really “useful” here, it just seems like a lot of “ooh, shiney!” I mean realistically, the only thing relevant is the “beats to cue” indicator, which is a slight help when you’re practicing and phrasing a track you haven’t played before. But there’s not really anything on this unit that doesn’t resonate purely with laptop DJs who will never touch CDJs, it seems like it’s just ammo for internet idiots and bedroom DJs who think beat sync is relevant.. I guess the CDJ-1000 Mk2 was a bit boring as well.

    The new browser is pretty clean though, maybe we’ll get that in a firmware update, as long as those irritating laptop holdovers (auto hot cue load? Scrolling waveforms? Useless!) don’t get in the way.

    Also, how do you get $500 off the street price? 2000s were going for $1650 last I checked.

  • rgtb

    from this new cdj as well as the recent rmx-1000 product i get the impression that pio is less innovative than they used to be. they copy features introduced by the competition a lot.

    they’re making those features accessible to a more conservative, more tech-averse crowd. e.g., how funny is it this thing still includes a CD drive? but that crowd is loyal to pio, as what’s “standard” in the dj booth evolves slowly.

    • Justin Turner

      Hmm, a CD player without a CD drive? I see your logic..

  • Loonie

    Private video apparently?

  • Karrot

    So, now anyone can be a Dj just hit sync and press play!

    • Hedgehog

      hasn’t it been forever like this? If they go the mile to buy cd-players for 2k$ at least they didn’t become it cheaply 🙂

      • karrot

        i guess you are right

    • Scoop

      You’re about 5 years late on this one

      • karrot

        lol!!! i know its been around for some time but now it will make professional DJ use the sync button I guess it will be good for emergencies

  • Jeroen Krieger

    So its Traktor Pro 2 in a box 😀
    Very exspensive for 2 of those…