Traktor Pro 2.6.1 Update Launched, Key and Downbeat Detection, Traktor DJ Hints

After a Richie Hawtin-filled teaser at an iOS Traktor DJing app the week prior to NAMM, the Traktor team has been relatively quiet – but today with a  new update to Traktor Pro and some new features, we’re excited to see that things are progressing forward over at Native Instruments.

Traktor Pro 2.6.1 is available for download now in the Service Center – or if it’s not showing up yet, you can grab it in the Downloads section on their new HTML5 site (no more Flash!).

Here’s the critical features in the update – pretty major for such a minor change in version number!

What’s new in TRAKTOR 2.6.1?

  • Key detection
  • Downbeat detection
  • Collection metadata synchronization with TRAKTOR DJ
  • Various fixes and improvements

The new key detection algorithm has the ability to display key as Musical, Musical (all sharps), or “Open Key”, which is a coded Mixed In Key-like system of making the circle of fifths easier to understand (beaTunes has been using this for a while). The key is color coded when you sort your collection by key (see below screenshot), and can be written out to the file tags.

Additionally, it looks like the initial results from key detection in Traktor are a at least somewhat significantly different from the Mixed in Key results – might be time to do another Key Detection Throwdown article.

Related: One of our forum members has done an initial analysis

The metadata synchronization with Traktor DJ (pictured at right) is likely related to the upcoming iOS app that Traktor has been teasing – something’s been brewing in Berlin, and odds are we’ll find out before too long what the full deal is – but metadata sync would seem to imply that the the app has some use for sending collection information backwards and forwards from the app. Traktor’s preferences specifically mention Dropbox Sync capabilities,  Could mobile track preparation be on the horizon?

Downloaded the new update yet? Let us know how well it’s working in the comments below! 

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  • hayden

    Do I install previous updates for this to work properly?

  • ItsSimple..KillTheBatman

    I have been a music student for 8 years. I passed music theory with a 98%….but that’s irrelevant because any 6th grade student that takes a music class can tell you what a downbeat it. A downbeat is every COUNT, of every single measure, of a selection of music. EVERY single measure, so it is irrelevant when the beat ‘drops’. Some pieces start of with complete silence and others with silence in only some instrumentations. The counts still have started and continue to be counted throughout the music from the beginning. And BPM is beats per minute. How many downbeats are in a minute.

  • Nikos Topis

    Hi i use traktor 2.6.0 for mac and i’m trying to import a playlist (with all the mp3s and mml file) from an other mac tractor 2.6.0 version but i’cant import the list, with flasing the red indicator on the down of the program. p.s when i export any playlist on the other mac traktor everything works perfect. what happened?

    Any advice?

  • Nilesh Parmar

    So is Mixed in Key pointless now as i only ever used this function on there, what are people’s thoughts here?

  • Jeff Banks

    how can I get update 2.6.0 for traktor its not showing up in NI website or here

  • Jeff Banks

    Hey is there a file link to download it from this page, if I go to updates through Native Instrument and click on the link in there nothing shows up except a send button i’m a little lost can some one help me out?


    there’s already bugs… it crashes alot and also has a problem with headphone cueing

  • ceeUB

    With all the software Native Instruments creates and the lack of reliable itunes compatibility.when are they going to make a dedicated music Library organisation tool with the ability to create smart play lists. itunes is driving me up the all no end.

  • stav

    Traktor 2.6.1 replaced ALL key Mixed In Key values with their own, when i analyzed files. Both – ‘Key Text’ and ‘Key’ columns, are showing the same – Traktor’s key system, now. Pure lies about ‘non replacing’. And i don’t give a shhh.., about the fact, that MIK values are in comments. They told, it will be in Key txt column, so i want em’ there. As it was before.

  • Talor

    Was there CDJ 850 HID integration?

  • Jamie Akrill

    Bloody hell, after buying Mixed in Key about 3 months ago they come along with this ha ha, Pretty chuffed about the downbeat implementation, I’ve requested this ever since leaving virtual Dj! All it needs now is an overlay of wave forms like VDJ and Serato (although that’s side by side) surely they can squeeze that in somewhere 😉

  • RePlicate

    I’ve done my own little Review on this via my FB page 🙂

    also explains open key notation for those of you who are asking about numerical tagging 🙂

    I think it’s neat how now the keys can be gathered in traktor instead of needing seperate software. and is very understandable about the colors but for aesthetics sakes it would be kinda nicer to see the keys colored always. given that they are adding more “rainbow” to the program via things like the remix deck and spectrum waveforms x)

  • Alex Clark

    I downloaded the update and none of the keys show up…? Did I miss a step or something? Help would be greatly appreciated

  • Janosch

    To all of you sad 10.6.8 users. I’ve managed to install it on my MacBook 3,1 running SL. I’ve used a software called “Pacifist” to manually install the package so it doesn’t check which OS I have. Running pretty good so far 🙂

    • Reeve Goh

      how do you install with that?

  • Tony Krueger

    For anyone still wondering, traktor will now show “Key” and “Key Text.” Key text will now show your MIK values and “Key” will display the new traktor system. Although I am glad to see traktor now properly closes on its own on Win 8 and I dont have to kill the process every time.

  • Reedo

    for everyone wondering about downbeat detection, it is almost certainly just a slightly thicker white line on the downbeat now

  • Manoel Nunes

    Go to Settings/Preferences/Track Decks/Deck header, then chose one of the fields, select Beats, on the dropdown list. Traktor will now display the Exact beat and measure you are in the song. (I found out that today).

  • erik

    i just installed the new update but for some reason the key is not colour coded?? how do i get the colour coded key to show up??

  • Alexxx

    Im seriously about to chuck my macbook against the wall. Traktor keeps freezing when analyzing certain tracks. I must of restarted my comp 20 plus times now. Any suggestions?

  • Mario Greco

    What about Cdj 850 HID integration???

  • Mario Greco

    What about Pioneer cdj 850 HID mode??? Will they ever realise this integration?!?

  • Kizouk

    Traktor v2.6.1 only for OS v10.7 or higher?
    For people with 10.6.8 OS and are running a flawless mac without any problems why should they upgrade there OS?
    I have a 2008 macbook with snow leopard (10.6.8) and a 2012 late mac mini with mountain lion (10.8.2) but i don’t like mountain lion and i prefer snow leopard over it so far. I know that a lot people still use snow leopard over mountain lion, why NI do this?
    Traktor update should accomandate 10.6.8 and higher not 10.7 and higher.

  • emixeon

    right..after I bought mixed in key. aaaaaaah….well, the new downbeat detection thing seems nice!

  • Dan Mendes

    So the question I haven’t seen anyone mention yet is: is Traktor’s Key Detection OFFLINE, or does it require an internet connection like Mixed In Key’s? (#fail imho)

    • Stephen Dub Bub Almada

      you do not have to be online to use this… just have to analyze your tracks by right clicking on the track and selecting analyze.

  • Logan Sandoval

    No good for OSX Snow Leopard, only compatible with Lion (10.7) :/



  • Green Giant

    I have a question about the Metadata sync: is there any way to sync 2 computers running Traktor? I ask because I do a lot of work on my home desktop computer, and I want for the settings, cue points, beatgrid, etc. to all be the same. Up until now I have been using iTunes Match, but it has proven to be unpredictable. Being able to store all of my music on both computers and have them be exactly the same in Traktor would be very useful

  • D

    how do i make the key show up ib the picture above with colors

  • Razzlesnaz

    It requires osx 10.7 or higher, fuck me.

  • Radic

    can someone explain how to activate this key detection?? pls

  • Guest

    there’s no update for traktor scratch pro? 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm. Do I go with traktor of my MIK detection?!

  • Theme Thod

    it just told me i needed osx 10.7 to install??? say what?!?!?!

  • Carl Mowgli Gunnell

    Just downloaded the new app…which is actually good! but as im running 10.6.8 i cant run the new update to connect it.

  • Carl Mowgli Gunnell

    well the updates certainly not compatible for snow leopard 10.6.8

  • Bohnemann

    am i the only one havin issues with schowing the analyzed key in the browser ?? (Win 7 Traktor Pro)

  • Raise

    Deleting my comment?Wtf?Anyway traktor is uptaded launched but no color bpm detection keys are shown???

  • Raise

    Don’t know how cool can you be by djing from the club’s toilet (Dafuq?)?!
    Maybe it’s a revolution like the one with the mp3’s/laptop djs and etc.
    Really i find more exciting the maschine remix deck stuff.Whatever rocks a crowd…

    But is the newest uptade any good or should we keep the ols one 2.6.0?

  • Rayanaldo Nikola Brkljacic

    WOW. My collection just finished analyzing… Unless I’m looking at it incorrectly… Looks like Mixed in Key.. Is alittle… Mixed up.. As far as what the side by side results are.

  • Anonymous

    Key detection and downbeat detection sounds way cool. Now all it still needs is a flexible grid…

    (If I may make a proposal, I’d try to allow to specify the BPM per beatmarker, which would define only the BPM rate after that marker — except for the very first beatmarker, where it would define it in both directions.)

  • Tom Hammer

    Guys I accidentally pressed “no” to “do you wish to move over your previous collection”.

    Opened traktor and it’s been completely reset. Anyways I can get everything back?

    • Anonymous

      You can probably copy over the files from Traktor 2.6.0 to the folder of Traktor 2.6.1.

      If on Windows, they’re in the “My Documents” folder, in subfolder “Native Instruments”. You need at least the “collection.nml” file, which is the database of your tracks, but probably the contents of the “stripes” folder are good to copy over, too. Do this when Traktor is off, or it’ll overwrite it when it exits.

  • Master Blaster

    i still cant get that why would people use mixed in key for house music witch is made from other chopped up tunes and tech house especially . i mean on any kind of music i really don’t understand that. its like you feel it in the transition in your mix when the 2 track goes with one another.. :/ don’t mean to hate but this feature is very useless to me. im waiting for virtual dj 8 still no program out there that has a better waveform then virtual dj… any way im a little buzzed just got up so good day to ya all 🙂

  • Rayanaldo Nikola Brkljacic

    If it’s as good as it sounds… Wow.THAT would’ve saved me a headache when I discovered MIK, “mysteriously TRIPLED my song library. ALL dupes and even Some files with their song names/remix names cut IN HALF!

  • Dorin Badea

    Sorry mate, but the key isn’t color coded… can’t find the way to see them color coded. (and yes in analyze options I’ve selected “open key”)

    • Dorin Badea

      my bad, it is color coded… sorry…

  • Gamaliel Jaramillo

    i just updated it, but on the key section appears as none
    🙁 help

  • Chris Hultman

    Key column says NONE for all my tracks??

  • DJJoKerboy

    just the fact that NI requires OSX 10.7 for this i alrdy pissed. SMH

  • Gamaliel Jaramillo

    i just downoaded it , but on the KEY column ,appears , NONE

    • Rob D

      You have to re-analyze your tracks again.

    • Hank Wempe

      Try re analyzing, also check your preferences tab, I have it write the key under the comments section which is a great place to put it because it shows up on the virtual deck where the track info is

      • Phillip

        how do you re-analyze your entire library in traktor? I updated and still don’t any key detection. I tried everything i could think of and the only thing i keep getting offered is importing my tracks into my collection.

        • Hank Wempe

          I personally get music, create a smart playlist on iTunes with the date, go to traktor, analyze the tracks figure out which tracks are worth adding to the playlist, then I go to key finder and upload my smart playlist with the date and then go back to iTunes, addon the comments section on the top bar, (where I have the key tag written), and double click on all the tracks using the enter key and the down arrow.

          • Hank Wempe

            This will add the key to the comments tag!

          • Phillip

            any luck hank? my sets tonight and traktor is still giving me issues. i figured out that you have to analyze the tracks through your track collection and not just your itunes icon in the sidebar of traktor. But the problem is my songs dont save into the collection, everytime i open the program none of my songs are there and none of them are analyzed. and the screen flickers on me for awhile while i try and work. I’m a bit concerened haha…

          • Hank Wempe

            I’m sorry I couldn’t get back to you sooner. I feel like this may be an issue that NI would have to address, I can’t seem to figure it out. It’s happened to me, but when I did, rather than trying to troubleshoot, I just re downloaded the software and it began to work. Best luck to you man! I hope everything gets sorted out soon!

            I’m currently having charger issues on my MacBook. Mehhhhh. Haha

          • Phillip

            Hank im glad you sound like you know what your talking about because i am still alittle lost. I know how to create smart playlists, but for some reason my traktor wont analyze my tracks? Even after loading them they have no key. Also what do u mean by “going to the key finder” ? i really appreciate the advice! i would love to have 2.6.1 working by my set this saturday night!

          • Hank Wempe

            Oh I was a little confused, I thought you were talking about key finder. Haha, I believe that is under traktor settings under prefrences. And you have to check a box that says to analyze tracks at startup? I am updating to 2.6.1 tonight, and ill check it out too, if it happens to me I’m sure one of us will figure it out by then!

  • Robert Wulfman

    it appears they also snuck in two extra mapping commands, Save Traktor Settings (Global) and Load Last Recording (Audio Recorder).

    For those wondering about how good the key detection is, it’s saved in a seprate tag so you can compare the results right there. I found that they were basically the same but the new system’s numbers don’t match up with the camelot system. It’s a linear relation ship though so 9A matches with 2m, 10A with 3m and so on.

    • K.T.I.T.

      Reanalyze them. From the new menu, you can now even chose to just analyze the Key

  • Gavin Varitech

    Is there no official press release, or something of the sort, from NI (I can’t find one)?

  • Noel Flava

    Hah! Been waiting for this one. : )

  • tr4gik

    i will stick to MIK for a while too, i wouldn’t be too confident right now with traktor’s key detection

  • S. Rellz

    Im still on snow Leopard and have an ipod touch. Will the Traktor DJ app only be for Ipad? If it works on the Ipod Touch also, I’ll think I’ll upgrade to Snow Leopard.

    • S. Rellz

      I mean update to mountain lion

  • SonSon

    I rely a TON on Mixed In Key. Every song in my library has been analyzed. The newest version of MIK has very minute flaws in detection, so if Traktor and MIK are differing a bit then I think it’d be wise to hold off on relying on Traktor at least until bugs are fixed and it’s more stable.

    • Anonymous

      If you’re not sure, don’t rely on either. If you have a musical instrument, you can use that to check manually. If you don’t, you can get a free software synthesizer: download one of the many free VST synthesizers, plus a free VST host, and you’re set.

      • Koalafy

        This is what I do. I have my guitar at hand when importing new tracks and manually enter the key myself. It takes a bit longer than a software but it is worth it for me knowing 100% (excluding my own errors) that all my tracks are properly labeled.

  • Micah Buckley-Farlee

    The updated 2.6.1 manual goes in depth about the metadata sync and integration with the new iOS app, which is definitely called Traktor DJ. Check out section 9.8 in the updated manual.

    This section will provide a detailed explanation for using Native Instruments’ iPad application TRAKTOR DJ alongside TRAKTOR PRO. The two operate together via the process of Metadata Sync, the required setup procedure along with further considerations regarding working with the iOS system are covered herein.
    One of the most useful features of TRAKTOR DJ is being able to prepare tracks for later performance in TRAKTOR PRO. You can put new music into TRAKTOR DJ (even purchase new music from the iTunes Store directly on your iOS device) and then perform BPM and Key analysis, followed by additional tasks such as adding HotCues to the tracks. All of this metadata will then be transferred to TRAKTOR PRO so that the track will be ready to go the next time you wish to play it.”

    • E-cube

      Now if only I can buy tracks on beatport ipad app instead of iTunes Store and put those tracks in Traktor DJ.

  • Beau Bryte

    So far so good, runs perfectly with Windows 8!

  • Dj Midosa

    How accurate the key detection id compared with MiK or Rapid Evolution etc.. ?

  • ibsh

    I did a brief test of the key detection’s accuracy (; it seems to be a very good algorithm. A higher number of exact matches than MIK, but when it gets it wrong it seems to get it slightly wronger. The colour coded sort thing is very cool.

    • Joe Crooks

      I’m excited about the colour coding. But its still displaying all the keys in white? Is there a way to turn this on that I just can’t find?

      • Rotem Ayalon

        If you arrange the playlist by Key (by pressing the Key column) you will see it color coded:-)

  • Guest

    Sounds like it will be able to know when the drop is ?

  • Joes Domingo

    glad i just bought mixed in key…..

    • Anski

      I know, right? It sounds like the Traktor version probably isn’t as developed yet, so at least we’ve got something stable until they catch up.

  • Rob Cifre aka Bamboo

    How is your version color coded? How do i do that to my copy? nevermind.. duh. The key is color coded when you sort your collection by key (see below screenshot), and can be written out to the file tags.

    • davepermen

      i’d like it to be color coded when not sorted. when it’s sorted, why should i care about the colors? i have the matches right below my current track anyways.. it would be useful when you sort by something else to quickly see which ones are of same color..
      irritating. hope that gets updated.

  • DjFlog

    Is it possible to analyse the key even if the track isn’t in the Traktor Collection? I’m just using iTunes to categorize my music and i don’t want to import all my music into the traktor collection …

  • Weasel

    crashing on start up every time i load it now! 🙁 🙁 🙁 already try’d to reinstall any ideas?

    • Weasel

      edit: i just left it for awhile and i started working

  • Stewe

    More modifiers and conditions slots. C’MON NI!

    • canzil

      master of midi mapping 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Oh, yeah. I’d like to see a condition “if this deck is the master”

  • Djmb007

    being able to properly synch with dropbox would be wicked. I share a directory of music with a production partner and we run two seperate macbooks that point to the shared music directory in dropbox – there seems to be issues with the track metadata (i.e. load points, cue, loops, track analysis) not being saved out correctly, etc… love the idea of Traktor being integrated with dropbox. sweetness

    • Dj Tisdale

      This generally occurs when you don’t lock the beat grid on the track. Try locking the beatgrid and it should save these changes to the MP3.

  • ampaz

    Key detection test would be great!

    • Guest

      It’s a good question.

    • Spacecamp

      This is simply from the feature list on Traktor’s site – I can’t find anything in the updated software that relates (yet) – but odds are this has something to do with detecting the first beat of a measure in songs – similar to how Virtual DJ does already!

      Ideally this would mean instead of Traktor thinking that your grid is “beat beat beat beat beat beat beat beat”, it would think of it as “One Two Three Four One Two Three Four”.

      • Stephen Dub Bub Almada

        this is where being a DJ stops and being an Electronic Engineer begins.

        the downbeat is the 1st hit in a tune where the beat comes in. it
        means the beginning of the beat. the upbeat would be the snare hit.

        lets say your listening to a house beat @ 128bpm
        referring to a sine wave – the BPM of the song refers to the up and down motion of the sine wave. the wave is oscillating @ 128 times per minute.

        one full oscillation of the 128BPM sine wave = 4 beats of the track.

        1 – bass drum hit – downbeat = bottom of sine wave

        2 – bass drum hit 1/2 way between the wave

        3 – bass drum hit and snare -upbeat – top of sine wave

        4 – bass drum hit 1/2 way between the wave

        that would be 1 full oscillation of the beat per minute. 128BPM = 128 oscillations of the waveform per minute.

        hope this helps.

        • Chris

          One full oscillation should be one bar/measure, with most of your explanation. The wave would have a frequency of 32 times per minute. You’d end up with 512 bass drum hits, otherwise. I’d use a sawtooth as an example, but that’s not really important.

          • Guest

            if you double your time signature for your instrument…then yes….. but the BPM is the over all beats per minute of the track. It does not flux becasue you have a snare hit every 32nd hit. you can have multiple time changes on parts of your song…..snare rolls, high hat time changes……but every instrument is keeping a base time noted by the time signature or BPM of the track.
            I have been making music for over 15 years….I think I might know what im talking about.

          • Lylax

            yes…..correct chris. thank you.

        • psy/OPs

          No. Your example is wrong.

          128BPM == 128 beats per minute. So, assuming it’s not some halftime kinda dubstep track, the kick will beat 128 times every minute.

          Take a 120bpm track for simplicity sake, there are 2 kicks to a second.

          • Sergio Pantaleo

            All of you are wrong. BPM are Beat per Miles.

        • psy/OPs

          BPM has absolutely nothing to do with a sine wave.
          It’s the tempo of the rhythm.

          • Guest

            dude….you have no clue what your talkin about.
            you can translate bpm to a waveform. I am an electronics Major. go do some homework son.

        • psy/OPs

          In your example on the 1 there is one beat and on the 3 there is another.

    • DJ Rob Ticho,Club mU

      It helps you find “the one.” If you don’t know what I mean or you don’t know what a down beat is you should prob stop djing.

      • Tanmay Rastogi

        Uhh? I have been djing for over 2 years, I know what a down beat is, I just don’t understand the difference between this supposed ‘new feature’ as supposed to regular beat detection from previous versions of traktor.

        No need to be sassy, DJ Rob Ticho.

        • cp43

          Take er easy rob, guys only been djing for two years. Is what you should have said.:)

        • Anonymous

          Until now, Traktor simply specified a grid and marked the first beat line in that grid as the beatmarker. I don’t know about you, but I usually have to put a new beatmarker on a different beat, and remove the one created by Traktor.

          This change in Traktor should make that manual work largely unnecessary.

        • Yoda

          Come back when you’ve been doing it for 20 years and you learned to mix vinyl before embracing new technology

      • Hank Wempe

        Rob, you sir are no help whatsoever.

      • Gavin Varitech

        I’ve been deejaying for 17 years, a dancer/choreographer (at one time professionally) for close to 30, and a music theory student and I am not 100% sure what Native Instruments means here either.

        Not knowing exactly what a software company means when they name a certain feature doesn’t mean someone “should prob stop djing.”

        • Jake

          True. But Downbeat Detection is probably referring to a feature which ‘detects’ the ‘downbeat’… Don’t mean to hate, just seems pretty obvious.

          • Gavin Varitech

            Still doesn’t say what Traktor does with that information once it detects is.

          • Emilio Ohoh

            rigth, it would be nice if you could see that downbeat as in the ipad app

        • Guest

          this is where being a DJ / Dancer stops and being an Electronic Engineer begins.

          the downbeat is the 1st hit in a tune where the beat comes in. it means the beginning of the beat. the upbeat would be the snare hit.

          lets say your listening to a house beat @ 128bpm
          referring to a sign wave – the BPM of the song refers to the up and down motion of the sine wave. the wave is ocillating @ 128 times per minute.

          one full oscillation of the 128BPM sine wave = 4
          beats of the track.

          1 – bass drum hit – downbeat = bottom of sine wave

          2 – bass drum hit 1/2 way between the wave

          3 – bass drum hit and snare -upbeat – top of sine wave

          4 – bass drum hit 1/2 way between the wave

          that would be 1 full oscillation of the beat.
          hope this helps.

      • dillinger23

        don’t be a dick man, spread the love and inspire people to learn, not bring them down.

    • Mister Mateus

      The first notes of a song are not always the harmonic or rhythmic “ONE” – there are frequently pick up notes or fills that are before the “ONE”.

  • Stephen Mcpherson

    Windows 7 or higher it says, I use XP, so I guess no update for me then, that sucks 🙁

    • davepermen

      xp is about 12 year old, and totally unsupported. win7 is by now 3.5 years old, and not the newest windows, anymore, even.. i guess, at some point. at least once in 10 years, moving on is the right thing to do. i know, you won’t like that. but it’s glad they reduce the legacy code to make sure their code is rock solid on the current platforms, instead.

      • Stephen Mcpherson

        I am aware that XP is very old, but It is what I have at the moment.

        • Anonymous

          XP forever bro! I love it.

        • doctorgoa

          2,6 runs on Xp without any modifications and no problem. Native Instruments just dont offer technical support for it. Maybe the same with 2.6.1.

  • ashura

    🙁 minimum requirement : osx 10.7 o_0

    • Jon Gill

      I have 10.6 and I’ll be damned if I have to upgrade my OS and all relevant info for Traktor.

      • Spacecamp

        10.7 has been out for two years – what’s holding you back? Just curious.

        • Jon Gill

          I’ve used Lion and Mountain Lion on my iMac. They’re just way too unstable as compared to Snow Leopard in my experience.

          • Luiz Zen

            Agree! I’ve jumped from Snow Leopard directly to Mountain Lion and I can say that ML is WAAAY slower than SL and slightly more unstable too.

    • DJJoKerboy

      im running tp2.6 on macbook with osx 10.6.8 and if i were to try n squeeze 10.7 in would render my whole shit useless. whatevs i have MIK anyway no biggie.

      • Razzlesnaz

        I was so pumped for the update but then crushed about needing osx 10.7 or higher. Oh well, i will still gig tomorrow.

  • PowTron

    Key Detection that is color coded…YES!

    • MrHyperPants

      Key detection didn’t come up in colours for me. Also didn’t display them as numbers. Did it as words. Not sure how to fix this.

      • DarkFox

        It doesn’t show up in colours until you sort by key.

        • Vincent Lecrubier

          Which is pretty stupid…
          Colors should be visible anytime IMHO…

  • Stephen Dub Bub Almada

    never used mixed in key or anything of the sort….I use my ears so this is not too much of a jump. IPAD Traktor FTW. I would like to see that.

  • Sam Moore

    Just thinking how lame it was that I had to use another program for key detection…. Traktor comes through with a win again!

  • S. Rellz

    You have to have 10.7 and up to use it. Guess its time for me to upgrade from Snow Leopard to get the new features

  • Spencer "Thunderball" Thayer

    (Preface: I own a full legit license for Traktor Scratch.) What I want to see is an update to the Service Center. I prefer to use the UNION release instead of the legit NI Traktor version because the service center is just buggy garbage. Maybe one day NI will ditch this bloated licensing software…sigh…one can dream. [Apologies if this offends anyone else like it did Stephen Dub Bub Almada.]

    • Stephen Dub Bub Almada

      you sir are a class A fuck stick. who cares what you do with your computer / software….and why would we care if your using a cracked UNION copy? the service center is something you do not have to install….and you can manually download all your updates from NI’s page when you login with your ID / pass…..but I bet you already knew that one since your a legit owner of Traktor. get bent bro.

      • Spencer "Thunderball" Thayer

        Yeah I used to think that too. Was pulling my hair out trying to use Traktor without the service center. Not possible, so I gave up. It is required to run Traktor outside of the trial mode. “SERVICE CENTER is a user-friendly application that helps you to activate all NI products on your computer in one go. The SERVICE CENTER guides you trough the easy-to-follow step by step activation process. The product activation is necessary to assure that NI products are used according to the licence agreement…”

        • Joes Domingo

          how often do you use service center? weirdo

          • Spencer "Thunderball" Thayer

            LOL. It isn’t weird. Performance is like key to laptop DJing.

            The question isn’t how often I use Service Center (I believe it runs whenever you turn on Traktor) but what requirements must be installed to run SC. A PC stripped down for DJ use has no need to install anything from Adobe or any of the additional dependencies SC requires.

            Perhaps this is an argument to move to a Mac but I mostly DJ with CDJs so I just can’t justify the expense for hardware I just use at home.

          • Crashtest

            so the service center doesn’t need to be installed (it can be removed through the “uninstall a program” option in windows”) and if Spencer “thunderball” Thayer actually read the above article he would have seen that the downloads page is HTML5… So what is there to bitch about now??

          • Spencer "Thunderball" Thayer

            I’m not sure what HTML5 has to do with anything. Anyway. you cannot remove SC and expect your license to work with each progressive upgrade. Nor is it exactly clear that it is really possible one can use Traktor outside of trial mode with it uninstalled.

          • thayerball thunderfag

            Lol HTML 5’s presence on the web site means you don’t have to interact with flash… idiot

          • Gentleman Menace

            That has nothing to do with the, wait for it… FLASH BASED SERVICE CENTER APPLICATION. god, are you stupid, or just ignorant?

          • Will

            Can you even read?

          • Stephen Dub Bub Almada

            “performance is the key to laptop djing” could not have said it better myself…..yet your using a cracked / hacked version that means the code has been re-written not to NI specs…..therefore your statement makes no sense and is irrelevant to your argument. Who in their right mind would make a “stripped down” version of an OS and then say its for performance reasons are you high? is your traktor lagging? go buy a computer from 2010 or above. ram is cheap. I dont care what you think about flash and PC’s becasue its all crap just backing up your crap story. get it together kid.
            do you want to be taken seriously or are u just “a guy with a program” kind of DJ? ……your downloading cracked versions of the web…..who would take you seriously?? are you like some web designer who knows how to torrent things? thats what it sounds like to me.

          • Gentleman Menace

            Man, shut the fuck up you dumb ass

          • Gentleman Menace

            What have you added to the topic besides showing how much of an idiot you are?
            I however, have an actual question. Every time I download a traktor DMG from the N.I. website, including this update, I get a checksum error and it won’t load, even if I skip the DMG verification, anyone have any ideas?

          • Spencer "Thunderball" Thayer

            Like I mentioned. When out I use CDJs and a USB stick. There is nothing more reliable. But for throw away events it’s fun to use a PC. Clearly you’ve never benchmarked a UNION release V. NI vanilla. The code changes are trivial and actually speed up the initial load time since the confirmation process is omitted. Granted I am going to assume you wont believe me but the option to benchmark the two applications exists for you so you’re more than welcome to make the test yourself.

          • Spencer "Thunderball" Thayer

            And I have a six core Win8 I am DJing on. I could afford the over head but as a developer, first, I wont. I just will not install applications like SC on my DJ PC. Just wont do it. I’ll find alternatives routes. Crap story or not there are legit reasons to use UNION. Why does it offend your sensibilities so?

      • Spencer "Thunderball" Thayer

        Flash-based applications are buggy, have huge over head and shouldn’t be used by a professional company like NI. It’s totally legit to refuse to use it.

    • davepermen

      i run traktor on a 1.6ghz dualcore win8 tablet, and service center is fast and snappy, works for what it should (download updates, activate keys).
      while yes, i hate flash apps, this one does what it should, runs perfectly stable (on a non-nonlegaldownloadriddled system), and is fast and tiny. not that i use it more than once every few months, anyways.
      so, do what you want, but as it’s good enough, more than good enough, actually, nobody will care outside of yourself.

        • davepermen

          at least, they’re killing flash on their website. much more important (as that one was laggy as hell, and, did not work on many devices).

          so they move past flash.. so there is hope.

          • Will

            Wow, a constructive and helpful comment. I was beginning to wonder about this site’s community.

    • Will

      I’m in the same boat as you brother, these guy’s below are complete ignorant idiots who must think their computers work on magic.
      I’m a computer tech, working in military communications and I still get solve issues that service center brings into my life sometimes. I’ve had to do fresh install of my Mac OS, just to install updates before.

    • Adam Ritenauer

      It will detect distinct measurers of a track rather than just individual beats. Ideally it should help you with phrasing when beat match two tracks.

    • greenfly

      umm when the crash hits or when the white noise ends lol

    • MIM

      I assume it just helps more accurate auto beat grid since it can work out the first beat of the tune more accurately. Can anyone confirm this?

  • pxlbrk

    bye bye mix in key….we had a good run

    • Alfredw1

      and i just bought it two months ago

    • tester


    • greenfly

      yes but mixed in key still got the energy thing and that really helps so is useful still I would say

  • Ed Telasco

    Yeah, I didn’t like to enter to Mix in Key first and then to go to Traktor… Let’s see how the quality is

  • jack

    been waiting for key detection for a while, any reason for me to keep record box ?

  • cortex

    my traktor collection isn’t loading anymore, the programm gets stuck :-/

    • FUFR

      you still got the older version

    • Kim Winther

      I thought mine was stuck too, but after 8-10 minutes it loaded ok. Just give it some time I guess.

    • AMADO

      same here. just hangs at loading collection. I am on windows 8.

  • Der Jo

    need smart playlists!!! argh..

    • DJ Rob Ticho,Club mU

      I just use the smart playlists that i have in itunes inside of traktor

      • Anonymous

        On my PC, Traktor crashes as soon as I try to link it to iTunes.

      • DJ Nyce

        only prob i have with the itunes integration (or lack of) is when you navigate to itunes, yes you can see your smart playlist, but you cannot search for music that is in itunes that you haven’t yet added to the collection.

        traktor should automatically add the music in itunes to the collection.

        also the tree hierarchy needs to be changed, it is very difficult switching between itunes and playlists.

        and lawdhavemercy, please add some smart playlists.

        • DJ Rob Ticho,Club mU

          you can search for music that is in itunes but not in the traktor collection. I do it all the time on both mac and pc. you can search itunes, or even external harddrives or other music folders. make sure you have itunes highlighted in the menu before typing in your search term.

  • Awesomer

    Yay, built in key detection! More info = moar better!

  • ihou

    Cool, one programme less 🙂 Hope it detects it right.

  • Hank Wempe

    Yes!!!!!!!!! Now I can get rid of key finder.