Midi Fighter X Design Contest Winners

We’ve been studying your entries for the Midi Fighter X design competition all week, and with over 400 (!) entries from our community, we’ve had a very difficult time figuring out how to choose only 5. This contest was a massive success with the entire community sharing their visions of what a controller can be. It was very inspiring and humbling to see so many creative ideas from a wide range of people in every corner of the world.


First, It’s important to note that every person who entered really is a winner because all of the entries demonstrated great ideas, passion and creativity. Go back and check out the full set here.

As a reminder of how the winners were chosen, the first design was the most-liked design on Facebook, and the other six were selected using a combination of elements including quality of design, staff voting and excitement for the designs in Facebook comments.  Even if your design was not in the top 5, it did influence the contest in a significant way. We looked at the entire group in aggregate to find the design trends that  should be represented in the winners. The most popular style (by # of entries) were:

  • 2 deck simple mixer
  • all in one controller for 4 deck mixing
  • fun and tactile effects expression
  • ableton (esq) sequencer

click on the image to get a better look and vote for your favorite at the end of the article. 


David writes: 

Midi Fighter Mvmnt (read as Midi Fighter Movement) has:

  • 1 Long Horizontal Touch Strip (for track time selection and browsing library)
  • 2 Vertical Touch Strip (can be used for gain, tempo, pitch)
  • 1 Encoder Display
  • 1 Toggle Button (switch from Browse Mode to Mix Mode and vise versa)
  • 2 Wide rectangular buttons (pause/play for Decks A and B)
  • 3 LED lit Knobs (for effects and such or Low,Mid,High)
  • 12 Circular Buttons (for launching audio loops/samples )
  • 1 horizontal cross fader (for fading through audio from deck a to deck b and vise versa)
  • 4 smaller rectangular buttons (to launch track cues)


Johan writes: 

It’s the ULTIMATE 4 track Midi Fighter Mixer. The only mixer you’ll need!
It contains all the Tempo bending, Cueing, Mixing and Browsing you’ll kneed. And with the Analog switch you’ll switch between the decks with a breeze.

In the “KNOB MODE” you will turn the Deck knob into: Track Gain, Hi, Mid, Low, Key, Scratch (for track preparing) and a RESET button for resetting all knobs and effects from your buildup to your drop.

In the “FX MODE” you’ll have an instant gratification mapping with a twist. 😉


Peter writes:

It may look dull, but it fills a gap in the market for a controller that just has lots of knobs. My own personal usage would be for EQ and effects within Ableton but could equally be used to control four effects racks within Traktor or any other software (especially if the encoders could have a push toggle switch as well).

The idea behind this design is that it does not prescribe any usage cases, much like the original Midi Fighter and can be used for a multitude of different uses. Hopefully you’ll agree it’s completely modular and could be used to extend anyones setup with a bit of rotary control 🙂

tl;dr it’s got lots of encoders


Mike writes:

Hands-on all-in-one performance controller for song writing, rhythm creation, beat juggling/mangling (…) The sequencer for this unit draws much inspiration from Korg’s Electribe series – but with dual functioning sequencers so you can write a beat while the other plays, mix the two together, jam on the pads, tweak your effects (don’t forget the tilt and rotation!) – record those tweaks! – save your pattern, load a pattern, start from scratch, NEVER STOP!!!

Accompanied by a pair of Midi Fighter 3D units – this rig would pack quite the punch.


Gabriel writes:

I designed this layout thinking about the modular aspect you guys mention in the contest, so it’s meant to be used with another Midi Fighter. I’m mainly an Ableton user and I have a Midi Fighter Classic, so this controller is meant to be used in conjunction with that.
The top 8 encoders are meant to be mapped by default to the selected device’s macros. The bottom 4 touchstrips are meant to be freely mapped and used for more expressive FX mashing.  As well as working as an analog controller I would like these touchstrips to work as momentary switches activating a device momentarily as you touch them.  It’s pretty basic but i think it’d be really handy and easily customizable.


David writes:

Here is the Midi Fighter X-FADE. I chose to design a controller that I could take with me on trips that is small, but allows me to mix a basic set of two channels the way I love mixing in just one package. I use only the cross-fader, with EQs, filters, loops and beat jumps. I do prefer to beatmatch my tracks when mixing, but being able to take such a small controller with me anywhere to DJ solely with, I can excuse the use of SYNCing 😉


Asier didn’t submit a description for the Astro, but we think it’s pretty self explanatory! FX on the rotaries, deck switching below that, track strip search, and cues/samples at the bottom. 

The feedback in this poll will help us determine what direction to go from here – as we noted previously, we’re not looking to build all seven of these – but hoping to find a few great designs that we can start prototyping soon!

Finally, we’d like to thank all of our community one more time for the amount of hard work you all put into this contest – there are some incredible designers here, and even more who simply share our passion for designing digital DJ technology. Thank you for proving that crowd sourced design can be fun, rewarding and  produce great results for everyone. We expect to see all of you in the next contest!

Midi Fightermidi fighter astromidi fighter macro-mashermidi fighter mvmntmidi fighter seqfreqmidi fighter twistermidi fighter ultimamidi fighter Xmidi fighter x-fade
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  • J.sto

    I’ve been visioning a MF with 16 F1 sized maschine pads for so long because the arcade buttons are loud at night when roommates are sleeping, but this is a sick idea too. I think something like this should incorporate location sensitive drum pads like the Keith M instr. that know where your finger is for FX or filters maybe?

  • Arnerd

    I want to know what the size in width is of the new twister midi fighter?

  • alec

    The midi fighter twister looks awesome. think about it. 16 knobs that can be mapped to anything in ableton or traktor. personally i would use it with my midifighter 3d and launchpad. you could never have enough knobs. if the twister wins i am definitely buying one

  • doclvly

    Any updates guys? When are you guys aiming to release this? I thought I remembered talks of september.

    • Michael Mitchell

      Hey Doclvly – The Twister will be ready to ship in Jan 2014!


    can u actually buy these then?

  • Gruvs

    Midi Fighter MVMNT Would be a perfect control for Ableton.

    NOW WHAT I REALLY WISH SOMEONE WOULD MAKE, is a midi modular board with complimentary inserts that come with to map to vst/au’s. I see a real want to explore analog boards. I just wish they would just make midi controls that would serve for analog designed softsynths as I dont have the scratch for a true modular.

  • greaserig


  • greaserig

    SEQFREQ: Awesome layout, big buttons, easy to understand and oh so cUTe!

  • Stickygreen

    SeqFreq FTW!

    I want to buy one.

  • Stickygreen

    SeqFreq FTW!

    I want to buy one.

  • jaymez

    seq freq is a dope controller. take my money now.

  • jaymez

    seq freq is a dope controller. take my money now.

    • Peter Morris

      Did you get DJTT to do another mock up for you?

    • Peter Morris

      Did you get DJTT to do another mock up for you?

      • noCore

        yeah, was just curious what it might look like after a few changes (based on some of the feedback here) – i think it’s an improvement 🙂

        happy SEQFREQ is happy.

      • noCore

        yeah, was just curious what it might look like after a few changes (based on some of the feedback here) – i think it’s an improvement 🙂

        happy SEQFREQ is happy.

    • doclvly

      yeah, way better.

    • Ian

      I WANT ONE!!!

    • Ian

      An interesting spin on this would be to put a joystick in place of the left most knob, allowing for control of surround movements, or an X/Y pad, but it would have to be the kind that retains its position when moved, not spring-loaded. Faderfox was really onto something.

    • Stewe

      This touch strip is much better idea than having an actual crossfader. This arcade buttons at both sides would kill the performance imo.

  • DJWink1der

    I would get an ASTRO right now for Serato DJ w/ my NS7. The NSFX sucks for the multi-FX and the ULTIMA for the SP-6

  • Damien Frigon

    I would really use the midi fighter ultima but it will be great to add usb hub on it to plug other midi fighter on it to use it like a real mixer

  • Akiem

    Disappointed we have a modular system and no “Deck” made it.

  • Sterling Campbell

    SEQFREQ all the way.

    For me, I really like the focus on the live performance aspect (dual functioning sequencers…beat creation/mangling etc.) as opposed to straight Mixing/DJing.

    This is something I would buy and use alot.

  • Anonymous

    if the Twister has encoders that don’t click then I’d definitely buy it.

  • ximale

    Ultima 100 %

  • Kingsroc

    Legit, I will buy the twister if it gets made. It’s exactly what I’m looking for, a bank of high quality encoders that’s not made by novation. The small form factor makes it much better suited for my space then that Behringer knob controller too. VOTE TWISTER.

  • Roov

    The Ultima looks amazing, it’s like a whole DJ booth in one with the quality we used to know.

  • Gbizzo

    SeqFreq would be my choice as a MIDI interface for live visuals – clips on the top row, RGB on the 3 encoders up top, layer selection on the big fat buttons above the crossfader and tap-sync on the arcade buttons.

    …unless you can do the “MIDI Fighter Modula” thing someone else suggested in the comments field, that would be insane!

  • noCore

    update: swap pots with endless pots w/LEDs.

  • portsss


  • Asier

    Hi DJTT, my design has been selected in the Midi Fighter X Design Contest Winners. I am really happy and I really apreciate this kind of contests, where the company takes care of people and hear their needs and ideas.

    My doubt is if the prizes are for the 7 designs that appear in the article of the DJTT website, and if so, when the winners will be contacted, Thank you!

  • Joseph Henry Kremer

    I love how all the “mixer” style winning designs were copied off of my design. It makes perfect sense to give them the credit instead of me, who made it up first in the contest. I’m seriously disappointed.

    • Michael Mitchell

      Why do you feel people copied your design?

      I don’t want to be critical but the concept of put mixing & transport functions onto this controller does not exactly take creative genius – it is an obvious concept.

  • Will Vogelsang

    I would definitely use the Ultima the most. It seems like a nice, inconspicuous, just great all around 4chan mixer. A good amount of buttons on each side, eight, so That’s all your cuepoints right there! And I really really like the two analog switches at the top for switching between decks A/C and B/D. Straight up and simple. I would definitely consider buying one if DJTT added it to their store!

    SeqFreq- Confused me at first, but it’s actually a very nice concept: punch in some sequences for some sounds like drums up top, then jam out on the larger pads on the bottom!

    Finally, the Twister. Incredibly simple, and equally useful. This controller can be used in any software for anything. It’s potential is limitless.
    Personally, I would use it for 4deck EQing alongside an Ultima, and/or have another mapping for Total Effect controlling.

    Amazing controllers!

  • jeffyp

    I’ll be short with this one… TWISTER FTW! I can already think of 20 ways I can use that little gem. From a live performance too studio use! The ideas are endless. Great idea and great design sir! Good luck too all that entered, The Twister has my vote!

  • Peter Morris

    Not to detract from the great work noCore is doing but I’ve started putting together a M4L step sequencer fro the Twister. Obviously that design wouldn’t allow for live play unlike his but it should be fairly fully featured, like those available for the Code 🙂

    • noCore

      awesome! i was thinking the twister would be fun as a sequencer as well – if the lights can be lit up proper (same as the original midi fighters) – they can light up to follow the sequence. i need to sort that out for the SEQFREQ as well… having an original midifighter or a twister or whatever (4×4 grid) as expansions of the SEQFREQ… added feedback on the 2 sequences playing back, and of course more buttons/knobs/etc to rock out on while the patterns play out

      • Peter Morris

        Yeah 🙂 although I don’t think a follow action is absolutely necessary it would be a nice thing to have obviously. I’m hoping to implement Velocity, per note swing and pan. Possibly length as well although I see it as being used mostly for drum racks within ableton so I’m not sure how vital that would be. Were you coding yours in M4L or just using native live devices?

        • noCore

          it’s going to require M4L i figure, to cover all the features… i was contemplating building a Reaktor device as well (gotta start some conversations with some others on that front)

          • Peter Morris

            Yeah I’ve seen some pretty fancy stuff done with just racks and dummy clips though. Given the live playing aspect of your device had you thought about using the Live API to add notes to midi clips? Don’t know whether that’d make the live recording a bit easier.

          • noCore

            oh! hadn’t actually thought of that…
            will have to take a closer look.
            thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

          • Peter Morris

            There are some nice abstractions included with Max that pull selected clips into a jitter matrix so you can mess with them more easily. Might be a good place to start if you do decide to go that way 🙂

          • Peter Morris

            As long as you’re au fait with Jitter it’s pretty easy really. The nice thing is that anything you can do with M4L can also be done with the Live python scripting. All the functionality of the Push is in the python scripts. So potentially you could get step sequencer working natively within Live. That could be a heck of a lot of worj though.

          • noCore

            already got 2 channels of sequencer going (see video)… so now it’s just a matter of copy/paste/edit for expansion i guess… and further tweaks for customization (sequence length/direction, active+inactive colour selection, etc…)

          • noCore

            righton. yeah – was a fair bit of work to build up 2 working banks just in Live – doable.. but not very scalable just yet… it works though!! 🙂

          • noCore

            righton. yeah – was a fair bit of work to build up 2 working banks just in Live – doable.. but not very scalable just yet… it works though!! 🙂

    • noCore

      if the encoders on the twister are push buttons also.. you could use the dial to select the note… and push the knob to turn the note on/off in that bit of the sequence (might be cool?) 🙂

  • soundtransmission

    the seqfreq would be nice as an effect controller for traktor similar to the rmx 1000

  • sammsousa

    the twister but without the endless knobs

  • noCore

    update: swap cross fader with touch strip.

    • Stewe

      I see how would I map this to traktor. Very nice design.Though I’d prefer four endless encoders instead of rotary pots and encoder display for that matter.

      • noCore

        thanks! 🙂
        i’ve changed the design again (see more recent post), swapping the 3 pots with 3 endless pots w/LEDs… the display/knob and shift button server a very important purpose with regards to the intended functionality … not to say that my way is the only way, of course – i just have big plans for this unit 😉

        that said… losing the display/knob and shift button for a 4th would make it more symmetrical… i’d just have to re-wire my plan a little bit… come up with some different button combinations etc.

        can anyone confirm whether or not these endless pots w/LEDs do indeed have push button functionality as well?

  • ThisMeansWAR!

    The Twister and my Launchpad makes such a good couple it’s just silly. Shut up and take my money.

  • Anonymous

    I wish more controllers/mixers had toggle switches on the rotary knobs for the EQ. Really fun to use imo.

  • de4thbyc4ke

    if they made the four buttons above the crossfader on the seqfreq arcade buttons it would be perfection, it should as it really helps with the wow factor compared to other controllers

  • Kane Wilkerson

    all i can say is if u end up making one with xfaders in it PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use innofaders



    The simpler the better


    I’d buy none of them tbh…

    I mean they look nice, sweet etc.. and bravo for the designers! amazing job,

    but they don’t give me that ‘must’-have feeling, (‘the X-factor’) I had with my Midi Fighter.

    I think that’s crucial.

  • Wuz

    ASTRO makes the most sense to me, i’d use two of them for decks with an external mixer. Every other design has things i don’t want/need.

  • skycaptain

    like many have been saying, many of of the have some ergonomics issues.

    the filter knobs on the Xfade are right next to the crossfader, meaning anyone trying to work the crossfader will inevitably bump the filter knobs. this could be solved by shortening the throw of the crossfader though.

    The MVMNT crossfader also causes trouble. its placed right below the touchstrip, making it very difficult to use the touchstrip without bumping the crossfader.

    As for the SEQFREQ, having the buttons above the knobs could cause quite a cumbersome experience. to use the buttons, you would have to reach over the knobs, which could result in accidentally bumping the knobs. I would put the knobs at the top and the buttons below them.

    honestly, the twister looks the most appealing. you simply can’t beat 16 encoders. I use all kinds of software, from Logic to Reason to Traktor to Maschine, where 16 encoders would be dope when using any of these programs. The MacroMasher also looks dope, but honestly, the twister is where it is at. Sorry to complain about nit picky things like ergonomics, but to me, ergonomics is crucial.

  • Kill John Connor

    I love the idea of a MF that makes the Akai Push suitable for DJing. Faders for tracks, knobs for macro, and a crossfader. Woulda, coulda, shoulda…

  • Scott Frost

    Twister but make sure the buttons are the clickable ones

  • Anonymous

    I think there is already a lot of stuff like the Ultima and the XFade. You could buy something exactly like one of those, right now, off the shelf of pretty much every DJ store in existence.

    The SeqFreq looks like the best one, the concept is the most appealing and unique out of the bunch. The Astro is cool too.

  • john

    bleh not really a fan of these; too many encoders. a couple of them are alright but I really you would have killed it if you would have put an XY pad instead of just touch strips. XY pads are so much fun for FX and such. Oh well. if they are around 150, they will still be relevant

  • noCore

    thinking of swapping the Cross Fader on the SEQFREQ out with a Touch Strip.
    that’d solve one of the ergonomic issues (ie, cross fader in the way of the 4 Drum Pads) ~ I’m assuming, based on the 3D renders, that the Touch Strip has an LED indicator to show where it’s at? – so could serve the same function as the Cross Fader.

    con = it’s less tactile/physical.
    pro = it’s one less moving part + not in way of pads + looks pretty slick

    Thoughts on that?

    still thinking of keeping the 16 sequence buttons up top. They are intended to act more as a visual cue to where the sequence is at, and entering the hits in the sequence – point being, they aren’t there to mash and perform on – so having the 3 knobs in front shouldn’t be an issue, as it’s the knobs that will be getting the most play while in performance mode (in combination with the pads, buttons and touch strip). I wanted to keep performance controls tight in case one wants to hold this thing like a video game controller and tweak out – and the blinky lights up top (sort of like the display screen) – that was the initial concept, anyway 😉

  • DJ_ForcedHand

    What would be the price point of these items?

  • Nexing


    Overall nice ONE controller solutions.

    If Techtools would have thought on an integrated MODULAR controller set, possibly to be bought in stages…Then a Midifighter is still missingñ

    See a Classic Midifghter FOR THE PADS
    Add a Twister Midifighter FOR THE KNOBS
    And still misses a Fader Midifighter FOR THE FADERS
    Then we’ll be talking about getting one, by one…

  • max ulis

    Seq Freq is the one for meeee!

  • Anonymous

    My favorite part of the competition is that the winners are all from different parts of the globe! The winners are from the Philippines, Sweden, UK, Canada, Mexico, USA, & Blibao.


    Yo dawg I heard you like buttons, so we put some buttons on your buttons so you can push buttons while pushing buttons. #YOLOSWAGGINS&THEFELLOWSHIPOFTHEBLING

  • Jon

    All the 7 entries above have won the prize??

  • morais

    I´ve been looking for a controller like the twister for months, I´ve even thought in building one myself, and now you announce it. Thanks to the guy that designed it and DJTT for making this kind of contests

    • Peter Morris

      No problem lol 🙂 I’ve been exactly the same boat

  • Anonymous

    Ultima for me please.

    I still say a completely “point, select and build” process in the DJTT shop would be the best answer, where customers can make their own, completely customized Midi Fighters with any of the components mentioned.

    The Midi Fighter Modula!

    Why limit this wild creativity shown in this contest to just a final controller?

    Think of this. Customers can have their special controller made by DJTT. They create the mappings for it themselves, save it to the mappings site on DJTT and show what their creations can do there too. Other customers see these possibly “new and great controllers” and then buy those same “models”. So, some controllers become very popular and can actually be pre-made to sell faster and possibly less expensive or maybe even the mappings can make the creator a little bit of money too? It was their idea, right? Other controllers can still be bought “customized” and built on a per-order basis.

    I know, this would be a really big challenge, but really cool too. It could be a totally new DJ controller eco-system, never seen before.;)


    • WOSHY

      that’s true, maybe DJTT could distribute separate parts.

      like the case, etc..

  • moonunit

    Macro masher all the way. I see so much application for production purposes as well as DJ purposes. So sick.


    OR…you could keep all seven and charge a premium service supplying customised controllers. Think about the MIDI Fighter Pro but with more control over the whole design – given that you have all the components, technical experience in applying them efficiently, an established supply chain and distribution services, and most importantly high demand. There are so many hurdles in custom controllers that you have addressed so elegantly.

    Hell, you even had the resources to outsource the task of designing the next model knowing you can produce what is asked of you – how about just make that the business model?

    Before this comp it was my intention to build my own controllers in the vein of the spectra and twister on my own terms, as I forsaw this module approach and dived into contructing it. But seeing how you will now go down the pitfall of making an amalgamated generic store item I think you are forgetting your resources. You cant make a perfect specialised controller for everyone – it has to be usefully generic like the MF Classic, or hyper-oriented to a particular use.

    The only way to give people the control they want is to give it to them, not average it out over the entire user bases personal interpretation of it. Either be happy making something painfully generic yet useful, or start a service that allows people to follow this process – design a controller with given contraints and charge them accordingly. We all know you have the resources and experience to do this, and are the best suited and equipped to do so.

  • psy/OPs

    hands down if the twister existed, id own it!

    perfect for controlling “The Last Drumrack You’ll Ever Need To Make” in Ableton Live 😀

  • David Smereski

    What the hell is with the cross-faders is bad places on some of these… +boringness +non-creativeness. Wish i thought of just placing encoders everywhere and putting my name on it. Atleast mine and others had some ideas behind it and features. If i wanted a 2 channeled mixer and wanted to jump over knobs and faders to get to buttons, i would buy one of these. Your articles are great, you choices lack creativity.



  • greystates

    The possibilities that the SeqFreq offers are really intriguing to someone like me- I love my Midi Fighters for DJ applications, but write and perform all my original material on hardware specifically because I’ve never found a software application that behaved the way that my hardware sequencers do.

    The Electribe-style sequencer concept allows for a controller/software integration that makes sense to someone that writes music the way that I do, and the Midi Fighter format coupled with the sensitivity of arcade-button triggers for clip launching is a GREAT idea! I’d love to see this one get made!

  • centomila

    I want a rack of twister. Seems the natural evolution of the BCR2000.

  • JazZmutant

    The twister does fill a gap in the industry.. to a degree.. please see
    livid instruments CODE and modular series, also as far as I am concerned
    it is a very portable BCR2000 which the point could be argued that
    there are too many knobs all crammed together in its design however id
    love to see a production of it. The SEQFREQ looks promising, I would
    ditch the arcade buttons for a analogue switch/endless encoder combo

    None of the other designs excite me in the slightest
    though im afraid. The ULTIMA screams out “Faderfox UC3″and the X-FADE +
    MVMNT are a duplication of Faderfox’s DJ3 IMO. When I look at the
    MACRO-MASHER I cant help but feel livid instruments influence here too
    from its Alias8 and BASE designs.

    See below link for what I consider unique and very fun design:

    *Please note; I am not the designer of that entry. However Id be tempted to buy a midifigher and make a version of it myself.

    Good luck to all the entrants, this is a great competition with community involvement 🙂

    • Nolej

      I agree that Twister is similar to the Livid Code and BCR2000 controllers. However, both of them have areas on which Twister could improve:

      BCR2000: For mappers, push switches would be a huge draw. Also, the portability issue factors in, especially in a cramped setup.

      Code: Affordability. Livid controllers are awesome, but 550$ is more than I’m willing to spend for a box of knobs. If DJTT manages to bring Twister to the 200-300$ range, they might have a winner. And yes, Twister is essentially half a Code, but you don’t necessarily need that many physical controlls (especially with the side buttons, letting you have up to 6×16 encoders; put in push switches and you could have 6*16*16 encoders, which is more than you could ever concievably use)

      Also, if anyone at DJTT is reading this: Twister + RGB LEDs. Having visual feedback on both the position and the state of a single encoder would be a winner for me.
      (6*16 or 16*16 or 6*16*16 encoders with visual feedback = Complete control over Traktor/Ableton/Reason/DAW/synth/anything without ever having to resort to the mouse.)

      • mux

        er… BCR2000 encoders *are* push-buttons. as far as I can tell this design is basically a BCR2000 with LESS functionality, just more portability. also more cost.

        IMHO pretty much every single MIDI controller manufacturer makes a “box of knobs”, and this design, while useful, doesn’t offer a single new idea.

        • Nolej

          Fair enough.
          (Though only the top row of the BCR’s encoders are push-buttons)

          (and I still hold that RGB LED push encoders would be a mapper’s dream)

  • Joe Lanzon

    Ultima i dope! Diggin on that.. second for me is the MVMNT , but I would like to see how the touch strips would work. And maybe I would move the crossfader on it to the bottom to prevent getting in the way of the horizontal touch strip? 3rd for me the x-fade!

  • Guido Pedicone

    First off, congratulation to the winners! I like a lot the Macro-Masher. I find it useful and a good complement for the MF Spectra or 3D and with other controllers like the Launchpad, Monome, etc. I really like the combination between enconders and touch strips.

    I’m not one of the luckiest guys who won, so I want to share my design. I will appreciate any kind of opinion if someone would like to give me one. It will be nice and useful for me.

    I loved the contest, thanks for all DJTT! 🙂

  • OmnilimbO

    Twister, Macro, and Astro are useful designs. The others are cool designs, but overly specific, and ultimately not as useful (Also ergonomically flawed).

  • adellsupreme

    Many of these ideas are cool but they’re straying away from the simplicity of the midi fighter tradition… but they all look good

  • TB

    The X-Fade and an Audio 2 would be an amazing simple setup. I can see having that in my bag with my laptop for those just-in-case moments.

  • doclvly

    Macro, please test the macro 1st. Us ableton folks need a bone thrown. I Feel Like I live in a traktor world. Herbie handcock uses ableton. Thats got to count for something. 😛

  • DJ_ForcedHand

    Too bad the Ultima isn’t using touch strips. I’ve found touch strips much more capable (and more durable) than a physical line fader because you can configure them for multi-point interaction… such as pinch and expand or two-point FX gating.

  • DJ_ForcedHand

    Sigh, I became too busy in the last couple of weeks to even think about doing anything but work, but I had an interesting thought about the line-up of DJTT modular controllers. I’m sure a lot of people had a hard time squeezing down their ideas of what they wanted in a side-car controller so the obvious thing to do would be to mimic the Steinberg CMC controllers. Granted, the CMC controllers are like $100 a pop, but I don’t see why any gaps in the controller field couldn’t be filled with a limited run “When 50/100/(whatever minimum number there is) pre-order an offered device, it will get made.” and this seems like a rational idea to me.

  • St3pUpDj

    Ideally I’d have 2, a Twister above an Ultima. I really like the idea of DJTT making a range of these that can be chained together to suit each individuals personal preference. Perhaps using interlocking grooves or small magnets, with female usb ports located centrally on all 4 sides that mean they can be transformed into bigger control surfaces. Chuck in a MF Jogwheel ;). The possibilties could be endless!

  • Akiem

    Consider the TWISTER with 4×16 gives you 64 rotary sweeps, and 64 push button controls for a huge number of possibilities. Switching layers would be seamless. There is not a single software or setup that could not benefit from this controller. It could be used to control eqs and effects, control decks, trigger cues, daw faders, anything. And also compliments the MF perfectly design wise. I can’t wait to purchase one. This will actually take place of several other controller options I was looking at. Yes it’s like the huge BCR, who wants to carry that around instead of one, or even two of these.

    • rafiq

      This is the same kind of functionality I use with my K2 and it’s 6 encoders…the possibilities of having 16 of those would be incredible…

      For example, I don’t use internal mixing in Traktor, but users could assign the rotaries to normally control EQ’s for the 4 decks, while push+turn would alter effects parameters for the 4 effects units.

      You could assign the bottom 4 push buttons as Shift buttons for the top 3 rows of encoders which then gives you 1 + 4 = 5 layers x 4 sweeps = 20 possible functions x 12 encoders = 240 functions. Or…have one or more encoders dial in different banks of functions for all the other encoders.

      It can obviously get very very complex, but for those who take the time to master and learn complex layouts like that, the rewards are tremendous.

      • Futureglue Musik

        I also think the twister is the best one submitted. It fills a niche and I love the simplicity of the design. Nice job man!

        However what it lacks is some feedback: say I push an encoder to turn on an effect or to switch layers, where is the LED to tell me that I’m on a new layer?

  • Beatchewup

    They are all dope! Big ups to the designers.

  • doug

    I like the idea of the xfade but the filter knobs would get in my way of the crossfader :/
    the Ultima and SEQFREQ are amazing though I would purchase each of them if they are ever produced

  • Crispy

    Twister is awesome and is exactly what I’ve been looking for. It would be great to have multiple pages of mappings, with each page having its own color coding. Then I’d know if it was my EQ mapping, or my FX mapping, or my synth mapping, etc. Or assignable lighting for specific setups, like red lights for lows, orange = mids, yellow = highs, green = gain, and push to kill….. so many good possibilities with this one.

  • CHAS3R

    So the with the only mixer options I can choose between having no dedicated EQ knobs or no volume faders. I’d love to see someone mix with just a crossfader.

    Really not a fan of any of the mixer options. Non mixer options are pretty solid though.

  • Guest

    The MIDI FIGHTER ASTRO is the tightest controller!

  • Mantis

    It seems like everyone loves the idea of a mini 2 or 4 deck mixer. However, there are so many budget (and full-featured) mixers out there, and many people already have an S2/S4, DDJ-SX, X1, etc. (and thus no need to purchase another small mixer unless it was for portability). The beauty of the MIDI Fighter series is that they can be added to pretty much any setup and still add significant functionality. It was all about creative expression and performance (in my opinion). While these submissions are great, the deck control entries don’t seem consistent with the Midi Fighter brand. They are just USEFUL and CONVENIENT, which is fine. But, they don’t really seem fun and exciting, or something you could play like an instrument. I much prefer the choices with lots of buttons or knobs that everyone can find a use for.

  • Wojciech Hejnik

    think about it – modular, midifighter controller. Connect Ultima, Astro and Twister, add innofader and you have badass scratch mixer nad ultimate controller. Build your own mixer. Build your won controller form differrent modules. COOL.

  • Gulli Johansen

    Ultima for sure it is kind of same as my entrie with a little less buttons and knobs and could see myself using it kind of like an X1 and mapp it so the switches(modifiers) would changeing layers instead of decks.

  • celtic-dj

    would defnietley go for the X-fade…a few years ago i had the x-session pro but its faders are bad and not enough buttons….maybe not the best choice for controllisim but as a trance dj this would be perfect !!

  • Erik Airrik Dale

    Damn I had a fantastic concept and never submitted it.

  • Jacob Hunter Gagnon

    So everyone is freaking out about the Ultima but it looks just like the Electrix Tweaker….

    • mehhh....

      no no the tweaker has ergonomics and spacing between faders ….

  • Jacob Hunter Gagnon

    So this competition was Who can design the smallest F1? What happened to colorful arcade buttons? What about the idea of finger drumming? I mean I’ve seen a trillion people ask for midi fighter pro 3d… where is that at? i guess I was expecting to see more arcade, and more pressure pads. But all these designs are pretty cool.

  • BlueDuck

    I hope the people at djtt read this comment; I chose both ultima and x-fade because I would like to see another design that’s a mashup of the 2. The reason is because I would like to have something that can replace a 4 channel mixer. And X-fade has nice access to the essentials like the eq knobs and filters, but it lacks 4 channel control, where as ultima has 4 channel control but it lacks quick access to the eq and filter controls. I don’t how else to say this but, a child born from the ultima and x-fade would be the sh** and it would pair great with an existing midi fighter unit.

    • BlueDuck

      But then I would also want gain knobs to, which might not fit. Ughh, I guess I can’t have it all unless y’all can make the housing bigger. Maybe I’ll be better off going with the S4 or its succesor instead.

  • 4321djgear

    I currently own a Livid Code V2 (*plug* which is on sale at amazon by “4321djgear”) and I’m convinced that Twister would be one of the most minimal and useful. Knobs are hard to emulate with a touchscreen (Ipad). I could use Twister for Traktor’s Xone EQ, Effects, Filter with 3band EQ, 3band EQ with volume. I could also use Twister with Ableton, or controlling Razor synth parameters, etc.

    • Peter Morris

      You’ve got the idea spot on 😀 I really just wanted something that’d do four band EQ 🙂

  • stickygreen

    MIDI FIGHTER SEQFREQ looks so perfect!

    I am not a mucis guy, but I use Resolume Arena, and I think it’s the perfect MIDI controller I’ve been searching for for a few years now.

  • Zanzibar

    Ultima seems to be getting a lot of love, but honestly I can’t see a single multi function knob being any use in real dj applications. Seems like its trying to accomplish too much. Some of the other designs are much more keeping in line with the simple and effective design aesthetic that makes the Midi Fighters solid.

  • Fat Scout

    Either the Macromasher or the Seqfreq. Macromasher looks like a cool device to compliment the “normal” MIDI Fighters, wile the Seqfreq looks like somthing totally new for DJTT and I’m digging that.

  • yeah

    ULTIMA is clearly the best one, i would buy one for sure.

  • Evan Moore

    Very impressed with the Ultima! Very Creative.

    • Alxtodd

      Creative? a controller that resembles nearly every other mixing controller of its type in the market. Yeah sure…. Creative! Something new and edgy please, not this!

  • Slak Jaw

    I like the X-Fade the best. It maintains the MF simplicity and would be very usable as a portable mixer. I use 2 QNeo’s for my portable Traktor setup, but I always miss having knobs for EQ and Filter control.
    The Ultima is a great concept, but ultimately too cramped in my opinion.
    Personally I would have liked to see one winner with more arcade buttons and a compliment of analog controls. Something like the MF Pros, but lighter and more portable.

  • Jameskrisk

    The Ultima def seems like it has the most applicable uses

    • Guest

      definitely seems to be the most loaded of the 3 DJ controllers (would be my pick probably, if I were a DJ)

  • doclvly

    it’s probably too early to ask but when are you guys shooting to have the 1st one doen and tested by? I’m already drooling over here, I have been since you started the contest.

  • Bigbeatzz

    I think the X-Fade or the Ultima seem like good choices. I can see myself dropping them in my bag and using them frequently.

  • Joel Young

    could the SEQFREQ have a sequencer built in? To allow sequencing of sample decks in traktor?

    • noCore

      not into the controller itself, per say – but that’s the idea… i’m working on a Live MIDI map for this – you can read a brief rundown on the intended functionality in description here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151361998267181 (more details to come!)

      picture having a pair of electribes running at once that can be mixed and mashed on the fly.

    • noCore

      – dual 16 note step-sequencer
      – adjustable sequence length and playback direction
      – crossfade between two sequences
      – sequences can be stored, and recalled on the fly
      – additional 8-track MIDI note sequencer
      – save & load patterns on the fly

      – trigger sequences, activate tilt/rotation parameters, or trigger effects

      – trigger samples on the fly
      – record pad performance into sequence

      – control various effect/envelope/sample parameters
      – record knob movements into sequence

      – displays/selects samples, sequence, mode

      – provides additional function to other buttons/knobs

      – menu functions (save/load pattern, toggle sequence view)

      * stay tuned… (ask questions!)

  • Adam Bennetts

    With the twister, I’d also like to see the endless rotories have a push on/off function. This would serve as a great function for turning on/off the 3 effect parameters per effects unit in traktor.

  • F/D

    Micro masher or the twister (3D would be nice), just to have some extra control beside my other gear

  • Dieter Vd Stockt

    Some of these designs might have a good choice of controls, but they have terrible ergonomics. All models with a crossfader have buttons or a touch strip right above the crossfader. You simply can’t reach those easily! Take the Seqfreq for example, the 4 pads are right above the crossfader, and the buttons on top are right above a bunch of rotaries. Every good designed controller should have buttons under the raised controls…

    The Astro looks OK, but I think its just a controller that looks different from the original midi fighter but has quite the same functionality. It doesn’t really fill in the lack of analog control but is just another way of doing the same thing. It might be an interesting replacement for an original midi fighter, but it isn’t that useful in a combination with it.

    The only ones in which I see potential are the Twister and the Macro Masher. They both have a bunch of analog controls and are useful as a stand alone controller as well as in combination with an original midi fighter. I am not a big fan of touch strips, but that’s just a personal opinion I suppose… They both lack a couple of small buttons though. Adding these buttons can add a lot of extra functionality in every situation. (solo&mute while producing, play/pause when DJing, bank selection when playing live,…) The rest of the controllers are also too dedicated (aimed at only DJing, producing or live performing), which the original midi fighter is not.

    But please don’t forget the ergonomic aspect! A controller can fulfill all the need for control and look really stunning, but when it isn’t easy to use, people won’t like/buy it…

    • Killian Red Carlsen

      Thank you! what caught my eye for bad ergonomica was the MVMT with the location of the touch fader… I couldn’t use that if i wanted to.
      also, having owned the stanton SCS 3 series in the past, I too am not sold on touch strips. they’re fun to play around with, but when playing out they’re nowhere near as easy to use as a fader.
      unfortunately I wouldn’t buy any of these. these don’t have quite the same appeal as the midi fighter. midi fighter is unique for its arcade buttons. but with the above options to choose from, i think there are already better options out there.

      • DJ_ForcedHand

        If your opinion about touch strips is based on the SCS 3 series, you should at least try using a Twitch at some point, they’re very responsive and they might change your mind. Touch strips have the added ability to do multi-point control, meaning you can use the touch strip for effects and do both HPF and LPF at the same time, on one control surface or dynamically handle loop size in real-time.

    • noCore

      valid point – at first glance seeing it in ‘3D’ I thought the same thing (re: the knobs being in front of the sequence buttons)… that said, if used the way I envision it, this wouldn’t be much of a problem really. I’m designing a couple more variations of the same with this in mind, and can put the pics up somewhere if anyone’s curious or wants to weigh in on which version they think would feel better.

      • lotus-eater

        SEQFREQ looks very cool. I’ve been looking for a hardware midi sequencer for programming drums in 16 step / electribe style. Even when using VSTs, I prefer to sequence from my machine drum instead of using the mouse, because it’s just so much faster. I would be really interested if it offered something like elektron’s parameter locks where holding a step button and turning a knob locks the parameter value to that step. And if the step sequencer allowed retriggering the midi note per step at various tempo-synched rates, for rolls, flams, triplets, snare rushes, etc (taking it beyond what my MD can do), this would be an absolute must-have for me. I agree with others that the step buttons should be below the knobs, but other than that it’s perfect. PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

      • lotus-eater

        SEQFREQ looks very cool. I’ve been looking for a hardware midi sequencer for programming drums in 16 step / electribe style. Even when using VSTs, I prefer to sequence from my machine drum instead of using the mouse, because it’s just so much faster. I would be really interested if it offered something like elektron’s parameter locks where holding a step button and turning a knob locks the parameter value to that step. And if the step sequencer allowed retriggering the midi note per step at various tempo-synched rates, for rolls, flams, triplets, snare rushes, etc (taking it beyond what my MD can do), this would be an absolute must-have for me. I agree with others that the step buttons should be below the knobs, but other than that it’s perfect. PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

    • Anonymous

      I feel like the ergonomics of the crossfader ones are fine. If you have the crossfader playing the left deck, then it is all the way to the left, and so now the right deck controls have freed up space. Since the left deck is playing, you would only be cuing the right deck. This works in both directions.

      • Justin Pongasi

        That is only when you are plainly swiping from track to track, which is not always the case, a lot of times during the mix, the crossfader will linger somewhere in the middle. Like previously mentioned by somebody else here, all the mixer designs have buttons that make you reach over something, a knob, a fader, and since the unit is quite small, there is a danger of moving or pressing something unintentionally.

        For me, Astro is the winner. In my opinion, it is the only one that would be a great standalone controller AND a great addition to any setup you already have, just like the original MIDI Fighter, use it solo, or use it paired with something else. The Macro Masher and Twister are also good, but serve more as an addition to an already existing setup.

  • Adam Bennetts

    Im a CDJ guy at heart, but when i play at some bars in Bali (where i base myself), I currently, they don’t have CDJs so I use 2 x 3D’s which I have basically recreated to have the exact functionality of a CDJ and then I use a Xone K2 in between the 3Ds as my mixer and effects unit.

    I would love to use the X-Fade as my main mixer and then the Twister sitting above that as my effects unit. These 2 would sit in between my 2 x 3Ds, forming an upside down T shape and essentially recreating a standard DJ setup.

    I really like the X-Fade’s spaced out knobs to make it easier to EQ your mix as sometimes I find the Xones knobs to be a little close together.

    I’m also an Ableton guy and the twister would be really handy to use in Ableton.

    Good job on the creations!

  • agentdownbeat

    Christ this is hard all of them are good and I probably would end up getting two. I would go with the ultima first. I think this is a great small mobile solution for those small ass booths and venues.

  • David De Garie-Lamanque

    Macro-Masher and Ultima, most definitely! it would be amazing if the DJTT crew produced more than one design, to offer some healthy competition in the modular controller arena! Congrats to the winners!

  • Swirler

    twister and macro masher are definitively the winners, I hardly imagine how other controllers would fit my setup. C’mon guys, hard mapping is getting obsolete so there is no future for this type of gear. Look how much acceptance are having lunchpads and apcs and thats what users are looking for.

    • Doclvly

      There are 1000 tractor users don’t forget them. I’m an ableton user so i understand what you mean, but ableton just doesnt do dj like traktor. Also I don’t think anythings planned to be hard mapped. Maybe s few presets but no hard mapping.

      • DJ_ForcedHand

        There are at least a few DJ programs that can be used inside Ableton …if you’re looking. I know at least Virtual DJ, Deackadance and Stegecraft Studios have the ability to be used as VSTs or VST hosts.

    • noCore

      TWISTER and MACRO-MASHER are definitely nice – more like utilities vs. a DJ mixer, or brain/controller (as was the intention with with SEQFREQ)

      these two would make for a real nice pairing with the SEQFREQ – extending the control/hands-on functionality.

    • 23222


    • mux

      hard mapping is still working out fine for users of 99% of every other musical instrument out there. how do you expect to become a virtuoso of your instrument if the buttons are always changing function on you?

      the whole problem with electronic music right now is that there’s no “liveness” anymore. we’ve got controllers that can access thousands of functions right at our fingertips, yet somehow we’ve yet to have another Miles Davis come to light… look what he could do with three buttons and a wind controller!

  • loui

    i like the twister,

    but i dont like endless endcoders, cause you get less physical feedback

    • Peter Morris

      DJTT have been hinting at the fact they have technology to make encoders with end points for more physical feedback 🙂

  • scooterADAM

    if you end up doing the Astra, think about where a shift button would go, great having 8 hot cues but without an extra button for shift/remove its a bit of a pain

    guess if you are using the spectra base then there will still be the buttons on the side to shift banks…

  • mehhh....

    well the three non-mixer ones are grate, though no arcade buttons on them… but all the mixer style ones are ergonomically flawed, reaching over knobs to get at buttons and having faders scrunched into small spaces where buttons could easily be unintentionally pressed or knobs spun completely throwing off a mix. the macro mashers the only one i think i would spend money on. and the price range on a midi mixer would have to be sub $130 range as you can pick up a Behringer CMD MM-1 4-Channel for that if you shop around and its got loads of space and ergonomic balance and a Numark M101USB 2-Channel for under $100 and it has audio outs and ins. im not a huge Numark fan but… anyway there just to small to be mixers, sometimes bigger is better.

    • Doclvly

      Lol there’s high demand for small form factor contollers like this, (fader fox). Not everyone has sausage fingers.They also said they wanted it to compliment a midi fighter, not also have arcade buttons and partially be a midi fighter. I can’t believe your comparing a cmd against a djtt product. No one gives you a good editor for your controller besides djtt.

  • Anonymous

    Judging by the comments it doesn’t seem that popular but I would buy the Midi Fighter X-Fade in a heartbeat. I’m a long time Kontrol X1 user. I mainly use it as an effects/loop box and I’ve never really used the Hot Cues on it. I use Traktor with timecode because no matter where I play I have my custom effects with me and a familiar interface to trigger them (the X1). Having said that, I’ve always liked the form factor of the Midi Fighters and the Midi Fighter X-Fade has the number of buttons and knobs I need in a form factor I’ve always desired. All designs are tempting though.

  • Joran van Pol

    I would definitely buy a twister if the encoders would have a push toggle switch

  • Matthew Goldstein

    I’m having a lot of trouble with the fact that out of 8 chosen entries there are a grand total of 2 arcade buttons… Is it just me or is this feeling a little less midi fighter and a little more livid???

    • rafiq

      I think that’s the angle they were originally going for, something to complement the arcade buttons of a midi fighter.

      • Matthew Goldstein

        I guess… Still there are plenty of companies doing just that. I guess I just always thought of my midi fighter as the most expressive & playable of all my controllers, at least as compared to something like the X1 which is incredibly useful but not nearly as much fun… I was just hoping for a new toy to play with…

        • Doclvly

          Non have the djtt mappiing editors or a built in USB hub. Also it will probably be the cheapest. Livid is sooooo expensive.

  • rafiq

    Macromasher and Twister, keeping in line with the simplicity and elegance of the original while preserving one’s ability to adapt the unit to a wide range of uses…just using a different tactile control.

    Having super knobs (ability to send more than one CC or note) are what’s going to really separate a unit like this from the rest of the pack.

    For me personally, I generally was just looking for something with a lot of push button encoders that I can use in Ableton to control device racks, yet also take in to Traktor and get creative with effect units.

    • rafiq

      Just a suggestion, but I think that Macro Masher would look a lot more appealing if it had two faders and two touch strips.

    • Anibal Salcedo

      imagine this one with rgb ligths on the encoders + buton in each enconder.

      • kingsroc

        It would be the perfect compliment to the maschine mikro and you could use it for live sets in ableton. I wan’t it bad.

    • WOSHY

      Still it doesn’t give me the “must”-have feeling I had when buying my Midi Fighter.

      I think most of the designs don’t. They look great but still no “wow” factor.

  • Max le Daron

    The Twister is kinda redundant with Behringer BCF no?

    • Peter Morris

      I’m presuming you mean the BCR rather than the BCF and yes they are similar and the BCR has twice as many encoders, but only the top row on the BCR are push encoders so the Twister has twice as many, plus the Twister has a much smaller, more booth friendly footprint and will benefit from the proprietary DJTT encoders with stop that they’ve been hinting at and their build quality 🙂

      • Max le Daron

        yeah I meant BCR :). But it’s true the footprint of a midifighter fits better in a booth

  • Dj L-BIZ (BEAT3)

    The poll won’t open for me but the Ultima is pretty slick and a great choice for most.

    (sadly looks like i will have to build my own serato centric sample player controller then lol)

  • sqweeeeeeeeeeeee

    Macro Masher or Ultima. That Ultima looks like it could be fun with ableton as well. I was liking the look of that clicky pot with the digital display though, seems perfect for bank switching mad zach packs in ableton.

  • Ewan Collins

    I think the Macro Masher is the best. The Twister is also good because of it’s simplicity, but I don’t think it would be quite as good as the Macro Masher. The Masher could be used for heaps of purposes, it looks like it would be great for eq, filter, deck volume and deck effects for 2 decks which would be great for pretty much everyone. Macro Masher +1

  • concerned citizen

    Where’s the ONE Button Midifighter!?

  • Dj Essentials

    +1 for Ultima