Mad Zach’s “Evil Lurks on a Summer Day” Interactive Music Release

DJ TechTools is taking music releases to the next level with Mad Zach’s first single “Evil Lurks on a Summer Day”.  Instead of a traditional  2-track release onto Beatport, we’re publishing the entire Ableton project file, a fully interactive sound pack and a tutorial on how to play the song using grid controllers. It’s something new that we hope will bring the worlds of creation, music interaction, and re-mixing together in a seamless feedback loop. Read on for the full details and  how you can personally get involved.


Have you ever wished you could see how someone made a song? Imagined working with the raw elements, in fully interactive sound pack form?  A type of song form that people could not only listen to, but watch, play, and feel for themselves?

When music was recorded on traditional mediums like vinyl or tape, linear, more passive listening was usually where the creativity ended. Scratching, Turntablism and digital DJing have started to break down those linear barriers, but currently fail to provide the actual DNA of a song at your fingertips. In a DIY digital age like the present, how does one fully engage with the music? One possibility  is in interactive form.

Many modern releases are now available in loops, stems, or even raw samples. Actually importing and playing these parts in a musical manner remains the big challenge, while being able to perform the song like the original creator is largely impossible. By unifying the environment that music is both created, and experienced with a common interface (such as a grid of buttons) anyone can understand and play the same songs but with their own unique expression.


A fully interactive music package. Listen, touch, feel and re-imagine every element of the song. With a music video, song, sound pack, and new MIDI lesson feature, there’s no end to how deep you can get into the song. Here’s Zach’s original track in its recorded form.


The lesson aspect of the pack is one of the most exciting features because it shows you step by step how to play the routines used to create the song.

“The way I write music, controllerism is completely integrated with production. In order to share every element of the song, I’ve included “lesson midi” files that can play back the patterns as I played them in, and display them on the lights of your midi controller. You can slow down the tempo, and practice the patterns at your own speed. Since there are 32 sounds, you can either play with two hands, or grab a buddy and practice together.

For me, this release is a new experiment in collaborative songwriting. Instead of holding a remix contest where I give out finished stems, the entire project file is opened up for you to dissect and learn from. You can see all the mixing details, how the samples are organized, layed out, and automated.”

-Mad Zach


Use the lesson and the included Ableton project file to craft your re-imagination of Evil Lurks On A Summer Day and submit it to this Soundcloud group. We’ll choose our favorites to be included in an upcoming EP release.  If you really want to impress DJ TechTools, release your version as a live YouTube performance as well so we can see your chops on the controller. 

Digging the concept and want to try it out? The full release, project file, WAVs, and lesson are all available in the DJTT store now for only $4.99.

BONUS: Mad Zach’s Music Video

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  • Karamjot Sharu

    Where do I get the download of just the song in .wav format?

  • chris

    very smooth listening. very similar to my beloved

  • nopalmex

    This very heavy for my equipment. Processing requires a lot of cpu 🙁 Every time I hit a drum rack control, it blows the cpu meter. I think there are too much samples and the cpu process gets realy crazy. Did some one is experimenting the same issue?
    Im using Acer 5733- 6804 Laptop 8Gb Ram. Intel Core i3-370. Not sure the speed of my HD probably under 7200 rpm. Audio Interface Scarlet Focusrite 2i4. Normaly this dont hapen on the regular sound packs. Any help is welcome 😉

  • dj_sensible

    ummm, my midifighter doesn’t work the drum rack on this project, I’ve gone into preferences / midi sync and turned the inputs and outputs on on for the mf… any help?

    • dj_sensible

      the midi light comes on when I press the buttons but no highlighted buttons on the drum rack

      • mscottveach

        how did you get this to work? i am having the same problem….

        • dj_sensible


          Change ableton from Arrangement view to session view. In the first column change Midi from midi fighter spectra to ……’name’ (whatever controller your using) make sure it on channel 3 (the drop down menu below where you choose your controller).

          If your using a midifighter make sure its in ableton mode.

          Heres the link to help you set up your controller for the lesson:

          Booom! hope this helps motherfucker!

  • nopalmex

    Excellent package. A little heavy on processing. It is necessary to make adjustments to run on my machine.

  • Chaser720

    Zach. Had a few issues with setup on this. Got it running now but I had to do a few additional steps. Had to change the output on the midi track off of the MF3D channel 3 then back onto it again before the lights would work. Might have just been my comp but something to look into.

    Also I couldn’t get sound out of Ableton until I set the out on the main track out to the MF3D as well (using the same method as setting it in the midi lesson). I’m an Ableton noob so probably should have known that but might want to include that as well. Loving the sounds though and having a lot of fun with it. Thanks.

    • dj_sensible

      Alright man, from one noob to another how did you get the lessons to work? It sounds like ive got the same problem as you. Could you tell me in simpletons terms how you got the lights to flash. Thanks for the consideration.

      • dj_sensible

        Ignore me, fixed….. BBBOOOOMMMM!!!!

        • Chaser720

          Good stuff. I just had to tinker with it a bit before it would go. Doing some of the same things over again and restating the program.

  • Dummy

    How does midi lesson works? I would like to know how to play midi and see the light feedback in my launchpad or midi fighter, any help?

    • Chaser720

      When you load the project and settings your launchpad or midi fighter will flash the button being pressed in the song so you can watch which one to press and when. Its explained in the included video.

  • Guest

    thanks guys I appreciate the support!

  • leavesremix

    Super nice track MadZach!

  • Jim

    Man, I just ordered a Spectra then I saw this, I would have thrown it in with the order. Getting the sound pack tonight though. Great stuff.

  • tr4gik

    oh you guys, simple awesome. so much freakin talent Mad Zach has. respect.

  • Mr. Meoff

    Cholula is good, but Poblano is bomb! 🙂

    • Dan White

      Tapatio trumps both.

      • Mad Zach

        its hard to find in Berlin though! Cholula is like 6 euro, worth more than gold

  • DJ_ForcedHand

    Finally! People making songs with the DJ Remix sets included.

  • MannequinMuzic

    That is really incredible. It looks like it will be the way of the future for music… They already have forms of interactive porn… It just seems like everything follows after that 😉

  • Diederik '93

    What’s the deadline for the remix?

  • Earnest

    Capital A Amazing! Thank you so much for this. It’s really helpful to get this sort of access to someones creative process.