Traktor DJ + Kontrol Z1/S4/S2 iOS 7 Update

Looks like the update warning from Native Instruments a few weeks ago still hasn’t been completely resolved –  the Traktor team sent out this message this morning to users warning them that even though the software side seems to be working fine on iOS7, the new Kontrol S4 and S2 MK2 hardware continues to have issues.

Here is a quick update on TRAKTOR DJ and iOS 7 compatibility: After extensive testing, we are pleased to inform you that TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 is fully compatible with TRAKTOR DJ on iOS 7. The TRAKTOR DJ app is also working reliably under iOS 7, however Metadata sync with TRAKTOR PRO 2 is currently disabled by default.

The new TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 and S2 are fully compatible with TRAKTOR DJ 1.3 on iOS 6, however they are not currently supported under iOS 7. Native Instruments is working closely with Apple to solve the remaining issues and we expect to offer a solution in Q4 2013.


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  • drumbobs

    just converted form djay2 to traktor dj for ipad..just having a play around with it and cant see a feature that shows you which tracks have been played? Is there one? On djay each track is ticked when it has been played in that session.? thank you..

  • Chaser720

    Biggest (IMHO) new feature from the MK2 S2 and S4 still doesn’t work… NI better be putting all of their good engineers on a new Z4 or better project.

  • Mario García

    The traktor z1 has bugs and issues yet, the key lock button doesn’t appear most of the time, you need to plug and unplugged, and close/open the app

    • Renky Lion

      Im looking forward to working with the Z1, is this problem common for all z1?