Allen & Heath’s Xone:23C Mixer With USB Soundcard

Allen & Heath are launching a “sister product” to their just-announced Xone:23 at NAMM earlier this year (see our extended review here).The new Xone:23C is being added to the range with all the same features as the Xone:23, as well as the addition of three items:

  • 96kHz 24bit 4 stereo channel USB soundcard
  • Mixvibes Cross LE bundled (allows 2-deck DVS control in combo with the soundcard)
  • X:Link connector to allow for easy connection of Allen & Heath Xone:K series controllers (like the Xone:K2)

The 23:C also is rocking a familiar orange design around the controls that mirrors the look and feel of the Xone:DB2/4 flagship mixers. It’s a nice touch and certainly makes the EQ, filer, and fader controls pop quite a bit more than the original 23.

If you’re looking for a really high quality 2-channel mixer with USB I/O, this could be right for you – although it’s highly unlikely to get Traktor or Serato certification. We’re a bit disappointed that a few of the design issues like filter/FX out weren’t sorted out in this edition as well, since they were the only major draw back in the 23 model that launched at NAMM.

The Xone:23C is expected to cost about $580 MSRP (the Xone:23 has $299 street price) and will ship in June 2014.

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  • TinyKurtRussell

    This is awesome!!! I can play straight wax or use it with DVS. Definitely gonna get this when I buy my first setup.

    • Spacecamp

      If you grab it, be sure to do so on DJTT’s store to support us – even if we don’t have it listed, hit up live chat and they’ll get one for you.

      • TinyKurtRussell

        Will Do. Appreciate it

  • Emiliano Galván

    I have a question: does it works with traktor? thanks!

  • Mickey Lew

    I’m new to digital mixing, not sure if I’ve understood this right. Is there anyway to use Traktor or Serato via laptop with this mixer? Info appreciated?

    • Emiliano Galván

      same question !

      • Mathias Bruus Håkonsson

        Only with an external soundcard..
        It’s not a certified mixer…

  • Andrew

    So, can I use this without an external interface? For example, can I use a macbrook pro with traktor and the kontrol x1 plus this mixer? without the need of an external interface because this mixer comes with a soundcard, right?

  • Subtractive909

    I have an inside contact at Allen & Heath HQ. The Xone:K1 has been obsoleted. They chose to only go with the K2. That means that the 23C manual was written before they made that decision. A&H are not hinting at the release of any new K series controllers.

  • Tom Wenger

    will this work as a DVS system ?

  • KAte

    will the soundcard be IOS compatible? would love to just hook up to an ipad…

  • jaxlore

    so I ended up doing a special order with GC, kind of pissed me off that they aren’t going to carry this.

  • jaxlore

    waiting for this damn thing to be available at guitar center as i have a gift card burning a whole in my pocket

  • Sam Mosby

    Looks pretty nice to me. Hope that A&H legendary quality still worth mentioning it. Never been disappointed with Mixvibes so far…

  • H

    Looks great !! Professional Mixer Quality (Love A&H Filter and EQs) with a Soundcard and an Audio/Video DVS (Love Cross) ! With this Price, it’s very interesting.

  • Jude Mangino

    They say “Xone K Series Controllers”. “Series”? “Controllers”? Isn’t there only one (the K2)? Why are they speaking plural?

    • P.b.

      There is a hint in the xone23c manual, page 12, last sentence:
      Quote: “This will allow you to connect an Allen & Heath controller (such as the Xone:K1, or K2) to the mixer which will both provide power to the device and pass MIDI up the USB connection.”
      Thats kind of an unofficial confirmation that there will be xone k1 (k2 without soundcard), which makes sense as the 23c has its own soundcard…

      i would have loved to see an a&h jogwheel controller, but i guess thats not the direction they#re going… we#ll see….

      • A&H_lover

        why do you need a jog on a midi controller ?
        i use the 4 encorders on the top to control my 4 decks (vinyl and CD mode)

        it works pretty good so i’m not sure a job can do better

        • Ezmyrelda

          If it’s not your playing style it’s not really something you could understand.. Jogs were a replacement for the workflow of turntables.. and for some of us; jogs and turntables feel right and organic.. nudging with a knob doesn’t feel right to me.. But if it’s your workflow.. More power to ya.

          • Nikita

            the best answer I ever saw on the subject)))
            even though I don’t come from vinyl (rather going towards it now) not having a jog wheel raises a question in my head “How the hell am I supposed to dj here???”)))
            But hey! Everyone’s got his own workflow.

      • Oddie O'Phyle


  • b

    Lets hope there not the same quality as there db mixers, cause the db4 is of abominable quality..and there driver support? Well…still no maverick driver…..

    • mikefunk

      A&H DOES NOT provide any customer, driver, updates aor anything for DB series anymore. Their forum is dead. No reply from any staff for months. I guess DB series are scrap now for AH and they only care about new products. I am pissed off as I recently bought DB2 and I have only problems with it (drivers crashing, sound card just stops playing music out of the blue, no Traktor certification. No updates, No reply form support. Nothing!). Their customer support is non existent simply…
      Beside that, best mixer on the market… but you are on your own with bag of problems to figure out.

    • jaxlore

      theres a maverick driver on there site now.

  • kevin

    Mixvibes, excellent!

  • Le Bob

    No midi Faders right? If not… such a shame…. Could’ve been a GREAT MIDI mixer for Video mixing…

  • Dewaine

    Really glad I didn’t win my auction for the 23

  • Dan White

    Just sharing one of my favorite comments from the Facebook post about this: “Just give us that Xone:92C! We know it’s there!”