Pioneer’s Secret Turntable Project Revealed

Remember how just a few weeks ago Q-Bert let it slip that he had seen some secret new turntable project from Pioneer at NAMM 2014? Well, he wasn’t just kidding around – the photos this morning from Musikmesse 2014 show that the Pioneer turntable project is very much a real thing. The design is very, very familiar to anyone who knows their way around a Technics 1200. Here’s one of the most popular photos of it so far:

So far we know that it has a USB connection, ethernet connection for X-Link connection (Editor’s Note: This info was incorrect, according to our sources on the ground there’s just Phono Out…) with other Pioneer gear, and analog RCA out. It’s also got a pitch fader that goes +/- 8 and a “pitch reset” button at the side of it along with a “tempo range” button at the top. But it’s pretty clear this is a very early prototype – so almost every feature could be added or removed by the time the final product comes to market.

Will it work with DVS systems? Will It have any MIDI features or functionality? That’s all up to speculation at the moment.

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  • Pioneer??????????????

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  • DJ666

    …the ignorance in the comment sections on this site never ceases to amuse me. This turntable is a reincarnation of the Technics SL 1200 series. Who cares if it doesn’t have midi buttons like that stupid looking ReLoop plastic crapbox? Want s USB port? Go buy a Stanton. Scratch DJ’s are gonna be all over this turntable, a skill that most of you idiotic button pushers can’t wrap your head around. I’m glad a company like Pioneer stepped up to the plate to take over where the famed Technics wheels of steel left off. Hats off to Pioneer.

  • Mahesh Walatara

    Yawn- mp3 FTW.

  • Knut van Mellingnaar

    Oh guys, please. It’s just a turntable – nothing more! What about any new ideas like MIDI – look at the Reloop RP-8000.

    • Oddie O'Phyle

      i’d rather have a pair of the RP-7000’s. some of us want “just a turntable”.

  • ZuYork

    About to purchase a set of Tech 1210 MK5’s djm 400 amongst many other pieces of equipment for under 1500.00 US was wondering if I should wait of pick these up wondering if the Pioneer will be better or the same as the 1200’s just newer so much equipment and 5 crates of vinyl wireless mics everything I only wanted the tables since I rock my S4 so wondering should i get this or wait

  • After Partie

    Hahaha love it Richard. Looks like an old Citronics console.

    Interesting the new Pioneer turntable though, and the design extremely similar to the 1200. Pioneer and Panasonic after worked together in some markets before, so perhaps Pioneer stuck a licencing deal with Panasonic on the patent. After all Matsushita who patented the 1200, only formerly changed its name to Panasonic Corporation in 2008. Prior to that Panasonic was a division of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co, named after its founder Konosuke Matsushita.

    Interested to see where Pioneer go with this. Would make a great control surface for Serato (and even better for Traktor), and defiantly one for the turntablists out there, especially with the recent surge in vinyl as a niche format. Matt ~

  • Lamar LeRoy

    Another Hanpin Super OEM Deck looks to me?

    • Jimbob

      That was my first guess as well, although so far it’s all just a guess. But even if it is just a Super OEM, it will sell like hotcakes and, contrary to the other OEMs, will be blessed with the highest praises. Because it’s a Pioneer deck.
      Why did they have to write “professional turntable” on the faceplate? If they have to write it on there, that’s a bad, bad sign…
      Well, let’s wait and see if there’s going to be an actual product emerging from this and how it will perform.

  • Huh

    So basically Pioneer have created what technics did in 1972… Erm… Good work?? 1210’s everyday!

  • Jed 104

    Honestly that just looks like a professionally modded 1210 to me. Either that or its a new turntable built using parts from technics and other decks before they manufacture their own maybe…

    • Ryan Supak

      I agree. Many of the details (Power Switch, Antiskate, the strobe dots, Pilot Light, some of the legend writing, 45 adapter holder) are uncannily similar. I guess that means Pioneer either realized that the 1200 was pretty much a perfect design…or it means that they were scared to change too much, for fear of alienating Technics devotees.

      Or a third possibility, they bought the tooling from Technics.


  • Tom Wenger

    hey i don’t understand why pioneer is making this, a normal turntable ? nothing special and just because it’s written PIONEER on it means it’s gonna be 500$ more expensive…

  • tr4gik


  • Manuel Almaguer

    Pioneer bought out Technic and stopped production so their CDJ sales would go up… And now this… Marketing strategy to me…. Looks like a tek… They just slapped a Pioneer logo on a Technic and called it a Pioneer… A Technic will never be matched. Keep trying Pioneer and let me guess the components are all the same as a Tek… Just my 2 cents… Looks dope though

    • Juicy Jane

      Technics where very cheap…. all most for free… not over priced at all ….. fanboy?

    • Dancin' Mark

      Technics is owned by Panasonic. Not Pioneer? LOL!

    • COdeE

      So if the parts and design are the same as a tech would it not be just as good as a tech?

    • Oddie O'Phyle

      Pioneer did not “buy out” Technics. Technics was created by Panasonic in 1965, Pioneer is owned by Sharp.

  • efrazable

    Please play from usb or RB!

  • breezy

    If it only has +/-8 pitch, why bother?

    • kenz

      if you’d ever played a technics 1200 or 1210, you’ll see that +/-8 (%, not bpm), is suitable for most, maybe even too much as you dont have a key lock like with digital

  • Aken

    Pointless shit

    • redski

      No not really.. Technics are still in demand on tech riders everywhere..

      • Aken

        The fact that people are involved in something doesnt make this thing interesting or useful. few examples : Justin Bieber, suicide.

        • Oddie O'Phyle

          then don’t read reviews on gear that you won’t/can’t use.
          besides… i’m not about to justify liking of Bieber, personally i think he’s uneducated and ignorant, but i bet the kid makes more in ticket sales than you do. which means a few people out there like him.
          so this being said, you figuring that this is pointless doesn’t matter when thousands of others are interested in this article.

  • Nathan Veenstra

    As mentioned on my Facebook, DJ’s will be all over it because it’s Pioneer.

    Let’s not forget that there are many brands that have been producing turntables for many years. AND that those have been developing the turntables further with innovations that Technics has always neglected. Detachable cables, higher torque motor, a target light that’s easy to replace and most recently: midi pads/buttons!

    Let’s stop hyping it just because it’s the biggest brand in the DJ world and have a realistic look at it: Pioneer is doing something they should have done years ago. They now only release products like this because they know it will sell with their name on it and they need the turnover.

    • Juicy Jane

      Interesting…. so you are saying we cannot talk or have an interest in this coz its from a big brand… my midi fighter as enough buttons (smallest brand I know) ….. and a realistic look at is ? bashing it before we know what it is ? so i ques i need to go on your fb page as well coz you said it before on that ? u sir are a bit strange….

      • Nathan Veenstra

        I am not saying you can’t talk about it or have interest in this. All I’m saying is that it’s something people would have cared less about if the name Pioneer wasn’t on this gear.

        Think about it.

        • winter_dragon

          I think they’re about to deliver something I haven’t quite seen – high ‘resolution’ digital servo at a reasonable price. The technics MK2 had a lot of flutter. The vestax digital servos had a .1 step resolution. Not up to the same standards as the current gen. of CDJs.

          • Juicy Jane

            stop it man your hyping it!

          • winter_dragon

            My bad. Pioneer is just being a company that wants to sell desirable products so they can make money. Shame on anyone who’s excited to find out whether or not this is the product that might fill the void in the market for a good turntable, just because it’s Pioneer. All kidding aside I was one of the first US owners of the Vestax PDX 2300 MkII’s when they came out (I didn’t get a Technics which were still in production at the time because I went for FEATURES not brand) and although it had low flutter, the digital servo just doesn’t have enough steps. I can match by ear to within .01 BPMs (not %) and so I’ve been waiting for what I think this is.

    • Bobby

      I have played on pretty much every high end dj turntable and not one of them has the same great feel as a 1200.

  • Oddie O'Phyle

    no more re-soldering of that pesky ground lead. sweet looking deck.

  • LoopCat

    If the insides are the same quality as a 1200 it will be a winner for me.

  • Wolf

    some more pics

    • nem0nic

      Looks like that Ethernet and USB port isn’t on there. Did they put those ports in the front?

  • nem0nic

    It’s interesting that no one has any pictures of those additional USB and ethernet ports – and no one else has mentioned them. Did you guys get any pics?

  • Vilmar

    I like what I’m seeing. With the demand in vinyl rising again it seems like a good move by Pioneer.

  • Göran Svensson

    Next up is a DJM with a display för waveforms/tracklist + recording of Vinyl to Rekordbox

  • Ndrew Eye Van

    wait it has USB does that mean you will be able to use rekordbox… brb selling my car

  • GARC

    My comment was based on a the turntable in the above photo and the vidoo by Digital DJ Tips, not the funny one below

  • GARC

    I’m going to guess that Pioneer have done zero R&D on this and that they are just dipping a toe in the water to see if it receives a positive reaction. Besides, it is too similar to every other Technics inspired turntable to really be Pioneer. If Pioneer decide to launch a turntable, DVS system or both, the hardware will look a bit more like their current offerings.

    • Woosh

      the Technics Sl-1200 WAS a Pioneer product…no?

      • Mojaxx

        Panasonic 😉

  • Dancin' Mark

    Its sharp looking 🙂

    • Dan White

      Hilarious stuff from Mojaxx.

    • Anthony Gomulka

      Wasn’t sure if this was a joke until I heard belt drive. LOL.

      • Geeter Tron

        Right/ haha me too he is very serious with the delivery of it all

    • Ani

      This unit looks like it was contrived in the ’70s……this has to be a joke, infact i am stating it is a joke.

      • Geeter Tron

        No it’s real. OF COURSE it’s a joke mate. Super secret top secret turntable. Just trying to make you want to see more, and Mojaxx is joking about that, and again yes those decks are from the late 70’s it’s all in good fun mate. 🙂

    • Mark

      It’s funny, but it only really has one joke (about 1 minute in.) It’s a funny joke. But then it’s a 7 minute video.

    • sib

      hahaha… i just saw one of those on craigslist and was so tempted to buy it for my daughter

    • dex

      I’m a-shoe-ming this is a joke. 😉 Great Stuff Mo! Or can I call you Mr. Jaxx?