Serato DJ 1.7 Released with Flip and Other Features

Serato DJ comes out with another strong release today that provides new functionality like Flip mode, along with some older loved features missing from Scratch Live such as AM mode (hide your tracks) and Chronological cues. A new MIDI Map panel also promises to provide deeper control over the software for those who may wish to dive deeper into the realm of customization. Serato DJ 1.7 is available now from

Serato DJ 1.7

Here are some of the more notable new functions that rolled out with 1.7 that our feature-craving readers might enjoy!


The much talked about cue point juggle saving feature saves you a trip to the DAW by providing real-time play back of non-linear edits on the fly. In a new detailed video from the Serato DJ team, P-money talks about how he uses the new feature for more than just edits:

SERATO DVS Expansion Pack 

Now owners of a few specific controllers including, Denon DJ MC6000MK2, Numark N4 and Pioneer DDJ-SX2, can upgrade to get full DVS control on a budget. (that’s turntables via timecode for the non-scratchers out there). The update allows use of the controllers’ internal soundcards for the software – something that for a long time was limited to just a few licensed soundcards and mixers.


A new MIDI panel inside Serato DJ that allows you to MIDI map additional software features such as Library Scroll, Loop Rolls, Instant Doubles, Loop Shift, a dedicated combo HP / LP filter for each channel + much more.


  • AM Mode: Hide the artist and track information displayed in the Virtual Deck area (this was previously an easter egg in the software, but is now a real feature!)
  • Chronological Cue Points: A highly popular Scratch Live feature, now available in Serato DJ
  • Rearrange Cues
  • Smaller Quantize Values
  • Library Optimization

Now let’s turn it over to our Serato DJ readers out there. Help us fill in the gaps in the comments with your thoughts and observations. 

  1. What new features are exposed in the MIDI Map Panel?
  2. How do you feel about the prices for the new expansion packs (Flip and DVS)?
  3. What Quantize Values are now possible  – do they work well?
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  • Hirogen Hunter

    Serato has a serious problem with their bugs which continues through a few versions back (hum, clicking, popping sounds) and on their support forum are most of these threads few months old and all their advices doesn’t help, but instead of fixing things they add more fx great,..

  • J Williams

    Serato is trying to conquer the controller market because there
    more money to made. A controller is not built to last, plus the facts
    that controllerist mix internally, so they are more likely to upgrade their
    controller(s) when a major update is added to their DJ software. A person who
    uses my setup cdj+mixers usually has that setup for a lot longer than
    controller because the gear is built to last and only use modular stuff when necessary. Serato is introducing new innovations just to attract the novice/hobby DJs who buy controllers every two years because the NEW__________!!!!! is coming out. .Just like Native instruments. I use Serato and Traktor as crates nothing else. Mixing externally with DJM effects beats anything out there.

  • SimonPhoenix

    If this works without a glitch I can see myself beating edits better than the way I do loop points…and come on Serato, give Allen&Heath’s DBs the love.

  • Jeremy Penn

    Seratos new features are just aftermarket modifications. Simple yet expensive addons to boost creativity and create a flashly look to aspiring DJs.

  • dj munster

    used traktor for years but always hated every controller option except for dvs,i decided i did not want to use turntables anymore so i looked for a controller that was fit for me and the s2 or s4 wasnt it
    after trying many controlers i bought one that wasnt native to traktor and was very unhappy with jogwheel response but used it anyway(i never liked ssl (i loved traktor)
    at a gig last year my controller died and a friend let me use the ddj-sx and i fell in love with djing again and i went out the next day ditched traktor and been using serato dj ever since
    what traktor needs (for me at least) is a native controller that feels real ,thats the only thing they are falling behind with

  • Alexio Beez

    Traktor had something similar to this way back in the first versions,you would record a mix not in audio format,but in some kind of automation for Traktor.When you loaded that mix file in Traktor it would starte playing the mix as you recorded,buttons would move the same way you used them,and you could edit whatever you wanted by hitting the dub button.To bad there was no snap and quantize or other cue features back then and you couldn’t save the file for each deck,individual,which I think Flip is doing :)…

  • X

    crowd “hey, how come the dj is just sitting around and not mixing music? oh before the gig he went to starbucks and serato flipped all his tracks so now he doesn’t have to do anything during the gig. where is the turntables? oh the dj is too lazy to bring them, he uses that little midi controller with the tiny platters now”

  • M

    am mode?…yeah we all know your playing lady gaga lol

  • Salmon Solly-p Potgieter

    Serato is great use it for VJing but my life will never be complete until either trakotr gets a Video add on or serato matches Traktor Midi Mapping functionality

  • nudephotomusic

    Feels like Serato is catching up with Traktor to me. Traktor’s been ahead of the game in these features for a couple years. But the one thing that Traktor has that Serato does not (and likely will not) is the ability to use any audio interface & any controller. This opens the door to making your own controllers – which the Traktor community and DJ tech tools has embraced. I don’t think we’d have the MIDI fighter and other custom controllers if that feature was missing from Traktor.

  • cableraker

    Do they have a track preview feature where you can scroll through your tracks and listen to them yet? Or do you still have to load them on a deck first?

  • Marz

    I feel like everyone is saying “Serato is leaving Traktor in the dust” when in reality a lot of Traktor features were ahead of their time. I have been using Traktor cue points and cue loops for almost 2 years and re-arranging (flipping) them for my live sets. I use a Custom mapped APC40 and foot peddles to record loops for playback… is this not pretty much the exact same thing as flip?

    • Toontown

      It is, but better because of remix decks. If you need to you can bounce to the loop recorder then back into a track deck or remix deck. You can sequence your drum kits with a Twister. I just fail to see the ‘a-ha moment’ behind automating your cue points in Flip.

  • DJ TyDoZ

    Serato is awesome, even more now with the Flip feature. I prefer Traktor and gonna stick to it because it suits my needs perfectly. Think it is pointless discussing which one is better. I love the introduction of Flip, something that we, TSP users, have been asking for for quite some time. Serato scored big with Flip and I applaud that. But you gotta notice that the so hated Sync was introduced in Serato only now, something that TSP users have for years, helping a lot in their mixes. NI peoples know that they have to step up their game even more to stay relevant in such a competitive and innovative market. Traktor SP 3 and a new Kontrol Z3 are coming with full force. Wait and see.


    Personally not understanding the hype w/ flip, especially for people who already have a daw such as Ableton. I’m suppose to pay $30 to be able to do what the daw I already paid for does, but possibly better? Maybe its cool for people without Ableton, or the likes but I can imagine thats a pretty short list of DJs. As a free feature it may have been cool though

    • Chad Soulkutz Robertson

      A lot of djs don’t know ableton and seem to be afraid to learn it. I agree with you tho, plus ableton will allow u to do so much more as well. A good chunk of ppl don’t wanna take the time to learn different programs so a lot of people will like flip for that purpose only.

      • James Brian Thomaston

        Or spend the money on it.. Ableton costs how much compared to flip?

    • Konix

      Yes, you can do everything in Ableton or any DAW that can FLIP can do, and even more. However, FLIP is non-destructive. Most likely you’re using MP3s, which then you’ll have to bounce to wav in Ableton. If you want MP3 again, then you have to re-encode it back again, thereby losing even more quality. Now you have two files, thereby taking up more hard drive space (then times that by how many 1000s of files you have). Then I have to run it through MIK or other key analyzing software again, then import again into Serato DJ, put into crates, analyzing again in Serato DJ, etc. You get the picture. FLIP is saved as metadata, doesn’t create a new file, don’t need to re-import and analyze. And quite frankly, it a lot simpler and easier to do in Serato DJ then edit in Ableton or DAW. That alone is worth $29 for me.

      • ROCKSTARR DJ KayPlaya

        That my friend is a pretty good observation. Though the process of reloaded/analyzing doesnt bother me as far as time goes, the loss of quality and extra storage space are both something i didn’t consider.

      • X

        ableton, unlimited creative edits, YOU WANT NON-DESTRUCTIVE FILES, SAVE YOUR FILE IN ANOTHER NAME LOL


        FLIP, limited to creative edit ideas, you might start to sound like everyone elses flip edits, you and the crowd might get bored with a million tracks flipped using almost the same limited flip techniques

  • DJ Gerard

    Flip seems limiting. Very linear one track timeline edit. Now if Traktor allows you to set up the remix deck to play legato and save as an audio file that would be great and reduce use of a DAW

  • axelv

    Simple, creative and powerfull like serato should be 🙂

  • YunG Fries

    Did they fix the latency between this and the DJM 900SRT? cuz that shit SUCKS

  • Toontown

    Needs more “Damn, son. Where’d you find this?”

  • kut creator

    need more serato cowbell

  • Joseph Wilk

    Flip mode… Flip mode is the greatest.

    • Patch

      Busta bus

    • ROCKSTARR DJ KayPlaya

      If you ain’t gonna be part of the greatest.. gotta be the greatest yourself

  • Divine Justice

    Wow!!! Just downloaded Flip… All I have been waiting for and more!!!!!!

  • x

    on your mark…get set…go…let the endless katy perry edits begin!

  • misterangry

    Is it me or does it just really feel like serato is leaving traktor in the dust. No i am not a serato fan boy, i personally love traktor. But traktor seems to just be focusing on the ipad stuff which i dont feel is pro ready. The s4 and s2 mk2 were jokes and full of bugs. And thats pretty much it traktor wise. Serato just keeps coming out with more and more controllers, they actually seem to be doing a lot of updates now. Really thinking about giving serato a run now.

    • Divine Justice

      For the time being, I agree but all these #futureofdjing Native Instrument posts makes me wonder what they have up their sleeve…..

    • Mark Smith

      I disagree with you on the S2 Mk2 bugs. I use one regularly 3+ times a week with either an X1 or a MIDI Fighter twister and have not had any issues. I am running Traktor Pro 2.6.8 on a PC laptop (Toshiba Satelite with an i5 and 16GB Ram) which according to a lot of Dj’s is just nuts. I love my setup and it has not failed me.

    • LongTimeLurker1stTimePoster

      If my situation counts for anything, as soon as I can leave Traktor Pro behind and jump to Serato DJ with a similar controller (currently on MixTrack I, need a Mixtrack I or II Pro to be compatible), then I’ll make the move. I always wanted to use Serato first and foremost, but I was never a DVS guy so there was no support, even though it’s what all my friends use live. It will be nice to be on the same platform.

    • Cristian M

      If you really think about it all the recent updates have been things that traktor already had years ago. If anything serato is just still catching up to the advances traktor had brought to the DJ world. You’ll see native is going to release something big soon.

    • bkbikenerd

      In the dust? Depends on how you look at it? Software wise Serato is still catching up to many things that Traktor has had for years in other ways it implemented Traktor’s features in a better manor. I’m a DVS user so i could care less about the S4 and S2 but they seem okay to me for the first generation controllers NI ever put out. Maybe you can name some of the bugs.

      Now, I’m feeling like Serato is charging money for new features that should be part of upgraded version like 1.7.. I’m feeling like Serato is really starting to nickel and dime’n their users. Charging for PnT when their default key correction sucks. Charging for extra for effects instead of putting them in new versions, saying you can’t use the 57SL with Serato DJ then making a plugin that lets you have DVS for other controllers (slap in the face). Now it’s Flip which should probably be standard with 1.7.. Charging more for improved control vinyl when they should just be replacing the current vinyl at the same cost or adjusted for inflation.

      What Serato is passing traktor on is flexible beat gridding, syncing to multiples of the BPM of songs playing and yes now Flip although it should just be part of 1.7 not just a paid for add-on.

    • Toontown

      All that tells me is you’re falling into their marketing trap.

      I’d be pissed as a Serato user having to pay extra for software add-ons. Did NI charge you extra for Flux mode? No. Because it’s bullshit to do so.

      • filippo

        Serato didn’t charge for Slip mode either – i.e. Flux.

        They only seem to charge for things that are non-essential to DJing, i.e. the little extra things that make a DJ stand out. Get the core proposition and add to it as you wish.

        Also, haven’t Traktor charged for version updates in the past – to me that’s worse, Serato just charges you for things you want… like most businesses who need to pay staff.

        • Toontown

          I mean $29 for Flip, $49 for FX expansion packs. In Traktor all FX and features come stock, and NI don’t charge for updates to TPro2.

          • Chad Soulkutz Robertson

            Both companies essentially charge for new features. The only thing serato is doing right now is marketing their products correctly and jumping into the controller game. For two years prior you had serato djs complaining and commenting that traktor was running away things.
            It’s a win-win if both companies continue to innovate. Learn both if you can. Personally I like traktor better as I have taken the time to learn it inside and out. However when playing out I’m more likely to play on serato as its usually installed in booths. So I’m enjoying learning the new functions.

        • bkbikenerd

          Honestly, 1.7 should really just be a patch to 1.6 it’s just them fixing a bunch of things that broke when they switched from scratch live like midi mapping, reordering cue points and Library optimization. Serato FLIP is a paid fo add-on not a core part of 1.7.

          I’m not saying that Serato can’t charge user’s for new features I’m saying that it’s looking sad now what they are calling upgrades and listing FLIP as part of 1.7 when it’s an add you have to pay for. Is Serato still awesome? – Yep. Better than traktor only sometimes at some things? Which one is more advanced? – Traktor by far in features, customization, MIDI. Who has the better UI? – Serato.

          I’m still not regretting my switch to Traktor but, I could be eating those words if I don’t see Traktor release anything soon.

          • wise dj

            these companies aren’t charities. quit crying about paying for things. so tired of entitled babies whining about charging for things. you dont “deserve” anything for free. when you go to work do you expect a paycheck? when you play a paying gig, do you expect cash? yes because you created value and expect to be rewarded for your time and performance. stop expecting the folks at these companies to not want the same as you… reward for their efforts.

          • bkbikenerd

            Let me dry tears Wise DJ since I was just crying and yes I am getting at you.

            Now, back to my point and I quote myself again “I’m not saying that Serato can’t charge user’s for new features I’m saying that it’s looking sad now what they are calling upgrades and listing FLIP as part of 1.7 when it’s an add you have to pay for.”

            Flip is NOT part of 1.7 it’s and addon so it should be advertised as such.

          • Moren0

            “I’m still not regretting my switch to Traktor but, I could be eating those words if I don’t see Traktor release anything soon.”

            THAT. I am very worried because NI seems to be focused on production oriented software/hardware and they haven’t release anything DJ in a while.
            NI, please review Traktor, start from scratch, rebuild the buggy engine and key lock, and while your at it slap on a new UI.
            I’m already selling my S4, maybe I’ll be buying a SL3 very soon.

    • micA$H

      Dear Mr. Angry,

      I got the S2 MK2 and was admittedly miffed about *the* bug, too: sometimes, when overstimulated w/ FX, the LEDs on my controller would freeze, causing the audio to still play out of the speakers, but for me to have no visual feedback on what I was doing; the controller was ‘frozen.’ That being said, N.I. was responsive and fixed it with a patch months ago, and I have had 0 problems ever since.–>That’s why I’m saying it was *the* bug.

      The addition of the Remix decks in Traktor Pro2 has opened up a world of possibility for me, where I like to extract loops/fragments from songs without loading a whole track, etc., and the immediate integration w/ the controller has been awesome–switching between both interfaces. I bought an F1, too, to allow my beats to increase in complexity vertically (moving down columns, rather than mixing horizontally), and it’s been an unreal combination. S2MK2 + F1 blows the S4MK1 out of the water, IMHO. Thus we see the overlap of controllerism and production. (Also: iPad mini + iMaschine & export to Traktor, and now I’m repping my own beats on top of known vox and everybody’s happy.)

      Ultimately, music’s about bringing people together, man. And competition between companies is what yields innovation (how the personal computer became so advanced: Mac vs. Windows all these years got us to what we have now); if there was only THE COMPANY, our music would sound a lot more lobotomized than it does even now.

      I just had to throw my two cents out there where I’ve read a lot of complaints about the Traktor MK2 controllers. Satisfied customer here.

      • djtsmooth

        I appreciate everyones opinion, and like i said i didnt want it to seem by anyway thata i dislike traktor pro. I actually love it. I did have a s4 mk1, and opted to upgrade to the s4mk2 and was very dissapointed. Constant crashing and freezing for months, with no fixes. (Yes I do get that NTI did finally fix what was wrong.) But that left a very bad taste in my mouth as far as native instruments the company goes. I just do not see using an ipad in any envrionment besides bedroom use for myself ever being practical. (I love macbooks, hate ipads and ios.) The keyboard they recently released something i would never see any use for. It just feels as if ni has almost abandonned the pro dj side of things. Yes i do agree traktor is much more advanced, but like with the remix decks i dont see any use for these ever in a club setting, or even a party. I guess at the end of the day its all personal opinion. I am still using traktor, and I think like what someone said in a post above it would just serve my best interest to be fluent in both traktor and serato.

    • BiGMAc

      im about to move on from traktor my s4 is shot ne way 😉