One Button Super Mapping: Winner and Compilation

Last month we ran a “One Button Mapping” contest, in which everyone was invited to create special mappings that would be triggered by a single button. For example, a series of effects might be triggered in a cascading order with just one press. The results were fantastic, with a host of truly inspired entries that demonstrated the creative potential of personal mapping. Today we will show you some of the most interesting ideas, and announce the winner.

First, all of the entrants were truly excellent. I was really proud of everyone and the creativity they exhibited.

  • Read the original contest article and scroll through the comments to check out some of the contestants
  • Visit and select “One Button Mappings” from the controller drop down to download all of the entries.


Ferran managed to combine some incredibly slick combos together that brought many of the other concepts into one simple mapping. For that reason, he was the clear winner both in execution, usability, and sheer mapping genius!

Download the “Instant Mixer”  mapping here 


Everything was so good that we combined them all into one special super mapping for the Midi Fighter 3D. The mapping is simple to understand and use:

  • Each of the arcade buttons launch a different one button idea
  • The motion control modifies them and adds other effects
  • You can route the effects to each deck by pressing the 4 bank buttons or the 4 side corner buttons
  • The middle buttons on the sides are “safe” and turn off all effects.

Download V1 of the “One Button Mash-Up” Mapping here. 

This is very much a first version, and we want to hear from you on how it can be improved. Further versions will be improved and uploaded regularly so download and subscribe!

Tell us in the comments – what should our next contest be?

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  • stephen durkin

    SO its wonderful that this mapping has been compiled of great effects, however the contest name is “one button.” What i dont understand is, if your going to have a contest with such a name, it would only make sense to be able to download the tsi for each “one button” mapping effect individually. But no…the only option here it to get the midi fighters 3d full on monstrosity tsi which is impossible to sort through and make sense of. This is an obvious tactic to sell more midifighter 3Ds, I mean I get it…but come on. Im really only interested in the Gator Build effect. I cannot find it by doing a search on DJTT midi map section or through a google search…so I get to sit here and imagine what life might be like if the magical one button effect contest ACTUALLY provided mappings for the….ummm I dunno, one button? Not 16 buttons with 4 different layers…..

  • tony

    ean did you ever figure out the turn table stop effect button that you first mentioned in the contest annoucement video?

  • Ferran

    How do I claim the prize? 🙂

  • DrakeAndBake

    can we haz for da F1, pleazzzzzz Ean?

  • 74marcoslima

    Wow… now all this is some impressive stuff! Congrats to all.


    Kudos on the One button 3d mapping. Can we get this mapp to work with m.f. spectra and or maschine controller editor mapping?

  • x

    pressing one button…”alfred, please send in the real dj, its about to get real up in here”

  • Fayek Helmi

    So i wanted to map the midi fighter 3D controller mapping posted in this article on my LPK25 just for testing to find the ones i like and integrate them into my full on APC40 mapping….

    Is there a way to do this easily? i mean im fairly familiar with mapping on traktor and the one thing i know the most is that if anything it is not versatile at all….

    i notice that most if not all midi notes are on channel 2, meanwhile my LPK25 send out channel 1. is there a way for me to convert all ch2 to ch1? or adjust my lpk25 to send out ch2?

    I’m working on my apc40 mapping and im basically leaving 16 knobs and 12 buttons for instant FX (one button/knob effects)

  • Chaser720

    Just happen to stumble over this looking for a remote keyboard “enter” button for a project I’m working on at work. Basically a DIY for a Midi Fighter Uno (without the fit and finish). Thought someone here may be interested.

  • Tomii Forsythe

    AWESOME Work!!

    So 0Notice created a thread on the mappings section. Its called “The Ultimate FX Thread”
    here –>

    Anyway we can get the mapping parameters posted up? I tried uploading the winners and the “V” button FX to my F1, however it won’t read my f1 on the MF3D nor the “V” button mappings. Also I was looking at possibly taking some of these 1 button FX and placing them on my DJM-t1, So having them mapped to a single controller and spreading them between two, is killing me.

    Unless I’m doing something wrong and I suck lol


    • Ferran

      Remember that in Traktor you can assign different controller mappings to the same input port. This way you can import different mappings, assign each one to a different button (or the same one to rock them simultaneously if they are compatible) of your controller and rock them at the same time without having to merge them in a single mapping.

      The only limitation is that you can’t make two mappings interact or share modifiers, so you can’t for example have a single button execute two different fx combos depending on a secondary shift button.

      Hope it helps 🙂

      • Tomii Forsythe

        Farran Dude! Thanks for the reply. Problem is I don’t have a mf 3D I loaded the mapping, connected my F1 and went to set it at the IN but it didn’t even give me the option. Same as the Keyboard “V”

        However, I have spent the last hour doing screen shots, editing the pics and putting them into a couple of pages. That way i can just go ahead and follow what you did step by step.

        Damn dude…. your mapping is intense. You use XtremeMapping to do it?

        • Ferran

          Hello Tomii. No, I didn’t even know about XtremeMapping. Unfortunately it seems that it’s only available for mac computers and I run windows. Commenting each line is the key to success 🙂

          If you want to map the All-in-one mapping they did, you’ll need to study it thoughtfully and start re-assigning each control to your F1 accordingly.

          If, on the other hand, you want to map the individual mappings people have upload, it should be a lot more easy since all the commands are mapped to the same unique control. You just have to re-assign each line to the button on your F1 of your choice.

          The problem is that if you like a mapping for which the creator just provided the keyboard version, you’ll have to manually copy it to a MIDI controller mapping line by line (or maybe XtremeMapping can help you, I don’t know). I already did that for you all with my mapping: it comes with both a keyboard and MIDI version, so once you re-assigned all the controls you are ready to go 🙂

          If you give it a try and find any errors (especially on the MIDI version, which is the one I derived from the keyboard original line by line) please let me know with a comment on the mapping page.

          • Tomii Forsythe

            yeah i figured that was the only way… lol thats why I have already started taking apart your mapping! thanks for commenting on every line it helps allot!! I took screen shots and put them together and posted it on the FX thread for every one else. You the man brotha and congrats you earned it. Im sure these kats in the thread would love to hear your ideas.

            Peace brother!

  • pretu

    That’s a cool mapping………a clear winner that’s a lot of work pulling that of.
    One thing u need to try automate is lowering your level a bit more so the fx won’t over power your main out.
    That’s a very creative good job

    • Ferran

      Thanks, in fact I was a bit worried about that. It is true that some of the delays and reverbs push the levels too hot, I think that each individual fx combos can be better crafted. I’ll try to fix that for an upcoming version (I’ll try somehow to find time to improve it).

  • x

    You mean all this time we all could of been using just one button?

  • REalY?

    OMG such talent lol

  • Robert Wulfman

    Weird, looks like my reverse button wasn’t working there. I wonder what the problem was. maybe you guys were using a different version of traktor? maybe that wasn’t my mapping at all?

    • Stewe

      Hey Robert, FYI that problem isn’t potential bug in the mapping. Current limitations in number of modifiers and it’s conditionals in Traktor made this mapping almost impossible to put together because some of this buttons are engaging up to all eight modifiers which didn’t really leave enough room to have motion control or useful LED feedback sitting together in the same mapping device. So to keep number of devices low as possible some of those presets requires to be prepared before usage and your Reversed Play mapping was one of those. What we did is provide a Reset/Prep button which then allowed to use the same set of eight modifiers for all of featured favorites from the contest.

    • Guest

      It was fun to watch Ean improvise iwhen it did not work lool xD !

      Really liked the simplicity and usability of your mapping 😉

    • PCunha

      It was fun to watch Ean improvise in the video when it did not work lool xD !

      Really liked the simplicity and usability of your mapping 😉

  • coffee garner

    available 4 serato ?

  • Conor

    Can you please port this over to the MF spectra??

  • Zach Perry

    Will this mapping be available for F1?

    • Teague Miles YoRo Carton

      get the mapping and map it to your f1

      • Zach Perry

        Hi I’m a reformed Luddite. I’m not too great at mapping. I need the controller editor file don’t i? Nckg file. What’s the easiest way to map it too f1?

        • Teague Miles YoRo Carton

          find a tutorial on the basics of midi mapping. Since the Kontrol series controllers can be midi mapped, you would simply make a new generic midi map for the controller and map the effects to the controller that way. I haven’t looked at the downloadable file of the effects yet to give you more detail on how to go about this, but learning to midi map is a great tool to have either way!

        • Teague Miles YoRo Carton

          check the traktor bible, theres mappings for just about everything, i JUST downloaded the exact mapping youre looking for, instant gratification mappings for the F1, google it.

          • Zach Perry

            I could only see 5 mappings on there. What was the name of the mapping you downloaded?

  • kristof

    Hey Ean I am a big fan of you and DJ Tech Tools and i really do not want to complain about it but I Submitted a Instant Mixer Mapping 7 days before the Winner did
    and he just slightly modified my idea and put some effects on it which do not fit to every kind of music.
    Sorry for complaining you make awesome stuff Kristof

    • Toontown

      Oh wow, I thought for sure the article was referring to your mapping. This doesn’t seem right to me.

      • kristof

        Thank you for the support appreciate it a lot!

    • Alexander Nowak

      Guys, please upvote the shit outta this post!

      • kristof

        O man i love this community!
        Upvote the shit out of him!

    • CUSP

      Man… that sucks. I’ve quit working for places because someone stole my work and perpetrated it as their own (and smiled when the burglar could not repeat their performance). I think, a lot of people will be very disappointed in DJTT if someone is allowed to copy someone else’s work and then make a few minor changes and pass the work off as their own.

      • kristof

        Thank you too hope that a staff member sees my post.

    • Chaser720

      So what does the contest winner, Ferran, have to say about this?

      • kristof

        I dont want to say that he stole my idea but he could have did it and that i got more likes and downloads then he did

        • Stewe

          I’ve test both. Would say this two are similar concept which allow for one button automixes. Not a mapping copy. Instant mixer maps all eight modifiers in a way to allow custom (timed) fader range resolutions and solves the manual stop/load next step.

        • Victor Perez

          Enough with the likes and downloads. Get over it man. There is more to life than likes and downloads. Go read a book.

    • Ean Golden

      Hey Kristof,

      I am sorry to hear you feel copied. That would certainly suck. In this case, neither I or Stewe (the people who spent the most time with both mappings) feel that it was a copy. Additionally the winning mapping had three very significant differences which made set it apart.

      1. Using specific effect swells creatively to assist the transition
      2. Using cue points 1 and 2 to set the mix spots and jump to them automatically.
      3. Using the line faders instead of cross fader to mix.

      The reason his mapping got less downloads is because it was uploaded improperly and can’t actually be used without changing the extension to .TSI (which sucks – it’s great work) We changed the extension and tested it.

      Here are some facts which support the idea that the winner is original:

      *Your mapping is about 20 lines long and 8kb while the other mapping is around 100 and 742 kb.
      *There are very few overlapping or similar commands.
      * His has full comments on each line while your’s does not.

      They are similar ideas but very different executions. I applaud you for your submission, idea and hard work, but encourage everyone to download the winning mapping – actually look at the scripts and give that gentleman appropriate credit as well.

      Finally, this contest was not about the most likes or downloads. Those are taken into consideration but mainly it’s my judgement call on who’s mapping was the most:

      *well executed.

      • Ferran

        Thanks for your support Ean. I’m very happy you liked my mapping and to win the contest.

        I can’t wait to map some new crazy thing to the twister!

      • kristof

        Hey Ean
        I never want to say that Ferran had copied my mapping.I just want to point out that he could have!(The next we should upload the mappings on the same day)
        And i think that the 3 differences don’t have to be good:

        1.I have a Filter Delay Reverb combination which works for the most kind of music and not just for one specific genre.
        2. I thought about using the load cue point but i think it wouldn’t help the most people out there because they got their cue points already set in a way that does not fit and the automixer would limit the points where you can mix in
        3.I thought the that the crossfader would be better because you can control his Curve.
        4.I love his idea about having different transition styles but there are quiet random so you cant really use them in a real mix which was intention.

        I just want to add that in the original article you said there would be four criteria : “Usefulness of mapping, creative application, number of votes, downloads and likes.”
        1.You can discuss the usefulness of the mapping and yes his has way more features but are they actually helpful if your out there and want to mix a short set at a friends house without a controller to whatever genre?(Draw or his point)
        2.This one is tough because we had the same idea and i uploaded it earlier.(Lets say Draw?)
        3-4.I am sorry but when he uploads it in a wrong format it his problem and we don’t now how much likes he would have got on.(2 Points for me?)

        Eventually we have a Draw or i have more points then he does or did i got something wrong?
        And i think that PCunha has more points then he does to because he got a lot of likes and downloads too.
        Thanks to the community for vote me and my stupid complains up likes this means a lot to me!

      • Ferran

        PS: What’s the matter with the extension? Is it that it should have been .TSI (upper case)? Traktor exports to me in .tsi (lower case) and I tried to erase and re-import the mapping and found no problem.

        • kristof

          I can import it without any problems
          I am using Traktor 2.6

        • Stewe

          Zipping the file before uploading prevents from getting issue with .TSI extension. We got that fixed for you 🙂

          • Ferran

            Didn’t know this. Thanks 🙂
            Maybe you could add a warning to the upload mapping page so nobody does the same mistake I did again!

    • Ferran

      I’m sorry you feel your idea was stolen, that has never been my intention.

      I can tell you that I started to work on the mapping before you uploaded yours, but It’s true I can’t really prove that. When I was mid-developing it, I saw your mapping. I saw that it approached the same core idea of transitioning between two songs with the aid of fx, but by that time I’ve already implemented some of the ideas that your mapping doesn’t have, so I thought it was worth and fair to keep developing it.

      In fact, I’d bet that somewhere in this wilderness of mappings, there’s someone who already tried this kind of fx transitions even before this contest came up.

      My main goals were real usability and innovation. I soon realized that I would have to take compromises between this two.

      I’ve invested a lot of hours in this mapping, it’s true that you first uploaded an automixer to this contest, but I think that doesn’t make my work worthless.

      Best Regards.

      PS: Below I write just some of the specific tricks, considerations and compromises I’ve taken that I hope convince you that it’s not a mere copy:

      -Shall I go for the one-button-multiple-press fx cycle? Or better keep it simple and try one-press fx. I decided to go for the later so it was more about “press when you feel it, you don’t have to think”.

      -Crossfader or line faders to make the transitions? I’ve implemented it using the line fader so hopefully someone who can could try to rock the mapping with some crazy scratching.

      -Shall I add an additional button to select which fx is applied? That would make it more useful, but would break contest rules. I decided to make it one-button, but allow people to easily map a control to modifier2 to change the selected fx.

      -Should It sync or not?

      -How many fx units shall I use? Using one would allow the dj to complement Instant Mixer with more effects. Using more than one will further limit dj’s freedom but would allow more complex and flexible fx. I chose the former.

      -Shall I use mixer’s filter or not? Same as above: more freedom for the dj vs. better fx combos.

      -Shall It use hotcues? I saw that using only two allowed me to implement the auto intro-and-release feature while allowing cue-jugglers to smash the other hotcues during the transition.

      -Trick (I should write a tutorial about that): Using successive increasing modifiers is the only way (AFAIK) you can make Traktor do something for just a while, or make it wait until a certain amount of time to do it.

      • kristof

        Thanks for your answer Ferran
        I really don’t want to say you stole it just want to point out that my mapping has more likes and downloads and we have the same creative aspect!

        • Just a long time lurker

          Get over it man.

      • Raycotek

        “it’s true that you first uploaded an automixer to this contest” – No, that was me. I got the idea from being a dj 😉 Congratulations!

  • MyKey

    Can I use that All in one combo mapping on my F1 kontroller too?

    • Teague Miles YoRo Carton

      why not, just gotta put the mapping on it

  • PCunha

    Wow! Nice to hear Ean saying mine was really strong xD been following him for years like, Coup de Ville Oxygen times or before I think, so, it’s awesome to hear that eheh thanks 😀 !!

    But… damnnnn… I wanted that Midi Fighter Twister so hard… me butthurt and sad 🙁 that mapping really got me through a lot of work… well as hard as it is to loose,

    congrats to the winner 🙂 don’t forget to use your mapping expertise to throw out some Twister mappings 😉 !! Keep sharing DJTT style

    Also, congrats to all the participants, it was really cool to see them all, and now the button “V” will always have a different meaning lol!

  • keynote101

    dang was really hoping I’d get mentioned too with my mapping trick but win some lose some! Congrats everyone