Serato releases Suite Upgrade kit

Ever since the release of Serato DJ, it’s been possible to purchase additional features or FX packs to expand Serato DJ’s capabilities. Serato has released some very cool features including Pitch N’ Time, an industry standard time stretching plugin, and Flip, which lets you create custom edits of your music in Serato DJ. Today they’ve announced Serato DJ Suite, which combines all of their FX packs and extra features for a bundled price of $299. Of course you can still buy all these expansions and features separately but it would cost you $484. So you get some great savings going with Serato DJ Suite. Serato has also released cheaper kits for those of you that only want certain features.

Here is what’s included in Serato DJ Suite:

  • Serato DJ (upgrade from Intro)
  • Serato Video – Mix video as easily as audio
  • Serato DVS – Expand your controller setup with Turntables or CDJ’s
  • Serato FX – Powerful iZotope FX expansion packs
  • Pitch N’ Time – Speed up or slow down tracks to extreme levels
  • Flip – Create custom edits and reimagine your music

Check out this video to see Serato’s latest feature Flip in action:

Serato DJ Suite is available now for $299.

 What are your thoughts on in app purchases? Let us know in the comments below

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  • runningoutofspace

    The price of Suite is a good deal. I’m a DB4 user — waiting for NAMM and I am confident that I may make a switch to Serato very soon. If an dwhen I make the switch, I probably won’t need the FX or Video expansion packs but buying the Suite gives you these in addition to the ones I do need: Serato DJ, DVS, Pitch ‘N Time, DVS, and Flip. FX & Video are a bonus for a few dollars more.

  • LongTimeLurker1stTimePoster

    So is this why they were spamming my email during the holiday season with discounts on their other packages?

  • some guy

    Granted that the Serato software is ‘free’ when you’ve forked out mega money for the controllers, its still a bit off having to pay to unlock features. Having only used Serato recently after getting a SX2 and being a TSP user for years, its odd that not everythings included in the software. TSP comes with all its effects, none need unlocked. Its key lock sounds really good out of the box, Seratos does not, meaning that the P’n”t plug in is almost essential.

    • Marco Hooghuis

      You need to pay for Traktor upgrades, upgrading from different Serato iterations is free. They both get income from developing new features, just in different ways.