DJ TechTools Casting Call! Become Our Next YouTube star.

DJ TechTools is searching for our next tutorial star to showcase on the blog and youtube. With over 25 million views on YouTube alone, our channel has launched several careers including Mad Zach and Ean Golden and Chris Brackley. We are looking for the next wave of talent that deserves to be featured and has great things to share with the global DJ community. Learn how to be considered in this exciting post.

How to apply

  • To be considered, please send us a short tutorial video of yourself. This could be a tutorial on Djing/production or just a video about you!
  • You should send a un-listed youtube video to with DJTT CASTING in the subject line
  • Make the video 1 to 3 minutes long
  • Fancy production is not required, just make sure we can see you. Even a handheld iPhone video is fine!

Local (San Francisco) or International are welcome! 

  • Local applications will be brought in to shoot a test video in the DJTT studios
  • Everyone should send in the example video mentioned above
  • Don’t worry about quality, we can teach you the ropes

Areas of expertise we are looking for 

  • RekordBox
  • DJM mixers
  • CDJ players
  • Serato DJ Controllers
  • Traktor DJing
  • Ableton Live performance
  • Ableton Live production

Winners will receive 

  • A contract to star in tutorials for DJ TechTools every month including payment per video.
  • Significant discounts on gear in the store, along with free DJTT gear.
  • Early access and often free copies of upcoming software and hardware
  • DJ slots in upcoming DJTT showcases

Requirements for Entry! 

  • You must be DJing regularly (one or more times per month)
  • You must know your software of choice by heart
  • You must be articulate, and able to clearly explain concepts
  • You must be pushing the envelop and searching for new, interesting ways to play music
  • You must be relatively fluent in the English language
  • Extra credit if you have performance DJ skills and can demonstrate the concepts in an interesting way.

Not applying? What do you want to learn?

Even if you’re not applying, we still want to hear from you! A lot of ideas for articles and tutorials come from the DJTT community. We want to know what you’d like to learn from DJTT in 2015. This will help us bring you valuable content and help choose the right person to teach the community.

What do you want to learn? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Spencer

    Regardless of the talking head in front of the camera — please, please, please keep on with the high quality reviews and tech tips. Ean is one of the best reviewers on the web — you need to shoot for someone with his grace, aplomb and experience/knowledge, as well as technical communication skills. Hard, hard shoe’s to fill (same for Zach and the rest of the crew). More frank tutorials would be cool, too (I’m sure there are a lot of people who would be willing to pay a premium for that — trust you guys more than ADSR, Lynda or ProducerTech — so it could even be a revenue stream). Love this site. Thanks for your passion…

  • Jimmy Brady

    cut off date?

  • The Loud Hawk

    So my vid ended up being 5:03 mins long, will this affect my chances? Or should I just make another one? I mean I can lel. Just be like ‘go’.

  • Thomas

    How old do u have to be

  • Ryan Treto


  • The Loud Hawk

    Could this be an opportunity for my dream profession? 😛 This is definitely my thing, I’ll be working on a tutorial with my brother, if you vote for me I’m gonna give ableton live 9 tuts, analog processing, maschine, live push, cdjs/controllers and other gear. I’m gonna teach you how to build house loops, deep house trax, etc… and with my brother as cohost we’ll teach you blending and mixing in serato, and preparing for your gigs.

    Add me to your circles guise. I’m the one underground producer / dj for your needs, I won’t let you down… cause I’m always available for everything related with production and mixing!

    • The Loud Hawk

      Oh guise, this tut is HAPPENIN’

  • Mac

    I had to send a YouTube clip because my iPad said my video was too large to send. Is that ok? I didn’t want break any rules. Thank you!

  • Giulio Catena

    I’d like a long video or a video series about ableton live 9 that goes from setup to making a full track and what VSTs are the best

  • Sebastián

    Djing with ableton live 9, using a akai APC40 or another device that can apply midi mapping

  • Giulio Catena

    I’d love to work at DJTT, but im probably too young and I havent learned ableton properly yet :'( Hope theres more openings in the future

  • BC6

    Ive never seen any videos on setting up a DJ kit Im talking mixer, controller and laptop. I think if I would have seen a video like the one Im talking about my experience just getting into DJing would have been easier. I also think there should be an intro to DVS video that would be sweet.

  • Doug Berry

    I think it would be super cool to see some DJ lighting videos.

    Concert lighting, club lighting, mobile DJ lighting, band lighting… just light shows of all kinds.

    To be fair, I do know this is *DJ*techtools, but DJs these days are (unfortunately) expected to be more than just people who have good taste in music. They need to be performers. A good light show is perhaps the 2nd most important aspect of an epic performance for a DJ. Of course, good music & raw DJ ability is the most important aspect.

    One could argue that good speakers/sound is the 2nd most important aspect for DJs considering that the best songs won’t be very good if they’re played on terrible speakers, but isn’t that incorrect? Isn’t good music supposed to be good music no matter what speakers it’s being played on?

    As a mobile DJ & lighting designer/programmer myself, I’m a real advocate of good light shows, and it’s something I wish I could share more with the DJ community. To me, it’s a bummer that there isn’t more interest 🙁

  • stealurstache

    Regarding the once-per month gig requirement, I was wondering if it had to be a paid gig?


    Im 12 years old, and a former DJ/Producer. Im willing to help! Contact: and Instagram: @DARKST4R

  • James Burkill

    I may get looked down up on about this but I had to make the jump from traktor to serato because certain hardware becoming traktor certified in order it to work. So serato tutorials for 2015 could be a could good call.

  • Viciouss Hoffmann

    What do you guys think about videos in Portuguese language subtitled in English?

  • noxxi

    i’m probably not cool looking enough, or cool sounding, or cool….

    • CUSP

      Wear a helmet!

  • TNDR

    This is so exciting! Almost ready to start shooting some footage for you guys! Regardless of the outcome or casting choice made I know this casting call will provide some high octane fuel for some great tutorials in 2015!

  • D.j. Johnnyseriuss

    I just saw Mojaxx on Djcity he’s not on Djtechtools no more?

  • ithinkmynameismoose

    Do you ever take interns or have a similar program?

  • CUSP

    Curious why someone would have to DJ someplace once (or more) a month.

    It takes a pretty heavy level of commitment to be familiar with all that gear, and to DJ as well. Perhaps they’re more-so guidelines, and less-so requirements? I’m pretty sure it took you and Mad Zach a while to get as good as you are.

    I know my way around all of this stuff (and the rest of the hardware too), but my schedule is… less regular and I’m more… technical with the gear. I’d totally give it a shot though.

    • Stewe

      It’s good to have at least one gig a month so you could bring new gear to the parties and test it in live situations.

      • CUSP

        I’m pretty sure I could out work out a monthly gig if that were necessary. Sometimes I play more often than that, other times less. My current day job is setting the stage so people have that good, clean, sound (as well as lighting and video). My DJ style is dark electronic (based on alternative ’80s and hardstyle), so that’s got it’s (small) niche.

  • chris

    btw: there are a lot of meanings about, what is a good video, in the web.

    • chris

      – please protect my eyes! –

  • QCube

    Definitively i would consider to choose someone who combines Ableton with DJing, because there are a few videos out there but not verry much. I realy would like to do exactly what youre asking for but I think I dont gonna have enougth time to create quality content on a regular basis and I do not DJ regularly in a Club or smth but do it only for myselft and for the love of music. So I not gonna send you a video because i think there gonna be better people than me in this case which gonna help me more than i could help them 🙂

  • Justin

    Is there a minimum age requirement?

  • Dj Slurpee

    This is a career launching thing right? I would have thought that most DJs looking for a possible career would have cheaper hardware and software that is not listed here. I think it’s a little sad for some people who want this position (and probably deserve it) that won’t end up entering because they don’t have the right hardware/software. But still for those who can it’s a great opportunity. Good luck!!!

    • QCube

      I think this are only some things you should be aware of and dont have to own them all. if you are a verry creative mind and are able to create just as good things with freeware-only stuff they may choose you as well and then help you own the things they want you to use (Ableton, Traktor stuff and so on). In my case, i love what im doing and i spent quite a bunch of monney even if i dont profit from it in any financial way. So if youre that tallented, still try and do something 🙂

    • Tim

      Same goes for the regular dj-ing! I know a bunch of guys who are absolutly guru’s with their software or hardware, but don’t perform that much…
      I can understand why DJTT wants to have both, because than you have one person who can shoot a vid about the technical part (mixing, software, etc) and do a vid on how to perform aswell.

      Anyways… It’s a good way to move your career in the right direction!

    • Mr P

      Serato DJ controllers or Traktor DJing can totally be started on a budget. You don’t have to buy the top end kit. A Numark Mixtrack II can be picked up for next to nothing on ebay.

      The rules also state that “This could be a tutorial on Djing/production or just a video about you” so why not just make a video about yourself?

      I think the point of this is that they want someone who knows what the’re talking about. in terms of DJing, Producing etc. Not someone who decided yesterday they they want to be the biggest DJ/producer in the world.

  • Joshua Bennett

    I use Idjay with a numark idj live 2 on my iPad. I guess that isn’t an option ????

    • Jeff


      • Jason Fahl

        No reason to shoot Joshua down for using what he has. Everyone starts somewhere and has their preferences. Keep at it Joshua

  • DJ L00PO

    There is one area that I am really struggling with. It is correcting the pre-set beat grid in Serato DJ. There is info out there and I have had feedback from SDJ users but nothing that is comprehensive. I am hoping you guys could do a video that starts at the beginning of a track where the beat grid is off. Set the first downbeat and then walk us through the process of correcting the rest of the track. The problems I am running into is the second you make a change, it changes the beat grid prior to that point and after that point. So any corrections you made are gone. I hope this makes sense. PLEASE HELP.

  • Robert Wulfman

    Is there a cut-off date or is it just as soon as possible?

    • captn underpants

      SRSLY is there a cut off date?

      • amara

        yeaaaah, anybody out there? cut off date?