MixEmergency 3: Optimized Video DJing for Serato Users

Today video DJs get some love from Inklen who have announced the release of MixEmergency 3. The latest version of the software is more powerful than its predecessors while improving the software’s usability with video DJs in mind. This release fixes major bugs that hindered video processing while adding stability and support for video files. Since the release of MixEmergency 2.4. the software has been chiseled into a more defined option for video DJs.

This new update came out of working with multiple companies – Promo Only, SmashVision, VJ-Pro, and Xtendamix – to ensure that the video decoding in MixEmergency 3 will be compatible with their content.

The new version of the video mixing software is all about improving performance of the software which includes the addition of further GPU-accelerated decoding of video along with significant improvements with regards to CPU, GPU, and RAM usage on compatible Apple hardware. Also, the software features a new Folder Mode, Delay Compensation Helper tool, and an added Tiled scroll-effect for overlays. Below is a full list of the updates to expect within the new software:

  • Added new MIDI Pick option when learning a new MIDI control.
  • Added improved Anti-Aliasing mode.
  • Adjusted cache size range from 200MB to 1GB.
  • Added playback support for .ivz files.
  • Increased the minimum supported version of Mac OS X to 10.7.
  • Added + and – buttons to allow increased delay compensation values.
  • Added opacity sliders for Sample Player and FX Sequencer windows to the Preferences.
  • Quartz Composition inputs are now handed through to Quartz Compositions played from the Sample Player.
  • Improved display handling.
  • Fixed a display issue when frame blending was enabled.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the first frame to flash in the Sample Player when playback finishes in the regular playback mode.
  • Added workaround for some Quartz Composition rendering issues that could stop some compositions from rendering correctly.
MixEmergency 3 is available for $199 USD while MixEmergency 2 users $89 USD before the 1st of May 2015 (regular price $99 USD).
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