Artist Gear Setup: Victor Calderone

Today’s Artist Gear Setup feature looks inside the travel bag of Victor Calderone. Victor Calderone is one of the artists that will be performing for Richie Hawtin’s 2015 CNRTL tour. Fans can catch him live in LA on April 25th at Palladium. Like previous artists in the gear setup series, Victor stresses the importance of hearing protection, whether DJs are performing or not. Keep reading to find out what gear Victor Calderone packs in his bag.

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1 – Midi Controller

  • Traktor Kontrol X1 Controllers and cases with custom mapping for controlling Traktor Pro.

2 – Computer

  • MacBook Pro 15” (Maxed Out) Performance Computer.

3 – Soundcard

  • Native Instruments Audio 8 DJ Interface (check out DJ soundcards in the DJTT Store)

4 –  Cables

  • Oyaide Neo USB Cables with cases to avoid the birds nest.
  • Oyaide Neo RCA Cables in Orange to know the difference between USB and RCA in the dark.
  • Kensington Mini USB Hub. I like this hub because of it’s small size and it doesn’t require a power adapter.
  • Custom Made Rubber Laptop Isolators. A must in some DJ booths with way too much bass.

5 – Headphones

6 – External Hard Drive

7 – Hearing protection

Personal Items

  • Passport
  • Advil Liquid-Gels for after those marathon sets.
  • MATTER+ stickers to leave my mark around the world.
  • Clif Bar. Sometimes ends up being breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • Cartier Santos Watch. I’ve had it forever and is still one of my favs.
  • iPhone 6 –  To capture all those moments and stay in touch with my family unit.
  • Sever Star Power adapter for every country
  • iPad Air for emails and movies.
  • Headphone splitter for watching movies with my wingman on those long flights.

Check out more of Victor Calderone at:

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  • Dj Monk

    positive 2015 everybody, do usb cables from ur laptop to ur dvs soundcard improve audio/sound quality? if so, which brand usb, has anyone heard an audio difference with.

  • lesterhein

    Judging from the comments, the DJTT content team might be well served doing a piece on high end cables and their ‘benefits’.

  • Victor Calderone

    Hi Guys! I prefer to use these cables because of the good sound quality and solid build. I have never had any crimping or annoying tangles due to the flat design and cases supplied. The colors are easy to differentiate from one another in the dark, which really helps when your trying to trace a problem. Yes, there are definitely many great options out there that are just as good and less expensive. It’s all a matter of preference sometimes. 😉

    • Oddie O'Phyle

      A lot of people don’t understand that they lose substantial signal due to cheap cables. There is nothing worse than spending a bunch of money on top of the line gear only to have it sound like a tin can because the RCA’s being used are of low quality.

      • han

        sorry man, but you don’t know what you are talking about. The only thing, that can affect the signal is the noise picked up over long distance and in unshielded cables.
        Electrons don’t give a shit wether they travel inside copper, gold or platinum.
        My Prof would really laugh the shit out of you for this post.

        Sorry man, that’s the truth.

        • Oddie O'Phyle

          Today you may learn something new…

          This is a small clip from Neo’s homepage…

          ?Selected materialsFor class B, in order to transmit serial bus at hi-speed, we applied the silver coated OFC which resistance is 5% lower than copper conductor. For class S, considering the powered-line of USB cable, we selected the hi-quality PCOCC pure copper conductor. Also, class A are changed the Oyaide original special copper 102SSC by discontinued PCOCC.
          Because the signal flows on the surface by skin effect, these coppers which has an excellent electric character by pure materials and flat surface is very effective for even data transmission. Therefore, it actualizes the stable data transmission and power supply. In addition, the conductor diameter of the class S is set to AWG22/AWG18 which is twice as thick as the regular cable for powerful data transmission.

          Here’s the rest of the link…

          Now, as for electrons and cross talk with data transmission. I am a Network Engineer and I see a little bit of crosstalk everywhere. When dealing with data transmission, I take my queue from UTP cat5e and cat6 network cabling practices and one of the main ones is dealing with power lines and NOT running network cables parallel to them. As this creates hostile crosstalk due to electromagnetic fields and electron jumping.

          If you don’t think that electrons can jump, what do you think power arching is all about?

          P.S. electrons don’t run inside the copper, gold or platnum, they tend to run along the surface.

    • Mark Smith

      Thank you for sharing Victor. It was a pleasure to read about your tools of the trade. I love these articles. It is nice to see what others use and value to make their individual styles and performances one of a kind.

  • Mark Smith

    How do the Oyaide Cables compare to the Chroma Cables? I love my Chroma Cables!!!

    • nigelasmith1970

      I’ve got both, and in my opinion the Oyaide cables piss all over the Chroma Cables. MUCH, MUCH better build quality.

  • Brando

    I see those cables everywhere! What is their main advantage over other cables?

    • Rob Ticho,Club mU

      I’d like to hear more about the cables as well. I know they are high quality but it seems like there are similar quality cables for much cheaper.

      • mikefunk

        You are right. These cables are way too expensive and they are just freaking cables. No magic needed for doing job properly. Buy you pay for name – a lot.

    • Oddie O'Phyle

      From the looks of them, they seem to be a thicker gauge flat wire with silver trace coating to lower the resistance compared to copper. It also seems that they are double shielded and individually sheathed as well (presumably to lower electron jumping and electromagnetic interference). They also look like they have gold or platinum traced contacts, depending on the set you go with.
      The flat design is supposed to reduce loss of signal due to bending or crimping the cable.

    • mikefunk

      They are just quality cables for crazy ridiculous price. Just overpriced hype like Beats. They are good, but you can get 5 other quality cables for the price of one. I use DJTT USB cables and they are excellent. I don’t see why I would want to pay many times more for something better.
      DJTT – If you are listening. – We need RCA cables from you. All colors. Please!