The “Song Of The Summer” Is (Probably) Already In Your DJ Collection

A lot of the time, resident DJs are responsible for knowing what the trending tracks are and saving them for the perfect time of the night. Many of us know what it’s like to be asked to play the same excessively popular song by different people throughout the course of the night – and while it rinsing it out on the decks might not be the artistic pinnacle of your DJ career, it keeps the dance floor packed and moving over and over again.

We’ve really enjoyed seeing the data journalists over at FiveThirtyEight continue to expand their coverage to interesting and unique sets of data – and a recent article had an in-depth analysis of what exactly it means for a track to be called “the song of the summer”.

Now there’s a new way to break down the data about these songs – usually floor-filling party jams that become the anthems of pool parties, and which you’ll hear way too many mediocre remixes of in various genres. Take the release date of these songs and it turns out they are often released well ahead of summertime. Here’s the data from Billboard graphed out, credit to FTE:

How This Helps DJs + Some Guesses At 2015 Summer Tracks

If you’re digging for hot/top tracks every week for your club gigs, odds are you’ve already acquired the most popular song of the summer – or you will very soon. A recent post on Reddit’s /r/DJs community had a bunch great guesses about what the “Song of the Summer” for 2015 might be – here’s some of their top picks:

Read more interesting data / music analysis here: How Shazaam Can Predict Hit Songs

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