Limited Edition Green Midi Fighter Twisters

We’ve had a number of requests for unique colored Midi Fighter Twisters from our friends, fans, and even a few famous artists who are using the device – so we decided to make out a super limited run of Twisters that have a unique look to them.

So fresh and so green, green.

The green faceplate really stands out in dark environments, and is a pretty close match for the green Chroma Cap encoders, which we’re including for free (a $45 dollar value – and we include the original white knobs if you’d prefer those).

These Green Twisters will only be available in the DJTT webstore for the month of July. We’re limiting the number we will make to 20, so now is your only chance to grab one, available here.

Want us to take on a different color? Let us know in the comments below. 

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  • AllMuddy11

    A matching Midi Fighter 3D would be cool too. 🙂

  • Amber Kate

    ohh pink plz plz would be PERRRFECT!

  • Ken Sheldon

    I would love to see a green and black combo!! Can this be done?

  • Clayton Chaney

    only 20 models??? like only 20 ever?
    or limiting 20 to each person

  • Safety

    Too bad this Version is more expensive :/ Otherwise i’d be in.

    • Dan White

      Hi Safety! thanks for the feedback. We increased the price because each Twister has to be hand-customized here at HQ, plus you get an extra set of Chroma Caps included with the Twister – usually this would be $40+

      • Safety

        I’d be fine with you keeping the white ones if the price would be normal then. – For future limited editions maybe let the community vote or even design their own faceplates like you did back with the Spectra.

        Are you guys still all about community and open source? Then i’d be more than happy to see the file for the faceplate (or even more) released so anyone who wants (and owns a 3D Printer) could print their own custom faceplate (or case)

        Other than that – keep it up guys!

  • i like orange

    Please make an ORANGE one next!! 🙂

    • Dan White

      Thanks for the suggestion – we’re looking at making one that matches our Neon Orange caps next : )

  • Ezmyrelda

    Wow.. If only I had waited several months to get mine, I could have had a green one.. Like my name… *shrugs* I suppose my name doesn’t really mean neon lime green. neat though.

  • Trik