XDJ-700: Pioneer’s $699 Touchscreen Compact Player

We speculated that Pioneer would release a new media player in their XDJ line soon. But instead of an XDJ-2000, the DJ manufacturer is going the opposite direction and making a lower-cost digital player for the masses, the XDJ-700. See the full announcement and features inside, as well as how it sizes up along other similar players.

Want an XDJ-700? Place a preorder in the DJTT store here. 

Introducing The XDJ-700

The truth is that much of the XDJ-700’s features appear to be right in line with the XDJ-1000 – which makes a lot of sense as many of the 1000’s features were touchscreen/onboard software-based.

  •  7-inch full color touch screen: View waveforms, browse tracks, search with a QWERTY keyboard and more.
  • Pro DJ performance features: Autoloops, hot cues, quantize, beat sync, and Slip mode
  • Rekordbox compatible: All the analysis done in Rekordbox will mean your tracks can show waveforms in full, beat countdown to cue, phase meter, and key-analysis traffic light coloring.
  • Pro DJ Link: Connect to any other player to share tracks across them – up to four other players or laptops.
  • USB HID control of Rekordbox DJ: We haven’t heard about HID control for any other software – but we’re not surprised now that Rekordbox DJ is out.

XDJ-700 Size Comparison

XDJ-700 (left) compared to XDJ-1000 (center) and CDJ-2000nexus (right) – roughly to scale

One of the biggest differences in the XDJ-700 is its size. The jogwheel particularly has been knocked down to a smaller size, without an onboard display.

There’s also the question of height – and Pioneer has helped bring the XDJ-700 up to a standard mixer height by including a removable stand. That being said, the 700 is Pioneer’s slimmest player yet – so the unit seems more ideal for smaller spaces, home studios, and DJ booths without a lot of space.

Download a quick-and-easy comparison PDF between XDJ-700, XDJ-1000, and CDJ-2000NXS players! Free to DJTT members (just an email required).

What’s missing on XDJ-700 vs XDJ-1000?

Aside from a full-sized platter, you’ll also notice that there’s no Reverse/Track Direction button on the player, as well as no Vinyl Speed Adjust.

Neither of the XDJ players have Digital Out on the back – just RCA and Pro Link. To get Digital Out, it’s necessary for now to get a CDJ-2000nexus, but we expect we might see an XDJ replacement before too long.

The XDJ-700 is now in the DJTT store with a retail price of $697. Get yours here!

CDJ-2000nexuspioneerpioneer DJXDJxdj-700
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  • Equalizor

    Can I use these pioneer xdj 700 to connect to traktor via HID just like the cdj 2000 nexus?

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  • frenkee

    My first reaction; hey that might be a handy device, even portable without the feet but when I played with the XDJ-700 at the Pioneer area on the Amsterdam Dance Event; I was really disappointed.
    Software handling, not ituitive
    its an overpriced cheap plastic device, the jog wheels are terrible, (the jogs on the DDJ series are much better)
    nothing more to say….

  • Adem Gun

    I wish they would stop making new players based so heavily on touch screen usage…

    • Garrett Cox

      Its better than last generation (350/850/900/2000) only having one player with hotcues. So many of the features only available on the 2000 have been added with the touchscreen. Yeah physical are better, but its better than nothing, and you can pay if you want physcial

  • CaptainO

    There’s no XDJ-2000. Either CDJ-2000 or XDJ-1000.

    • Garrett Cox

      Well its a budget player

        • Garrett Cox

          But the xdj-1000 doesn’t have it either so it wouldn’t make sense to include it on a lower end device, the xdj-2000 will probably have it.

          • Spencer "Thunderball" Thayer

            Yeah of course the XDJ-1000 doesn’t have it because Pioneer apparently doesn’t want me to buy any of their gear. 😉

            The point is this: It is ridiculous for a standard bearer like Pioneer to neglect a Digital Out option. This is 2015. L/R is antiquated technology. Lesser companies include Digital Out on most of their players why is Pioneer stuck in the 90’s? (Hint: profit and neglect of their consumers wants.)

          • Drum Bass

            Sorry stupid question but what does the digital out do/what purpose does it have and how do you hook it up to maxiumize the us?

  • Jake Bergeson

    I think this is a great option for many different people. I’m actually considering a pair, just because I’ve wanted more of a 4 deck setup, and also something more portable while still using my mixer. This is just the ticket in that regard I think!

  • Veronika Smith

    Overpriced garbage. Make a proper XDJ-2000 with physical hot cues and then we’ll talk.

  • Chris Wunder

    699 for the pair maybe lol

  • here_comes_the_sheik

    All I could think of:

  • Scott Frost

    No effects unless you get recordbox pro?

    • RYUJIN

      djm has effects

    • Gavin Varitech

      These have no control of Rekordbox EFX regardless of what version you have. From what I can tell the only way to currently use RekordboxDJ’s effects is with a DDJ-RZ or DDJ-RX all-in-one.

  • Naived

    Its cool but its extremely ugly for a pioneer player

    • Guy

      All pioneer players look ugly

  • Michael K

    If this was $499 I would buy it still too expensive imo.

    • mikefunk


    • Jake Bergeson

      Interesting. So as a basis of reference, the D2 is 500, but you don’t think this offering from pioneer is worth the extra 200 bones?

      • Michael K

        They really aren’t they are charging the extra $200 because of the pioneer name and only that. They are basically a stripped down CDJ 400 with color touch screens. For me I think my purchase of the two D2’s is a much better value.

        • Gavin Varitech

          In what way are they a “stripped down CDJ-400”? They seem to have everything the 400 had, and then some, except for the shitty jog efx.

  • Be

    Still no FLAC? I still don’t care.

    • CompleteJ

      Why FLAC? Why not AIFF?

      • Be

        Because AIFF and WAV require about twice as much space as FLAC.

        • CompleteJ

          In a comparison between a recent FLAC release I converted to AIFF, it was 31% larger, plus I get full ID3 tagging and artwork. I regularly DJ with 2x 64GB USB sticks full of AIFF and I have music for daaaaayyys. If I needed any more music, I could roll up with my laptop. Is space really that much of an issue? Memory is dirt cheap nowadays.

        • Jake Bergeson

          I agree. FLAC would be nice, but then again, larger storage is a lot more prevalent these days and AIFF isn’t as bad an option as it used to be.

  • Gio Alex (Tekit Izi)

    Peep the back though. External PSU. If you’re using two of them, then that’s two external power supplies to keep an eye on.

    • killmedj

      Ahhh 2 wall warts, well spotted =/

    • Jake Bergeson

      I noticed that too. Coming from other Pioneer Decks, this is a disappointment. But coming from other Controllers, this is the same and nothing new.

  • Robert Wulfman

    But does it do Traktor or Serato HID control?

  • James Burkill

    finally pioneer has listened to the public good price good features thank you pioneer this may be worth a buy…

  • Junior Pops

    Right size only the track position light in centre of jogs missing

    • Garrett Cox

      Well this seems like a 350 replacement, and that didnt have them.

  • Mark Smith

    “Aside from a full-sized platter, you’ll also notice that there’s no Reverse/Track Direction button on the player.” The reverse is on the touchscreen. The DJ in the promo video uses it actually.

  • Chubs

    i’m OK with this. totally affordable. it looks out of place with the DJM-750 and up, but i don’t care.

    i might even just consider the DJM-350. switchable mic/line in for the shoutouts and emergencies. don’t know what portable devices have enough output to crank the mixer at 0db (any recommendations appreciated). theoretically, 3 channels is all you need to keep things going. USB and LINK is GREAT. digital in/out is unnecessary. everything gets passed as analog at the end, the signal travel in-between is close to nothing. it’s just the effects placement that might throw some people off on the 350. DC In is kinda meh. I would have gone what the lighting companies do by providing power in and out for daisy chaining power.

    anyone have dimensions on this? i would love to see if a DDJ-SX/SX2 case can be reused with this and a djm-350

    • Michael

      2? A pre recorded mix fits on 1 cd/usb…

  • hellnegative

    COunt me in for 2 of these little guys.

  • Rob Ticho, Default Rejects

    These look great. I’ve never been a fan of the full size players (or their price). They are just too big/heavy for what they do. These are compact, provide the right features, and are priced properly. It might be time to grab my first set of Pioneer decks.

  • Anirban Razzaque

    been waiting for something relatively affordable and compact to come out like this. will be very good for the mobile dj scene

  • Aaron Jaraba

    The slim design also means more allure to put them next to a slim-line controller like the Traktor S4/Numark NV/DDJ-SX2…. clever.

    • Chubs

      I didn’t even think about that as many prefer something with more height (think road cases), but yeah that’s cool!

    • Corjan Rodenburg

      i might actually get 2 to pair up to my s8.

      • David Michael

        You know, that’s not a terrible idea…

    • Aaron Jaraba

      Edit – Perhaps not the best pairing with a Numark NV as it only has one input which is Auxillary only.

    • David Michael

      Great point! I wonder how exactly it lines up, height-wise.

  • Jane

    Brilliant – if some of the small bars and clubs I play in get these in I’ll be very happy (no need to lug in my Aero or CDJ 2000s to use instead of their ‘sadly seen better days’ random kit)