Rekordbox DJ To Add Pulselocker Integration

When we heard of the return of Pulselocker’s streaming DJ library service last October, it was exciting – but now Pioneer DJ has added fuel to the fire with a new announcement: Rekordbox DJ’s performance mode will be getting Pulselocker integration. Keep reading to find out more.

Pulselocker Rekordbox DJ Integration

In case you’ve forgotten while waiting for Serato DJ 1.9 (the first widely-used DJ software to announce upcoming s to come out, Pulselocker is an online music catalogue (44 million+ tracks from 500,000+ labels) . When integrated into a DJ software, the catalogue shows up in the browser sidebar, just like you would access iTunes or other libraries. Songs can be stored in a local copy-protected offline cache only accessible through Pulselocker or Serato DJ. The service runs $9.99/month for basic streaming, or for $19.99, you also get proper licensing for playing the music in venues and offline downloads of tracks.

Rekordbox’s Performance Pack, which recently added a monthly subscription option, seems to be in a perfect place to add a streaming service to their software. In deciding to try any new DJ software, DJs are looking for the “killer features” that would convince them to switch, or at least try it out. Both the DJ software and Pulselocker have free trials, so when integration is launched, DJs will be able to try out both concurrently for two weeks.

The official integration is set to come to Rekordbox in “spring 2016” – and right now, Pulselocker is only available in the UK, US, and Canada.

Learn more about Pulselocker on their official site, or check out Ean’s first look at Rekordbox DJ here. For more NAMM 2016 announcements and coverage, check out our article feed, or keep an eye on our Instagram. 

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  • mikefunk

    RIP Serato. NI Traktor – Learn how to care of rcustomers. Oh wait… Traktor just crashed…

    • deejdave

      Kind of weird thing to say when Rekordbox DJ has thus far followed just about every move of serato including but not limited to their hardware, their look and now even Pulselocker. Lets NOT pretend for a second this was Pioneer taking the initiative.

  • Sebas

    Can someone please tell me why Pulselocker and not Spotify?
    Wouldn’t be great(better) to have Spotify integration in those DJ Softwares(like Pacemaker)?

    • Don Dadda

      Maybe because Spotify offers streaming – which would clearly be way too unreliable in clubs.

      • Aaron Jaraba

        If you have Spotify premium you can download tracks to your device. However, what you won’t find on spotify are all those juicy dubstep remixes of those Top 40 songs that you don’t want to play, and definitely don’t want to play vanilla.

        • deejdave

          Spotify does NOT allow the commercial use or public play of its music. Furthermore as with Djay Pro they do NOT allow the DJ software to use said cached music. Pulselocker allows both of these features. Lastly as mentioned Pulselocker’s library is actually more geared toward a professional DJ. Maybe not so much a mobile DJ but a performance DJ for sure.

          • Quiznatodd

            Hey Dave, where did you read that? Very curious, was wondering about this for a research paper

          • deejdave

            This is all in the release notes and user agreements of the software and services

      • deejdave

        Pulselocker also allows streaming………..

  • DJ Richard