Traktor Stem View: Everyone Can Now See + Map Stems

Native Instruments has released a new update to Traktor that allows anyone to see the full Stems files being played without special hardware and map the stem controls to any MIDI controller. This Traktor Stem View announcement also includes built-in support for Kontrol S4 users, a discount on Stems, and 65 free premium Stem tracks for everyone to download.

Traktor Pro 2.10.1 + Stem View:

Here’s the basic top-level overview of what NI is announcing this morning:

  • Traktor Pro 2.10.1 is out now – free update as usual.
  • Stems are now visible in the software interface
  • Traktor is making 65 Stem tracks available for free, and launching a 25% off sale on some online stores until Feb 29th, 2016 (a one week sale)
  • Kontrol S4 owners now have built-in control of Stem Decks (no mappings needed) including muting/volume/filter control

Traktor Stem View Performance

Traktor Stem View + Kontrol S4 Walkthrough Video

Native Instruments seems is especially touting built-in control of Stems for the Kontrol S4 – and with that controller having helped bring Traktor to users around the world, it’s no surprise that support for it was at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Watch as NI’s Eric Goldstein shares a walkthrough of how Stem View works, particularly with an S4:

To help kick off the new Stems view, Native Instruments has decided to wisely subsidize DJs with a solid pack of free content:

To make sure everyone can get going playing Stems, we are also giving away 65 premium Stem tracks for free, and our retail partners like Beatport are offering 25% discount of their Stems repertoire for one week only.

Here are the coupon codes to get the discounts at various sites:

Get the free Stems, discount codes for 25% off, and more details about Stem View in Traktor here on NI’s site.

Want to control Stems with a Midi Fighter Twister? Here’s how! 

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  • Regular Citizen

    Serato users are eager to upgrade to their new versions. Traktor users are scrapping around for old versions that are stable enough to use during gigs.

  • Giorgi

    PROBLEEEMM!!!!!! after update on new version of Traktor . Tractor does not show music genres.((WTF!!!!!!!!

  • Jordan Eustaquio

    Finished installing everything.. I’ve had my 5-8 remix slots used as cue buttons and now it seems my settings are preventing my individual stem control from my button presses, forcing me to use my laptop instead of my controller. I’ve reset the traktor controls, defaulting the original mappings but still no change. Any idea what the issue could be? I’ve reinstalled everything and it’s still not functioning properly. Thanks

    • Nomadic

      Problem has been solved.. If any of you encounter the same issue.. Go into the Remix Decks section of your preferences.. and make sure your Sample play buttons are set to AUTO.

  • Jarret

    How will trance DJs use any of this new fangled Traktor stuff? Im a loyal Traktor user, but lately it seems they are gearing everything towards EDM/mashups/techno DJs.

  • Dan Campbell

    I upgraded with my S2 /F1 and had audio issues (static noises) twice during my my set last night and had to reboot the S2 between songs to clear it up…. Which didn’t happen with 2.9 any suggestions? Thanks

  • teufelzkerl

    I think stems are a great addition, but with the Limitation to electronic Music will always stay a niche. Besides NI does not see the usual wedding or classic dj as their customers anymore. You can’t sync older tracks with the Software so there is no Point in buying D2 or S8. We will never see a new Version with better beat grids, we will see it is enough for them to stay a big Player on the market.

  • Trivs

    Really wish there would be more stem releases from genres besides the plethora of four to the floor tracks we have now. Could go for some releases from soulection or moving castle.

    • Jarret


  • Abyari

    is this only belong to Traktor pro ? i have Traktor scratch pro and nothing is visible in my stems deck !!!!!! it’s like i load a normal track

  • Deksel

    Just for reference: I was on 2.6.8 after version 2.9 and 2.10 gave me sudden system crashes. Was a little bit sceptical but I’ve had all my stems in a cruise playlist playing for over 10 hours with the MF twister sequencer firing drumsamples and 2 FX chains over it, and for me the stability issue seems to fixed. Have to test more, but it might just be that for some other users this update might have solved some stability issues two.

    • Deksel

      of, and by the way, the DAW layout only looks that good at maximum deck size, with the advanced panel closed. If you expand the header and the advanced panels the DAW layout looks quite cramped, but still quite useful.

  • Sam

    Come onnn Traktor 3, Traktor 3, Traktor 3
    “native instruments releases..”
    “new Traktor update”
    “Version 2.10.1”
    Oh come on.

  • Michael K

    Been testing this version and wow did they up the CPU usage on this version I went from 30% normal use to 60% on normal use. really displeased with this release. and its not my mac power, because other users with the newest macbooks and I7’s are having these issues as well.

  • tony corless

    I’m still using 2.65 because its stable,I want to try this update is there anyway I can instal this new version so that I can have both the new version and the old version on the desktop so I can chose which one to use?
    One more question, its ages since I’ve done a traktor update,can anybody link to an article or explain how I can do this so that I still have the older version available in backups.
    Last time I updated I wiped out the previous versions of traktor scratch pro 2 by mistake,thanks.

    • Rob van Erp

      HI, normal if you install a newer version of trakor it makes a backup folder where you can find previous installed versions and still use them. nothing special to do

  • Midiman

    I am afraid to install the new update because of the unstable disaster 2.10 caused. It ruined several gigs for me and i cant afford to use unstable software. I will stick with 2.8

  • Jackie Deejay

    Is it working with Pioneer DDJ T1 Controller?

  • Jackie Deejay

    Is t working with Pioneer DDJ T1 controller?

  • Dimitris Psyrras

    Is this update about s4 mk1 also?

    • Lady Aïda Rebelbass

      yes i tried with mk1 and it worked


    If anyone have a mapping for using STEMS whith the TRAKTOR Z2, I need it…

    • Ezmyrelda

      That might be a tough fit.. There isn’t really a logical way to map out all the controls that might be needed for the stems. I know it’s a really easy answer that requires a monetary solution.. but have you considered getting an F1 or a Midi Fighter Twister? The F1 “just works” no mapping needed, and the Twister is probably one of the best controllers you could ever buy for any midi capable music app.

      All that baloney said.. After a couple of attempts at remapping I keep my Z2 as simple as possible and offload as much as possible to my other controllers.

      • LORD ZINCO

        It’s probably what I’ll finaly do but I prefered try to work only with my Z2 and my 2 turntables…
        Yes, midi fighter twister sims to be my next gear

        • Ezmyrelda

          It’s a beautiful way. Still dreaming of a day when I can again afford two tables.

  • Aken

    That new version is cool, but quite far from what we expected from a Traktor update in 2016. Or maybe I’m just alone to think that.
    Another thing : Ok, that’s cool to have clean stems of a track rather than having to use EQs. But we are also aware that it simplify a bit more the process of mixing/remixing. The common objection to this is “it’s cool that it simplify things so you can do more of the other things !”. Well, with these fade in / fade out markers the simplification process seems to go a bit wild haha

  • Gregory

    how to analyze a stem file before loading it in traktor?

    • Joel Smith

      When I had this problem, it was because I wasm’the running 2.9. If you are, try right click on your track collection and impprt. If you don’t have analyze on startup turned on then you may need to tell Traktor to analyze. I am no expert, just what I have done before.

      • Gregory

        Thanks only thing I’m running 2.10.1 and every tine i load a stem file I get an error message telling me to analyze the file before loading it and I have a Vestax VCI 400ege

  • Gregory

    Okay flashflooder How will I make this work on my VCI 400se I know you must have a new mapping up your sleeve The folks that supported DJTT are still out here and waiting for you to look out ,I like to here you say : I Got You !!!!!!

  • deejae snafu

    WOOHOO STEMS!! ….YAWN!!!!!!

    ..seriously tho how about some ableton link and traktor compatability?!?!?!?!?!?
    now theres a concept that works.

    • Regular Citizen

      That would be amazing!!

      • deejae snafu

        yah i actually emailed native instruments about this to see if there would be any chance, and they said no, and cited that link is only used to sync iOS apps to ableton, and since traktor pro isnt an iOS app that just wouldnt make sense, sort of implying that my question was foolish. i reminded the rep that link can be used to sync separate copies of ableton, which is not an iOS app , and they didnt reply. i guess i won?

        at the end of the day, it isnt that surprising that a dev that cant even sync up their own products (maschine and traktor anyone?), doesnt play well with others.

        • Regular Citizen

          Another reason as to why Traktor is getting more disappointing by the day.

          • deejae snafu

            i cant really get mad at traktor..its not like other softwares are doing this and they just refuse. i get that its a technological leap, albeit one that would be well worth it to many artists.

  • Ywe

    I am just in the middle of mapping a DDJ-SP1, but I can’t seem to find the mapping possibilities of STEMS… Guess they come in a later update, like the freeze and flux mode earlier?

  • Tony Mitchell

    Does Traktor still not scale with high-res displays? meaning super tiny unreadable fonts. Or does traktor still think that 1920×1080 resolution is the maximum resolution of PC’s?

    • Shawn

      I just installed this build on my Surface Pro 4 with Windows 10 (resolution = 2736 x 1824). It looks GREAT! It was pretty much unusable before, but now everything is completely readable.

    • Rayalon

      There are new font sizes. You can make the text HUGE now (only problem is that tree view gets bigger as well).

  • Djansy

    yes i now Traktor you can make your Steps you need only the Stemps program
    free send you the link load and make your alone sounds , you can make your one Stemps over Ableton program 2 you need only Drums , Bass , Synt , Vocals and ready to play

  • DJ Chronassuer

    Love this with the Midi fighter Twister and my Mod setup.

  • DJ JD

    pretty cool performance, too. I like how he says, ‘so now you see how easy it can be,’ at the end, when it did not look easy

  • Yana Soboleva

    What about mapping for Vestax VCI-400? How to make it possible to control stem-deck via VCI400?

    • Matías J. Padilla

      Stems can be mapped to any MIDI controller, you can find the controls for it under “Add In > Deck Common > Submix”. You can also replicate the “slot select” functionality with limited encoders to replicate the S4 workflow by using modifiers

  • Hannes

    Hello everyone! Im new here and this might be the wrong thred but it is about stems. Ive been using Traktro pro software for years now. First I used Denom mc6000 the first one because it sounded better and were more sturdy built than NI own controllers. I also needed balanced out to my PA system. Now im currently using 2 Native Instruments F1 and One Pioneer DDJ SZ controller with mapping made by jaja artwork(thanx jaja!) This is by far the best solution so far since im playing all kind of music styles and are used to the freedom of platters pitch and stuff that the NI S8 does not have and i dont want to rely on mastertempo and beatgrids especially when playing live music rock etc. . F1 is used to controll remixdecs totally. Is there anyway now with my setup to use stems after it has been released? I use TSI from jaja as i mentioned and have not dared to make any upgrades in the traktorprogram since i dont want to risk spoiling a working setup.
    Im greatful for answer: DJ Hannes from Sweden
    Please visit me on

    • guest

      Sorry DJ Hannes, when you said “Is there anyway now with my setup to use stems after it has been released?” do you mean: can you use stems without updating your TSI mapping? my understanding is STEMS are embedded in software of Traktor update, so should not affect mappings. is this true? what’s DJTechTools’s take?

      • Joel Smith

        I know it’s built in for the NI controllers, no mapping needed. So you are right about it being embedded.

    • Matías J. Padilla

      Your mappings should still work and you can use the F1 for stem deck controls as well, simply switch it’s focus to a stem deck and you’ll have control over it.
      – Volume control via the Faders.
      – Mute via the STOP pad row.
      – Filter cutoff frequency via the FILTER knobs.
      – FX Send on/off via the FX pad row.

  • Rayalon

    There’s a serious Font Size bug.
    Although they’ve added more font sizes in Browser Details, now the Browser Tree grows together with the Playlist when you increase/decrease the “List row height”.
    Very very annoying.

    • tony corless

      Whats the biggest font size now available ? thanks

        • tony corless

          46 wow previous max was 16 if I’m correct? That’s great will be able to see track list from other side of the room lol. It needed to be bigger but the tree list needs to be seperate.

  • Melvin Louis

    Wonder if I can use the F1 with Stems on Decks C&D? All that switching is getting me dizzy.

    • Ezmyrelda

      I just loaded a stem file to my Deck D which is the one I have my F1 on and everything worked fine, so yes.

      Oh, FYI if you switch which deck your F1 is on it will automatically work if switched to a deck playing a stem file.

    • Greg Miernicki

      A new Traktor release is out? Good, wait one month before upgrading to it so others can find all the bugs for you. If the new release makes it 4 weeks without another imminent upgrade, it’s probably stable enough to use.

      • dj Mos dm


    • Rasp Haunt

      word…i went back to 2.8…does 2.6.8 have remix decks and everything?…just in case,cuz even 2.8 is taking mad long to start…

      • Tony Mitchell

        2.6.8 was the first version to use the remix decks and the last version of Traktor that seems to be worth a damn.

    • Vladimir Chilikov

      I have been using 2.10 without any problems except the fact that i tweaked my windows 10 quite much, and now traktor doesent work 🙂

    • Sevenkami

      Within the first hour of mixing: sound glitch!

      Aaaand back to 2.6.8. Hilarious.

      • gigglekey

        Are you using and AudioX? Does the control panel indicate buffer underruns?

        • Sevenkami

          Nope, PIONEER DJM-750 built in soundcard. It’s been crap since TRAKTOR switched to 64 bit (and people have to use TRAKTOR 32 bit for the PIONEER drivers to work). So basically: since 2.6.8.

  • Ian Williams

    I’m not that interested in the Stems concept as such, but i’ve just noticed something interesting.

    Here’s how my thought process just went…..

    So Stems files are 4 audio files in an mp4 “wrapper”.
    If Traktor can play Stems mp4’s, can it also play audio from standard mp4 files?
    (analyses a handful of music videos, & loads them in to Traktor) …..yes it bloody can!
    So that means I can use the audio track of any videos that i’ve purchased or ripped from DVD.


    (…..I suspect it also means that full video playback in Traktor isn’t that far away!)

    • Rayalon

      Traktor can play mp4 files (audio only of course) for a very long time already.
      Just throw any mp4 movie – Traktor plays it audio with no problem at all (ever since version 2.0.1).

      • Ian Williams

        aha! ….I presumed this had just been added as a bi-product of Stems.

        Oh well. Still a handy feature!

  • Stewe

    Add In > Track Deck > DAW View (quick tip for those who would like to toggle the waveform types)

  • Matthew Wegner

    Has anyone produce an easy tool to take a normal (non-stems) track and create a stems version of it with high/mid/lows transparently separated?

    I double my decks already to do frequency isolation on effects, but Stems seems like a cleaner approach…

    • Dubby Labby

      roland r-mix

  • chris

    an tractor for seeding bullshit

    • chris

      maybe this post looks like the movies Equilibrium and Wanted with Christian Bale and Angelina Jolie together

      not my problem, about pure facts

  • Ztronical

    Good job Traktor, looks like the dev team is listening.
    Plus that kinda looks nice on the screen, a change of view.
    Honestly for me I haven’t really needed the stem view, I have the S8 and the F1,
    But prefer the F1.