Traktor + Serato DJs Locked Out Of DVS On DJM-900NXS2?

Pioneer DJ’s DJM-900NXS2 is aiming to become the industry standard mixer in many DJ booths around the world, and for over $2,000, you’d expect it to do everything as a top-of-the-line unit should. Every feature present on the original DJM-900NXS is on the NXS2 model, with one exception: timecode input for Serato DJ and Traktor Pro. Read on to learn more about this strange situation and to share your thoughts.

History With DJM-900NXS/SRT

You might remember that back in early 2011 when the original DJM-900NXS launched, there was a bit of drama in the Serato community about the fact that it was being marketed as a Traktor Scratch certified mixer, but there wasn’t going to be Serato Scratch Live support. This meant that the mixer that ended up in a lot of DJ booths over the next few years would require Serato DJs to keep bringing their SL boxes and routing any audio input through that instead of just using the built-in soundcard in the DJM-900NXS.

The DJM-900SRT was a big deal for Serato DVS users

Serato users wouldn’t get their own equivalent mixer until October of 2013, when Pioneer launched the DJM-900SRT – identical in every way to the NXS, with the addition of two more phono inputs and a Serato DJ-certified soundcard, allowing four-deck timecode input.

In early 2015, Serato launched Serato DJ Club Kit, allowing full support for the DJM-900NXS soundcard. This meant that the software would open in full DJ mode when plugged into the mixer, and that DVS input was possible using the phono inputs on the mixer. At the time, this was hailed as a major win for Serato, turning away from the closed Rane/Serato ecosystem and towards allowing DJs to use whatever gear they want.

DJM-900NXS2: A Step Backward For DVS Support

While almost everything about the DJM-900NXS2 is a drastic improvement over the original, digital DJs who rely on use of the mixer’s inputs are out of luck – unless they use Rekordbox DJ. Rekordbox DJ’s DVS plug-in works perfectly fine with the new DJM-900NXS2, which means that there are no technical limitations with the dual sound cards inside of the mixer that prevent them from being used.

We’re left wondering: what’s different now than when the 900NXS/SRT mixers were released?

  • Pioneer DJ now has their own software which they want to prioritize – but is it worth the price of potentially alienating digital DJs who use other softwares?
  • Pioneer DJ also has a DVS-oriented mixer (DJM-S9) with built-in Serato DJ soundcard that they might be trying to get DVS users to consider before the 900NXS2

It sets a bit of an odd precedent to remove a major feature in an incremental update to a hardware line – it’s not as though this is a completely new model of mixer – it’s an improvement on one that already exists, right?

CDJ-2000NXS2 HID Support Also Missing: It seems like the DJM-900NXS2 DVS compatibility isn’t the only thing that Serato and Traktor DJs are waiting on – there’s also no support for HID within Traktor Pro or Serato DJ. See more context on the official Native Instruments forums and the Serato forums

Behind The Scenes: Pioneer In Control?

DJ Techtools reached out to all three companies involved – Pioneer DJ did not respond, Native Instruments declined to comment, but we did get a few small insights from Serato:

Is there any way for Serato DVS users to use the inputs on the DJM-900NXS2 right now?

Serato: Currently there isn’t, Serato DVS users would need to use an interface connected to the DJM-900NXS2.

Are there negotiations in process to unlock official support? Will it be in Serato DJ by default, or part of the club kit?

Serato: Yes, we have been in discussions with Pioneer for some time but have nothing to announce.

Could you shed any light on how this process works? It seems a bit odd that a top-of-the-line bit of kit like this would come out without support.

Serato: This process has been driven by Pioneer [] Serato and Pioneer are continuing to work together, but currently we have nothing to announce.

Is having an equal feature set and DVS inputs on the 900NXS2 important to you?
Let us know in the comments and share this article so we can find out how the DJ community feels on this topic. 

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  • Brock Dub C Stallworth

    Sounds like bullshit to me……other companies like reloop have the rmx-90 and its seratoable….yes SERATOABLE (PATENT PENDING) dj dub c east 49

  • samodj

    Hi i am a TRAKTOR USER , i just UPGRADED my dj booth from
    ( DJM900 & CDJ200 ) to ( DJM 900NSX2 & CDJ2000NSX2 )
    i downloaded and installed all required Drivers and Software ( TRAKTOR & PIONEER )
    , i am unable to use the timecode mode from the CDJ2000NSX2. any help thanks

  • B.santo

    No way I could justify this!
    Touring internationally, playing in front of thousands, using top of the range gear in terms of softwares, computers and being provided with top of the range Equipment from the best service companies I currently end up heading back to use time control cd’s just like 15 years ago!!!! I feel kind of betrayed. This hits all top booked players… a shame.

  • Renaldo John

    I completely understand why the decision was made and it’s all business. This is the exact reason why I purchased Traktor Scratch Pro, VirtualDJ Pro, Serato DJ and now about to purchase RexordBox DJ. I simply use iTunes to manage my Library so the same Playlists are available on all platforms and there will be no restrictions when playing at a venue. It’s not about the software you use but how you play, innovate and perform.

    I Personally walk with my MBP, Traktor F1, X1, A6 & Midifighter so I can perform anywhere on any equipment.

    Ideally I’d prefer a Traktor Certified mixer for easy plug and play but if it’s not available on any of the other software then my last resort is the A6 Sound Card with timecode.

    We need to find solutions to enable our passion and not focus on the limitations.

    We’re in this for the love of music and performing while making a profit. If I didn’t pay to put the mixer in club, I’m not going to complain about compatibility, just adapt and enjoy the music.

  • Reif Hand

    A definite step backwards, Sites like Djtechtools,com should be doing more to highlight this and put pressure back on Pioneer. Also championing pieces of equipment/software that break down equipment usage barriers like Rekordbuddy

    Reading some of the comments,
    I would like to make a few points, DJ’ing (In relation to gear) is all about the music!! Playing great music of any genre, tempo and style and the right time of the evening to lead the dance floor of 10 – 10,000 people, that’s what its all about!! It does not matter if it comes off CDJ’s Turntables, DVS, VDJ, SDJ, Traktor, Traktor IPAD, Ableton, Mac or Windows, etc. So why are Pioneer making it harder for DJ’s to use their own gear for making/playing music? Pure greed!!! An industry/club standard mixer, should be a swiss army knife with the current technology available and high prices charged for such a piece of equipment.

    Also, for all the small minded individuals who are cheering on with glee that the NXS2 is not going to work with other DVS (Non Rekordbox) systems. Remember this, nothing lasts forever!! Chances are one day Pioneer will not rule the roost forever and if some other system becomes the “industry standard” and your eco system is shut out in the cold (songs, beatgrids, cue points, loops,etc) how are you going to feel??

    I am a user of both Memory sticks & Serato DJ (DVS & Controllers), I never turn up to a gig playing DVS without backup options (always pack a serato box, backup CD’s & memory sticks, Ipod with previous sets loaded), its just common sense. However it’s nice to turn up and not have to re-rout a mixer to use DVS. It’s just such a shame to see barriers going up to an individual’s choice of equipment.

    As for Kuvo – it can go shove it, I am not interested in DJ’ing to the internet (or even the F’wits who dance & don’t take their eyes off their phone in their hand all night). I DJ to the room in front of me.

  • kermit

    Boiling frog metaphor

  • Mark Bamford

    To be honest I am getting really pissed off with Pioneer! I use Traktor Scratch and like to have the choice and freedom to use both Technics DVS and CDJ2000NXS to play. I have just literally sold my DJM900NXS mixer expecting to be able to at least play the CDJ’s with Traktor, I was prepared to wait for the Technics as I assumed this kind of ordeal might be the case, but to find out that they have left us high and dry on both fronts totally sucks!!

    So, I am not in a dilemma, do I go and buy and old DJM900NXS to tie me over and get over the fact I will have lost cash in the process or think FCUK you Pioneer and go and buy I A&H Xone92?! I see a lot of the top DJ’s using the Xone92 and wonder if they know something we don’t?! and a lot of them also seem to use Traktor. I my set up I will also have the RMX1000 and a Boss reverb pedal so the Xone is ideal with 2 independent send/return with EQ. Can people give me their thoughts what to do please as I need a mixer 🙂

  • BoldFaceType

    I’m with Pioneer on this one.
    -Drop $2000+ on a Pioneer mixer and/or CDJs so you can use it with your Traktor or Serato set-up is just plain stupid. Before Rekordbox DJ that might have made some (not alot) sense, but now it makes no sense at all. Why would you lug your laptop when you can just take a USB stick, or even your phone??! And if you must bring your laptop, why worry about possible compatibility issues when you have a native solution in Rekordbox??!

    For those of you obviously rich millennials that bought the brand new NXS2 so you could use it with your Tracktor or Serato set-up you should be slapped! Only people who have money to burn would drop 2k on a set-up *hoping/assuming* it would work with something else.

    Look people, a business, is a business, is a business. Nobody cares about your creative freedom unless it increases their bottom line. If I was Pioneer, there is now absolutely no reason for me support my competitors products. If you want to use Traktor or Serato there are legacy mixers out there you can use. It’s not like the industry will change overnight. It will take at least a couple of years for the NXS2 to filter down to your local club. Only the venues *you will never DJ at* will buy this right away. You shouldn’t be buying top of the line pro DJ gear if you’re too lazy to migrate you collection to the industry standard. And you’re not a Pro if you buy an NSX2 and are trying to use it with Traktor or Serato.

    So now that Rekordbox is a complete pkg, we all have to ask ourselves a simple question:

    Do you have any aspirations whatsoever to DJ in a club?

    If you do, which would make you like most DJs, then you need to invest in some Pioneer software/hardware.

    • Noah Halbfoster

      i Know right nobody complains that you cant use a traktor mixer without a serato box or a serato mixer without a traktor box…. only pioneer gets shit for stopping outside companies access…. this is literally like complaining you cant buy a ford with a chevy motor in it

    • Mark Bamford

      i disagree, spend that kind of money on a mixer… and when they know that top circuit DJ’s use Traktor, it should be a given that they support Traktor. It is a huge step backwards. How many top DJ’s do you see using Traktor controllers, or any controller come to mention it?! They don’t. If I buy a Ford car and they are sponsored by an oil company, should I buy that oil?! No!!
      Total lack of understanding the customer, just to try and railroad people to use ReckorDBox. A quick way to take the Pioneer mixer off some DJ’s riders!! Maybe that is why some use the Xone92.

  • No Qualms

    Every club I DJ in has the DJM900nxs, and I’m a Traktor user. But I still bring my TA6 and connect through that. Because these are club mixers and have been abused in every way imaginable, you don’t know if it has updated firmware or if it’s had beer spilt in the USB slot, you just can’t trust them.
    Inbuilt soundcards maybe fine in your bedroom or a controlled environment like a studio, but in a club you can only trust your own gear. So just bring your own interface and it doesn’t matter what mixer they have.

  • Daniel Ventura

    pioneer wants to force the vendors to implement kuvo … that’s the Problem atm

  • Claes

    “Let’s build huge walls, and make Pioneer great again!”?

  • Claes

    “Let’s build huge walls, and make Pioneer great again!”?

  • Johnny

    Really simple: Pioneer wants to own the market, and they’re doing everything they can to muscle out the competition. This is capitalism in action folks.

  • jaycastelli

    The most incredible thing is the new DJM900NXS2 does not support full duplex in his audio interface without REKORDBOXDJ PERFORMANCE. I almost paid more of 2200€ with the mixer, this it have two sound cards and the full duplex dosen’t work.
    Thank You Pioneer, the next time I will have more care about what I’m buying.

  • Simon Bone

    Thank you for publicising this issue. I do not wish to invest another £200 uk to be able to play an occasional DVS set. I am otherwise on USB so no need for rb performance. I have full serato club kit please let us use this. I think pioneer need to be brave. Open the format then set about creating the best platform. If they do this people will migrate by choice not by force. I bought the nxs2 on hope that compatibility will come based on prior experience and faith – I hope this was correct. Also please sort 64 bit drivers for record function.

    • Simon Bone

      Other thought is to give early adopters / pro gear buyers free DVS license to show appreciation 🙂

      • Dubby Labby

        DVS users is not the trend anymore so all brands sell DVS as expansion kit. It talks by itself.

  • Matt Watkins

    Locking users out of gear is a poor move on Pioneers behalf but I guess thats what happens when a company gets brought out by an a multinational private equity firm.

    On the other side, any club that spends $2k on a mixer not knowing its features or what software it supports its a somewhat naive.

    If the mixed did support all 3 platforms surely more people would buy it right?

  • el_mysterio

    I did forget to mention that the mixer does work out of the box perfectly with Traktor, just the time code capability doesn’t work (even with the “work around”).

    I have to say the sound quality and effects on this mixer are amazing, a massive step forward from before and I don’t regret purchasing, I’m just missing time code support, which for me is a nice to have, rather than critical.

    the 2 USB inputs are great, and it’s interesting to play with the iPad external app support through USB midi.

    if you are on the fence with mixer, and u can live (hopefully just in the short term) without DVS, then definitely go for it over the 900NXS. If you already have 900NXS I’m not sure it’s worth the upgrade unless you get a good price for your old gear.

  • Christopher Joyner

    Pioneer will take over by strong arming the majority to use Rekordbox to make up their sets. New venues will buy the latest and greatest and people will just have to make the change. Ill Gates had a pretty good “F#%K Pioneer” article on a couple months back. go check it out. Pretty funny rant.

  • Andrea HighBreed Lomba

    Am I the only one that think that’s to blame NI and Serato rather than Pioneer? Is the software that must support a specific soundcard not the opposite. Btw all this matter is pure commercial shit. Every single software should support every single sound card that have decent DAC and sufficient number of I/O channels. This would be the honest way but you know… I definitely agree with the guy that endorse using cracked and hardware unlocked versions. Obviously having a purchased license

    • orge

      I agree that the licensing practices of NI/Serato are part of the problem here… My impression is that the “discussions” with Pioneer are to agree a per unit licensing fee for the 900NXS2. You can imagine that Pioneer have little inclination to pay competitors so that their software can run on the new mixer, when they really want people to be moving to Record Box anyway! Whilst I personally have little interest in Record Box, you have to admit it is quite a strong strategic move and changes the game for everybody really…

      My take is that NI should admit defeat on this one or at least offer an add-on that opens up Vinyl Control for any sound card. Serato should probably do the same, although this might be a more difficult decision when their revenue has historically been tightly aligned with their own sound cards and licensed mixers.


      • Dubby Labby

        They will open it for everyone before than do this. Like stanton and then dead too.
        DVS is not the main way of revenue anymore. NI/Serato has shifted to live producing/mixing with controllers keeping the possibility (DVS as expansion kit) but looking forward (the future of… You know!) and Pioneer is crafting a ecosystem to translate the (not really but forced) club booth supremacy of cdjs to all the other segments (even making turntables and samplers) with zero “outside” compatibility (no midi din, no other than rb support…) which could be a mistake or not but it’s their comercial bet. Let’s see.

        Meanwhile djing A>B has arrised until its ceiling and new generation of users grow with a tablet/smarphone as computer. It smells like a gap…

        • orge

          I’m not entirely sure what you mean, but I don’t think your views represent the “mainstream”…

          In terms of representation ina club environment:
          CDJs > Vinyl/DVS > Controllers

          This is from somebody who started with Ableton and then moved away from controllers to DVS, simply because I personally like the physicality, involvement and “simplicity” of A/B’ing tracks on vinyl decks. Indeed, my only frustration is that it’s hard to reliably integrate this way of mixing with something a bit more creative (I.e. Hardware drum machines/samplers).

          I’m not saying what is best, simply which of these technologies are used more often in a pro/semi-pro setting. I would be very surprised if we see this ordering changes in the absence of a disruptive technology.

          However, I don’t think it’s fair to suggest this “heirarchy” is purely artificial or marketing dominated. It filters down from the needs/wants of professionals but we all still have a choice to do as we please.


          • Dubby Labby

            What I’m saying is your hierarchy is wrong because it has changed leaving DVS in the last place from brands which prime controllers over DVS.
            Clubs are cdj domain but venue and small places are laptop domain (sometimes even without a controller and without cdj, of course without turntable) and berdoom djs of the future are trained by themselves with laptops. Lots of other not “so-dj” are ruling parties with an smartphone tablet and that’s the reason for pulselocker/pyro and spotify integration in djay and others. Can you see it?

            Mainstream? Why are you talking to me here if you are playing Space Ibiza every weekend? Jokes aside the Mainstream is a small circle of clubs but we have another market called “the net” (youtube, soundcloud, patreon…) which could feed the money to anyone trying to do things different and there is where action is going to happen.

            Even Pioneer knows it and released kuvo for capitalize it. This is not a matter of be wrong or right, it’s a matter of where are anyone of us today and where will be tomorrow.

            For the brands playing a DVS is becoming part of the past and I could understand why, seriously…

          • orge

            Live and let live… I do this for shits/giggles and have a day job to pay the bills. 😉

            Everyone is free to make their own choice and nobody is forced to choose DVS over controllers. For some, the tactile aspect is more important than running 14 decks with 17 drum machines. This doesn’t mean they are wrong, they just have different priorities and, currently, represent the “mainstream” of both pro, semi-pro and, by extension, a fair percentage of “bedroom” dj’s.

            If you think this is “unfair” or reduces the opportunities available to those who choose a different path, I don’t think you will find satisfaction through railing against it on the Internet.

            Gandhi’s quote springs to mind:
            “Be the change that you wish to see in this world”. However, from experience, I should warn you that most small venues don’t have room for a vcm600 in the booth without massively fucking around with everybody else’s kit! 😉 they even frown if you want the vinyl decks to be close to the mixer than the cdj’s and you’re not going to scratch…

            Good luck! 😉

          • Dubby Labby

            You missed my point. I left scratching years ago and recently I drop the desktop and software for full iPad setup… To do music instead play others music.
            If I should go back to “dj” somewhere I will go with an iPad and a controller maybe, not necessary to be honest.
            Mainstream is “these people which makes their living from and drive tendency”, the rest are just amateurs. Myself included.
            Brands have made their decission leaving DVS as expansion (example: from traktor scratch to traktor pro 2 + DVS kit…) To me is ok and I can understand why as you see my background and focus for present/future.

            And I’m the change as I was, point people to iPad possibilities and point market shift to those who want to go further instead rant about “lost art” but also being aware from standarization of creativity (aka Rekordbox).

            Maybe part of my message wasn’t towards you but towards some other commentsin thread. Maybe you find I’m moaning but sometimes I’m only expressing myself the most clear and direct as I can and it could be percieved as “arguing” but it isn’t and excuse me if something sounded harash.

            Kuvo is shit, agreed. Pioneer tries to capitalize tweeter djing. This type of statements are an example 😉

            Peace and cheers! 😉

          • orge

            Fair do’s – I did take your comment to be bit of a “rant”, even if that wasn’t your intention. I’ll re-read your comments in light of the new context. 😉

            If you’re happy doing what you are doing, who cares what anybody else/Pioneer/etc feel about it? I think that’s the important message in amongst this, especially if you go about things differently to the current status quo.

            My only ever frustration is that technology can lag my ambitions but I recognise even that is (mostly) an illusion/laziness.

            At the end of the day, it’s all about the music…


          • Dubby Labby

            Agreed and every day I visit less this and other blogs and think on start youtube channel… And make more music!

            But sometimes you can find new friends 😉

          • orge

            P.s. Kuvo is a bag of shit and I can’t see virtual clubbing/dj’ing taking off. In my view, Boiler Room is the anomaly that we’ll probably have forgotten in about 5 years time. I am prob a bit biased though, as I’ve never watched one from beginning to end – have you/has anyone?

      • here_comes_the_sheik

        For NI there should not be some real licensing, as you will need a full traktor pro license anyways. The problems there are more on the software and QA side. For Serato they would have to talk about it being “enabled” or “upgrade ready” which both means that they need to get licensing fees from the hardware manufacturer.

        I rather see an integration with Traktor than with Serato.

        • orge

          Yes, QA “test” approved hardware but it really hinges on shared revenue. We initially saw a similar thing with the db4, where Allen & Heath wanted NI to certify their mixer but NI were either unwilling or wanted too much in licensing fees.

          The “interesting” thing in this case is that the shoe is now on the other foot in terms of pioneer’s strategy and market placement… It’s all anti-competitive from an amateur/semi-pro DJ standpoint though and it’s disappointing to see these companies behave like this.


    • Johnny

      Guaranteed, it is not NI and Serato closing the doors on those negotiations. This is strong arm tactics from Pioneer. Why would NI or Serato want the latest Pioneer mixer to not support their software?

  • pixelbreak

    I will speculate and say there are indeed interests to delay such features out of the gate. Not having Serato and Traktor support stresses DJs to resort to fork additional money and use Pioneer DVS solution on the DJM-900NSX2s, same goes to CDJs.

    It may not be permanent, since I’ve reach some sources from those companies too and Traktor support is on the roadmap but timing wasn’t share. So basically what we’re facing is time exclusivity, which happened with several CDJ model that did not had the HID feature out of the gate and people had to resort to rekordbox in order to get all the info from the tunes.

    Seems like an arbitrary tactic to continue their top position in the market. The only way we can face it is with our wallets (buying less and not jumping to the most recent shiny thing if it lack the features you need) and rider choices.

  • Linz

    Thank you for drawing attention to this issue.
    It was amazing how many reviews of this mixer didn’t even mention the lack of support for Serato and Traktor. Or any of the short falls for that matter. Don’t get me wrong. I like the mixer. I bought it. (Mojaxx does a good in depth video review.)
    I like Pioneer gear but they do get a free ride quite often when being reviewed. Look at the PLX(?) turntable. Everyone reviewed it like it was the second coming of 1200’s when all it is is a super OEM deck like most other decks on the market today. A fine deck but nothing special at all.

  • James Burkill

    simple answer to this rekordbox… all in 1 closed system, like apple pioneer is the apple of the dj world.

  • @blackdominoes

    Are you guys learning yet why 90 percent of top-flight DJs use only USB sticks?

    Imagine getting paid 4, 5, 6 figures to DJ in a club. Then imagine having to re-do your setup every time there was an OS update, or a software version update, or a CDJ firmware update etc etc etc.

    Pio doesn’t rush to update their gear to accommodate users that spent their money with the competition. NI and Serato are the same.

    It’s tough to tour with a big setup of outboard gear from the start…ask people like Simian Mobile Disco who occasionally bring their ”live” rig out to make stuff on the fly.

    Throw in these updates and glitches and certain types of gear not playing well with other equipment…it’s why most of these patchwork setups of controllers, laptops, and assorted bits never make it out of the bedroom. It’s a shame, because if more DJs/producers DID bring these sorts of rigs out, it does invite you to be more creative.

    Unfortunately crowds usually don’t like large periods of time passing in clubs where the music cuts off and/or equipment malfunctions, so streamlined solutions exist for a reason.

    • here_comes_the_sheik

      If you go to the right clubs and festivals you will see tons of creative setups (from vinyl/analog mixers to modular synth/controller hybrid setups) it’s just the streamlined, pioneer endorsed, commercial edm festivals and this one club in LA 🙂
      Same thing for the thousands of small underground parties happening all over the world every weeekend where people just can’t afford Pioneer club gear.

      In my opinion Pioneers recent strategy is killing DJing more than anything ever before. Give it 10 more years and you will only be able to play KuVo-certified tracks bought in the pioneer store (ok… thats maybe a bit over the top, but something similar might happen…)

  • Oddie O'Phyle

    The only Pio hardware I’m interested in until this corporate pissing match is over is the SP-16.

  • Dennis Olivieira

    I am a owner of 2 CDJ2000NXS, a DJM2000 and a XDJ700 as Thirth Deck. I Also own 3 SL1200MK2s. I was using traktor for years now as HID to my pioneer set. But I already swtch my hole collection true rekordbox and save them on USB HD and sticks. I am not a big name in the DJ world. I play a lot in vVenue’s, Clubs and Bar Dancings/Pubs and sometimes on Festivals. But with the come of the new CDJs en DJM I cannot command a owner to put old CDJs such as my CDJ2000Nexus to use it with Traktor. Also I don’t want to connect my Laptop evertime I play. I come from vinyl playing and if you can play with vinyl you can play with almost anything. So I decided to swith over to sticks, HDs and SDs. Its sad if Pioneer don’t let thirth party’s manufactors on there new gear. And I can waid if it gonna happen. A lot of venue, clubs of pubs have still there CDJ2000 or CDJ2000NXS. But ther is a big chance for me that the NXS2 series are there so I can not permit that i can not play in that veneu, club or pub. Thats why I prepered to play with a lot of formats so I can play almost with any gear I get in a DJ booth.

  • Nyall James

    I am an avid Traktor user and recently decided to purchase a new mixer. I was choosing between the djm900nxs and djm900nxs2. Traktor DVS support was definitely on my mind as I was deciding which one to buy as that is the main way I play. I ended up being seduced by the nxs2 because it is newer and I was assured by some stuff I saw on Pioneer forums that Traktor DVS support was coming. Now I am concerned like a lot of you that Pioneer is making a strategic move to monoplozie DVS capabilities on their mixer with their new version of Rekordbox. Please Pioneer have a heart! I’ve spent 100s of hours prepping my tracks in Traktor and I can’t possibly switch over to Rekordbox. Please add Traktor DVS support to the NXS2!

  • Linz

    In the article you missed out the fact that the SRT also has a better crossfader than the original NXS.

    I just bought the djm900NXS2. I knew it didn’t have Serato support but as a long time Serato user (SL1 now on an SL3) I recently discovered that I don’t own a Serato license. So I’ll need to buy a Serato License/Club Kit license to plug straight into the nxs2 anyway. Plugging directly into the mixer would be handy but I’ll need to hang on to my SL3 box anyway (cause not every gig is on a NXS) so I may as well just keep using the SL3 at home and out : /

  • Neil Walker

    As a show of thanks to NI, Serato and Pioneer, use cracked versions with timecode enabled on all soundcards. None of the above companies are thinking about their loyal user base and how much money they have paid towards their gear, to remove these features and leave the community hanging like that is a disgrace.

  • Earnest

    I jump back and forth between Serato and Traktor, and I’m interested in using Rekordbox. I’ve finally started to collect some Pioneer gear, and I’ve started with the DJM 900NXS because the NXS2 doesn’t have the support for Traktor and Serato yet.

    I’d like to get a pair of XDJ-1000s in the not too distant future, and I hope that by the time I’m ready to consider upgrading to NXS2 gear, that either the Support for Traktor and Serato will be there, or _maybe_ I’ll be ready to settle on Rekordbox.

    Long story short: the missing software compatibility is a big deal to me, and as much as I’d like to have the improved sound quality and more hot cue buttons in RB, I’m going to ride with the older (and slightly less expensive) gear for now.

  • decon

    The main problem with the DJ industry atm is the idea of walled gardens, e.g. Pioneer or Native Instruments making software and protocols that only work within their product eco-system. The whole idea of having “certified” timecode mixers is not a technical limitation (remember that timecode is basically an audio signal that gets mapped to the deck control of the DJ software). Thus, these DJ product firms limits the creative freedom of artists.

    Lots of non-certified mixer does indeed work with traktor scratch control. After a small work-around, my Xone DB2 works without any problems, even though it isn’t certified. A&H also fucked up with their “x-link” technology. I l like to use my TR-8 as part of my set-up, but is becomes a hassle since A&H decided to use x-link rather than midi. Timing the phasing is hard. It might have some benefits if your are using A&H products excursively, but this is rarely the case for DJ’s home setup (assumption I have!).

    Open standards is the way to go. Midi got popular becomes it gave artists and audio designers the option to integrate their products into systems from other brands. Another example would be vinyl records. Imagine a world where the individuals records only played on certified turntables. This sounds ridiculous, but it is the tendency we see within the DJ industry. I don’t know much about rekordbox, but I already have a workflow for sorting and transferring music. I don’t need yet another propitiatory piece of software to handle this…

    I recommend every DJ to avoid products that locks you into a walled garden. Buying such products will have a self-perpetuating effect, and we will get “walled in”.

  • Dubby Labby

    Pioneer is forcing the users because they don’t want to lost its club hardware supremacy. At the same time they should embrace the controllers whose where be more and more popular pointing the market shift from 90’s.
    Nowadays we have software tools for live gigging which aren’t possible with dedicated hardware and when they are, usually limited, are expensive as hell.
    Pioneer also make a deal time ago to make clubs update playing its own game.
    NI leads the shift and knows how limited is club market against bedroom/mobile/studio (look at maschine series) and maket a solution for each segment. They only need to update iPad app to be the new standard (which is not related to club anymore) or almost the most popular brand in every setup as we haven’t a true standard setup.
    Meanwhile Serato should find its north and bring something interesting to the table and of course to the iPad realm.

    The future of sound I don’t know but the present of music innovation is being done at iOS realm where a full midi Dvs app cost 20€ without any hardware dongle (DjPlayer) and that’s one of the hundreds apps you can find.
    Someone should make an article talking about all this revolution which is here to stay (keep your toy-like or promise-platform arguments out of your mind and try some apps!)

    If you have the money and enjoy cdjs go for Pioneer route but don’t make the game to Pioneer as “standard” or “Pro”. A simple iPad (mini 4 for example) could do profesional things and its small than their TOUR monsters and near their regular screens so no more serato-face argument neither.

    All this brand war around djing is really boring… And there is lot of room for fun in iOS realm waiting for blogs/users to research/experiment/enjoy seriously (like Peter Kirn at CDM blog)


  • DiggsDem1TakeTracks

    Are these pheonomenal One-Take-Tracks of Ean possible on such gear? If not I won’t buy it…

    • here_comes_the_sheik

      Negotiate… what would they negotiate about.

      I think you don’t have to be a market analyst to see whats going on here. Pioneer has zero possibility to monetize on the integration while they secure more and more market share. So it’s an easy calculation for them

  • SupaSandeep

    This article is really vague, Serato says “there is nothing to announce” it could be ready to go as we speak, but they’re just not ready to announce it. I bought my CDJ2000NXS2’s & plan on buying a matching DJM900NXS2 shortly & would love if they would just sort this out. I don’t see why not, the S9 just came out recently & has Serato support, this shouldn’t be much different. I hope they sort it out soon, but I’m still being patient about it.

  • siclove

    Without serato support i won´t buy that thing. I´m actually looking for a new mixer but the nxs2 is out of the race cause i´m not switching to recordbox

  • Chuck

    Pioneer and its closed system!! Really annoying!!! This is the reason why i’m preparing a particular set-up preventing me from Pioneer trap!

    This was predictable since the release of Rekordbox DJ!
    Pioneer can only push its DJ software and block its competitors !! As its mixers are “industry standard”, you see what it means. Clubs tend to ban computer use by DJ’s in their booth so the CDJ’s won’t be an option. I hope you understand where this policy leads…

    Sticking to older Pioneer gear and newer elements from other brands (external sound cards, midi controllers etc…) is currently the smartest move.

    • Rob Ticho, Default Rejects

      I agree with the exception of your statement “Clubs tend to ban computer use.” Clubs that ban computer use are in the extreme minority…like a handful out of thousands of clubs.

    • Dennis Olivieira

      But Pioneer can do that.. Rekordbox DJ isn’t solid as a rock. Pioneer shall made Rekordbox solid first before close the door for Traktor or Serato.

      • Chuck

        What do you think ? My take is that Pioneer doesn’t care about Rekordbox DJ’s reliability as this brand dominates clubs/bars dj booths, bedroom dj’s gear with their hardware products. With its policy, Pioneer considers customers as “alive portfolios” and i can’t take it…

  • Michael Heß

    It definetely is important. I would consider the lack of HID support on the current top line CDJs even more crucial. When I see a “current” model of CDJ standing in a booth, I nowadays simply expect to plug my USB cables into them, and starting playing.

    What a setback…. 🙁

  • el_mysterio

    As an owner of the DJM900NXS2 mixer and long time user of traktor, I can definitely say its important capability to have out of box compatibility. When I bought this mixer I assumed as the 900nsx had it, then this would have it as well. Was totally disappointed that it didn’t, however hopefully it will come in a future firmware update.

    However i wish this article was written after getting some solid information from Pioneer rather than just bringing to light a fact that has been well known for quite some time. I guess it would help bring the issue to light for prospective buyers.

    Its definitely frustrating. The weird thing is that even the “work around” for traktor doesn’t work. So its definitely a Pioneer issue.

    • marquee mark

      I suspect DJTT might be writing about this to get some “solid information from Pioneer” as they write in the article that they declined to comment. also you mention that you didn’t know it lacked it when you bought the mixer, there’s probably a lot of other people out there who don’t know about it, as you say – prospective buyers.

      This def warrants a response/explanation from Pioneer, don’t drop features out of nowhere!

    • Dennis Olivieira

      Yeah I agree 100%

    • Homicide Monkey

      This is just my experience but I would never hold out on Pioneer adding features in a firmware update. They were pretty nasty to the XDJ-1000 users who were wondering if the new phase meter, and hot cue count would trickle down. This is kind of the problem with them being the industry standard. They can pull BS moves to hurt the competition and try to strong arm more of the market.

      • pixelbreak

        That’s why I hold on buying them. Loved the concept, since it can basically become a budget CDJ-2000NXS2 by adding those feature via software update but support from them has been slim.

        Potential wasted. Hope someone hacks them and adds a customs firmware to add those features.

        Seems like a little open-source project to bring life to CDJs, on every iteration improvements are minimal. I reckon the current iteration sound great, the NXS and below needed a good DAC to sound good in big systems.

    • jaycastelli

      You Can Use Traktor with DJM900NXS2 and DVS.

      When you open REKORDBOX DJ the Full Duplex mode became UNLOCK.
      Then you can configure Traktor in DVS mode.

      The problem is you should be REKORDBOX DJ open, because if you turn it off, this become Lock.

      For Serato is more complicate because there’s a Hardware Key for use it.

      Maybe with and Scrip we can unlock it but this is something about to hack the unit.


      • Daniel Ventura

        This must be possible in some way. the same lock is present for the cdj2000nxs2 and vdj made a “Workaround” to use them via hid 🙂

        • jaycastelli

          How you do that?