2016 Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale + $500 Giveaway

Once again we’re kicking off our annual week-long DJ and producer sale with 10 to 50% off the very best equipment. This year, skip the corporate stores, and support your own community with DJ TechTools. We’re an independent small business that has a long history of helping DJs and DJ culture.  Check out some of the most exciting discounts inside and enter to win a $500 store credit at the bottom of the article.

Black Friday DJ Deals

DJTT’s carefully curated DJ and producer store throws only one major sale each year, allowing everyone to upgrade to high quality gear at an affordable price. Almost everything in the store is on sale – and if you log into your free DJTT membership account, you’ll see steep discounts that last through Monday.

It’s also Thanksgiving here in the US. This year, we’re incredibly thankful for a supportive DJ community who look out for each other. Even in hard times, every DJ around the world wants to share great music and help people dance. We are especially appreciative of all our readers that support the DJTT store with their limited gear budget, which enables us to keep this community running.

The sale is on now, and will end Monday, November 28th at 11:59PM PST.  

Here are a selection of the best deals, to see everything:
Visit the DJ TechTools Black Friday page

Midi Fighter 3D + Twister 20% Off

Get one of DJTT’s premium MIDI controllers for producers, DJs, finger drummers, live visuals, photo editing, and almost anything you can imagine. They’re a steal at only $175 – the lowest price all year for both the Midi Fighter 3D and Midi Fighter Twister. Don’t wait for a better deal on these, it’s not coming. 

Yes, there are some limited edition Twisters in stock as well! 

V-Moda M-100 Headphones

Some of the most durable and feature-heavy headphones on the market for DJs are 30% off. Did you know the band is rated strong enough that you can bend it completely flat and it will not break? Or that they come with headphone splitters built into the cable and the cans themselves?  Contact DJTT on Live chat for the special discount code

Chroma Cables

We make some of the best USB cables on the market for anyone looking for a way to connect their DJ gear with their computer. Not only are they heavily shielded, they rock dual ferrites to cut interference, and also have a solid array of colors to code your various gear. 50% off (or $6.50 each) during this sale! 

Chroma Caps

As with Chroma Cables, above, we’re dropping our colored caps line down to 50% off. We want to get as many of these caps out into the world, improving mixes with their high-visibility colors and extra-grippy exteriors. 

Ableton Push 2 + Live Intro = 20% Off

Want to get a new Ableton Push 2? It even comes with a copy of Live Intro (but you can also just use your current version of Live if you already have it). This is the best price we’ve seen on this ultimate DAW instrument since it launched! 

Visit Our Store + Share This Article, Win $500 For DJ Gear

Use the widget below to enter our contest to win $500 credit in the DJTT webstore.

UPDATE: Winners announced in the widget below! Even if you didn’t win, (we wish you all could, but we’re a small business, not a lottery ?) visit our online store and chat with our live chat agents to get great deals over the next few days.

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  • Nikola Galamgia Krstojevic

    That Magma Mono FlyBy would fit for me 🙂

  • Victor Dyson

    if i win this im definitely getting a MIDI Fighter 3D…..or two, as well as some new Chroma cables for my 3 launchpads, plus the new Fighters 😀

  • Riley Cronin

    I’m using that $500 all on chroma cables ?

    • Spacecamp

      You must have a LOT of USB gear…! 😉

  • CUSP

    I’ve really enjoyed using my Twitch DJ Controller, but the time (and for me, money) has come to upgrade. I still feel that the touchstrips are the best interface for me, but Stems changed a lot for me (finally coming into mainstream use).

    I’m thinking of either getting the S5 or the S8, but I’m not sure which one to get. What are your thoughts? I have my own, but looking for other opinions.

    • Spacecamp

      IMO the biggest difference between S8 and S5: no faders for Stems on the S5. If you want really good volume control, you’ll want the S8.

      • CUSP

        Yeah, that’s pretty much what I thought. Are there any other features the S8 has over the S5 (in your experience).

        • Stewe

          S8 has dedicated encoder controls as well for FX Sends, Slot Filter, Slot Pitch. Also worth mention is that new Sequencer feature won’t work with S5.

          • CUSP

            I found this too: https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/traktor/dj-controllers/traktor-kontrol-s8/comparison-chart/

            Apparently there are some things you can do with the S8, you cannot with the S5, like using an iPhone/iPad, use turntables, directly (the S8 comes with Traktor Scratch Pro 2), and MIDI in and Out… I’m not sure I need these features, but at least this chart shows the differences, since I have a Maschine Mikro Mk2.

            I hope the knobs on these controllers are NKS compliant (so I can use some of the more advanced features with my Mikro).

        • Ztronical

          Not mappable!

          But I have the S8, make sure you buy a decksaver.

          • CUSP

            What is not mappable, the Knobs for Maschine, the channel strips for the Remix Decks, something else? I looked at the chart again, and the iPhone/iPad does not work directly with the S8, but they can be used as a separate input source. That’s a pretty strong feature (assignable inputs: internal/external).

          • CUSP

            Good call on that. I elected to go for the Kontrol S8. I’m experimenting with next-level, live-performance spatial audio stuff so I figured that the best piece of gear I can buy would be the best course of action.

        • Ramón Emilio Álvarez

          I have the S5 it only supports 2 effects channels… instead of all 4.. that’s my biggest down side… as for the stems faders.. you can toggle mute on or off with the pads.. the filters, volume you can do with the encoders on the sides…

  • Envinite

    I know I shouldn’t waste money on speakers & rave party earlier this month :(((((((

    • Spacecamp

      Rave party! I think you should have no regrets about that 🙂

      • Envinite

        Yea, but I still prefer my Vestax looks like colorful gay rainbow unicorn tho.

  • AJ Lopez

    back with the giveaways! always making it exciting! now to go broke on all these amazing deals 🙂 thanks DJTT! -AFTRPRTY!

    • CUSP

      Did someone say “After party?!”