• Nardy

    Hallo my friend.
    I have a problem with
    Traktor 2 and Xone 2D.
    if i use 4 decks
    how make the xone2D  to control 4 decks?
     I not find a tutorial:(
    thanks in advance

  • Jeronimo Jones

    NI’s version of the Akai APC40. Simply put.

  • Why wont they realease the mixer section of the s4 as a seperate unit with soundcard ?, That way you could have Various combo`s of x1`s and f1`s and or link with mashcine to have crossfader etc.

  • Im gona link Maschine to my S4 instead of buying one of these.

  • Sonnic Beatz

    Common guys you can clearly see in the video that the unit only has one line of continous knobs

  • Dandyrandy88

    this is bitchen. i was lookin for a way to perform my songs with maschine, and didn’t want to learn ableton. this is perfect. but god damnit i want VIDEO! come on!

  • matloh

    so you will have to buy 2 x X2 for full 2 deck control? daaaaaaaamn. hehehe 

  • pause at 0:10 …

  • Tragik11

    f*ck ! NI do you think I poop 100 dolla’ bills ????  new software are you kiddind

    • It’s probably an upgrade. 😉

  • ObviousAlias

    I’m actually more interested in the software update that will have to correspond with the new controller.  I tried the Bridge with Serato and found that it was a little cumbersome in that there was no way to load clips from within the SSL browser, which limited the on-the-fly capabilities in my mind, but it appears that this new approach to the sample decks is built in a similar manner as the sequencer window in Live, but will hopefully allow live clip (sample) loading direct from the Traktor browser.

    I’m also still hoping to see some form of elastic beatgridding similar to the warping capabilities in Live…

  • Anonymous

    This seems like a stab at the MIDI Fighter Pros if you ask me

  • EuphoricF

    When Traktor is getting more complicated soon we will need a physics-degree to make music.. 😉

  • No credit to the forum members that posted these screen shots? WTH!

  • Noelflava

    That would be super sick if the display was actually heads up like that in front of the controller/mixer like in video. I think that is just an editing technique to show whats going on.

  • Chris

    They should pay the member forum…

    Well my point of view is that ni continue their capitalist strategy…..So now to control Traktor 2, we need a x1 + a x2……………..

    Definitively will go for the xone K2 !!

  • The way I see it, it’s 16 samples per deck instead of 4, with the ability to stop and play samples, add effects, reverse playback, change the size of the sample, browse for new samples, sync to the tempo, edit the sample, monitor the samples, ad keylock, delete samples, change the color of the sample, change the pitch and the speed and capture new samples from playback.
    I think sample banks can be stoped and play back in columns of four, or play independently with the color pads. All 16 samples seem to respon to the Deck transport controls and Time Code.
    Triggering of single samples seems to be a one/off, loop and cue/up styles.
    There is probably a way to load and recall group or set samples, all 16 samples at the same time.
    Volume control seems to be laid out for each column of 4 samples ( faders ), but also for single sample atenuation ( knobs ).
    And of course, this control would most likely be used also as a general MIDI controller for other software as well.

    My two cents so far…

  • Wow, the innovation this will bring to the DJ community will be unmatched yet again. Here is my hopes for this controller, please let there be some way to save a series of samples in a group to make a preset. This would allow a performer to instantly change  all loops in one deck. I think this will replace people using the Maschine as a performance tools, and better allow people customize their controller to help them perform. It would be nice to eventually see a mixer unit so that with two of these new controllers 0ne/two x1s and a mixer unit a person would have complete control over Traktor’s new sample based add-on and ultimately a controllerist dream.

  • Anyone else notice the Vinyl controlling the group of 4 samples, about 50 secs…

  • Dannysaguilar

    There might be scratch control for sample decks?

  • CUL

    Isn’t this just NIs attempt at Ableton ?

    • JuanSOLO

      I would say yes, In a GOOD WAY.

  • Lovelife06

    that shit cray !

  • Matias Padilla

    Don’t think it will replace the X1 but be an addition to the product line, X1 still looks like it does a better job for timecode peeps.

  • I am really interested in seeing what this will do as far as functionality to the sample decks for those of us who already own the S4 along with the APC40

  • JuanSOLO

    “notice that they have sample groups associated with them with different color assignments for each sample that correspond to what the controller is showing on the pads – much like in Ableton with an APC or Launchpad.”  Only WAY better, SO COOL! Again Traktor making Ableton look primitive in realms of MIDI editing and LED feedback for controllers. 
    joostiisme a.k.a Nostradamus should get a couple free ones. 

  • Quenepas

    This is how companies save R&D money. Crowdsourcing has been established as a trend and many companies are benefiting from it. It’s easy for a company such as NI to search the web/forums looking for trends and what people exactly want to deliver accurately. That said, I love these modular type of gadgets so you can pretty much have a setup pretty much spot on to what you want. I see this being a great seller for NI. 

    • JuanSOLO

      I really applaud NI for this. They really HAVE kept their ear to the ground about what users want in terms of midi mapping and LED feedback. They are killing it on this angle, while companies like Ableton probably havent even noticed it yet. Althogh my APC40 was made for Live, it’s so much easier to map in Traktor as well as giving the user WAY more customization abilities. I hope other companies like Bitwig and Ableton start paying attention to what NI is establishing here, because it’s magic. Colored clips updating LEDs, an obvious idea that has been overlooked until now.

  • I see a capture / delete button on there….live sample grabbing? yess!!

  • D Witt

    I hope these are going to be reasonably price. If priced anywhere over $200 I would just stick with my mpd26

  • metachemical

    I love/hate reading these kinds of threads – there are always a load of negative assho*les who just have to pick at every new piece of gear simply because… well they are assho*les? I have no idea. Like every new piece of gear, it will be useful for some and not for others. I am bored to death with 4 channel controllers, as it’s not what I want to do. I really like Traktor, but as a producer who wants to “play” his own stuff, this looks perfect for me. I used to dj, so I’m comfortable with a dj layout, I love traktor, but I also want to be able to control my tracks with traktor but have control over individual elements of the track. Ableton seems like the perfect answer, though I love NI’s stuff and don’t need the DAW elements (and price) of Live. A couple of these controllers, a soundcard and a mixer (or X1 as a mixer) becomes a pretty inexpensive and powerful option if this does everything I think it does. I just can’t fu*king understand why there are always a few co*ksmokers who have to dump on DJTT and every new piece of gear that dosen’t fit what they want to do. You don’t like it? Don’t use it.

  • This is got i got so far! I haven’t been able to guess some of the buttons. Any suggestions?

    • 2nd to the bottom row is “Punch” this has been confirmed

      • Thank You! Punch It is. Updating! One down, two to go! 

        • primate cuts

          I guess, he ment the bottom row of the big pads, the description on the side there is PUNCH. That small button in your picture betweens sync and capture looks like “quant” to me, but not quite sure…

  • I couldn’t imagine something LESS useful for DEEJAYS. I’ve been waiting for an X2 hoping it would be a modular deck replacement with more DEEJAY friendly features than the X1 (which I own and love) but this is the opposite of that.

  • Minister Mitch

    Just wondering…. Is DJTT not involved with the development of this controller ?
    It seems that NI is taking Traktor in a more to the Midi Fighter/controllism direction…
    Also, I assumed that Ean helped NI with the development of the S4… (correct me if I’m wrong)

    I know that the DJTT guys have seen or know more about this controller…
    Stop teasing DJTT !! Show us the good stuff !! 😛

  • Pedroferreirapulido

    completely lost interest in it with this video! i think it is nice and
    understandable that NI chooses to go through the path of “sample
    evolution”, but as a traditional DJ that just loves pure mixing and
    doesn’t give a rats’ass to sampling and mashup style songs, this is not
    for me. I understand this is one of the ways to go, but i hope soon
    enough NI will launch something to compete with A&H K2… This is
    definitely for different purposes.

    Also, a digital mixer the size of an X1 with an A2DJ incorporated, THAT
    would be something i’d like. This ?! nhééé… this is for the beatjuggle
    fanatics and the sample enthusiasts and in my opinion, if you have some
    kind of (let’s just say it)… well… BRAIN… then you spend sometime
    learning ableton and just go with it.

    true dissapointment for me, but i’m sure lots will like it and i understand the line of thinking.

  • Redrolla

    s4 seemless integration pleeze

  • Timmaughan

    ‘There’s a clear gap in the X series of controllers, namely the control of samples.’

    No, the X1 does this fine. The gap is for a jogless mixer controller to sit aside the X1. But as ever NI seems fixated with controllerists. Sigh.

    • Pedroferreirapulido

      completely agree. they are clearing betting on the controllerism market. understandable but a pitty that they still haven’t figured out that if they’d make a X1 size mixer with integrated audio soundcard, it would sell like hell!

      • antiMACtax

        I agree, and was really excited in seeing a strict midi mixer with/without interface. I still like what I’m seeing with this, but if they do decide for the mixer I hope it is twice the width of an x1 and have optional audio interface. LED feedback on rotary pots are a must! X1-effects, X2-samples, M1-mixer. Heaven!

      • antiMACtax

        I agree, and was really excited in seeing a strict midi mixer with/without interface. I still like what I’m seeing with this, but if they do decide for the mixer I hope it is twice the width of an x1 and have optional audio interface. LED feedback on rotary pots are a must! X1-effects, X2-samples, M1-mixer. Heaven!

    • Faderswagger

      Yeah, that’s because Serato’s already got the market cornered on the old fogies who just want to mix two tracks and claim that anything else is “cheating”

  • Mateusz
  • Guest

    hopefully will include a USB hub because another controller means another cable…lol

  • Dj trigitaliz

    And here it is 😉

  • I am still hoping NI also decides to build a version with a jogwheel as I sketched once for fun. So almost like one side of a S2 or S4. So you can have your own mixer combined with two of those (or four and still be very mobile)!

  • Djkrypto1103

    It would be amazing if they could map this with machine 

  • Doesn’t anyone at DJTT kinda notice that 4×4 grid? Um….hellooooo. Bye bye Midi-Figher sales. D:


    Can you guys running DJTechTools get off your own dicks please?


    Can you guys running DJTechTools get off your own dicks please?

  • some of you guys think .. WAY too much about these controllers.

    • Anonymous

      Well, we’re geeks. This site might as well be djgeekgadgets.com, and I’m loving every bit of it.

      • clinkyy

        i clicked the link hoping it would take me somewhere even more technical than this

        • I just bought that domain. I’ll have an open platform website where anyone can post anything technical and users can rate, delete and whatever.

      • I just bought that domain. I’ll have an open platform website where anyone can post anything technical and users can rate, delete and whatever.

  • Small amendment to the drawing: It’s got 2×5 buttons (the yellow/black) over the 4×4 colored rows. Due to the offset on the secound lit yellow button and the secound fader and the fact that the one black button is centered above the center top two multicolored buttons.

    So from the bottom up:
    4×4 multi colored back lit button grid
    2×5 yellow back lit buttons for functions
    4 faders
    rotary faders on top (probably 4)

  • Asmprod

    More buttons would have been nice … my TF stills plays good its gonna take a while to move into a new MIDI toy…

  • Asmprod

    More buttons would have been nice … my TF stills plays good its gonna take a while to move into a new MIDI toy…

  • Filthybassjunkies

    what would it be for it dosent have enough knobs to control effects on traktor 

    • Huh? It’s most lightly got 4 rotary knobs on top for Dry/Wet, FX1, FX2 and FX3…Shown in the photo…

  • Joostiisme

    Haha, I thought it was pretty close to my mockup.

    I’d be horored if my idea becomes reality.
    Would be great if they’d made some of the other mockups too.

    • Diesel Logie

      Consider this as an recognition, may be you should take your skills seriously and find better ways to apply it.

    • NIowesyoumoney

      Ask for some dollars! 

    • NIowesyoumoney

      Ask for some dollars! 

    • Hugo

      No offense, but do you really think they didn’t had the idea before you drew it ? Product development cycles take years, they probably had this in their minds for a least a couple of years…

      • Campark43

        No offense, but do you really think you hav ent the hadded the wtf? Wouldn’t b surprised if they copied the design, unllike some people

    • Coldfuzion

      I feel that they did take your idea and adjust it a bit. Maybe like Diesel Logie said, you could make a career move into maybe the DJTT dept, or hell maybe even move to NI’s research & dev team? 😀

      Hell i’d definitely try. 

  • SkyTek

    I am inclined to believe there is something more in the work with this new Bitwig software release. On clue is the colored pads, which may reflect the clips in the Able…..I mean Bitwig GUI…….Things that make you go Hmmmm

  • Frantory

    Uh oh………Midi-Fighter, we have a problem.

  • Anonymous

    yeah, audio output is also on his way.
    new maschine update will follow later this year. will be increadible

  • emulator

    mmmh, they will also take audio output into the new x2.

  • Irshu88

    If i’m correct – You can see Richie Hawtin using it in this video below – Im so damn sure thats the new controller from them

    • Marcus Klay

      That was a promo video of the X1.

    • That shows the X1 and then a short clip where he bashes a NI Maschine…

    • That shows the X1 and then a short clip where he bashes a NI Maschine…

    • frijec

      That’s just Maschine hes improving on.

  • Can’t be better than the X1

  • Nick

    If it ends up looking like that picture, it’s also very exciting for Ableton users…

  • Anonymous

    A 4×4 pad layout doesn’t really seem plausible. I’m staring at my X1 and looking at the mockup, and what makes sense to me would be 2 rows of 4 pads on the bottom, followed by 2 rows of 4 buttons above them, with 4 sliders above that, then 8 knobs on the top.

    That seems to make sense if you think about it as a controller for the sample decks in Traktor. (2 decks with 4 slots each) with the sliders being for volume perhaps and the knobs for filters and such ? The buttons could be for loading groups of samples at a time and maybe locking key and FX toggle ? Can’t see a use for the colours on the pads though.

    These are just my thoughts. What do you guys think ?

    • Anonymous

      The more buttons and knobs and faders the better.;) That controller might just be a hybrid like some people are thinking, mixing Maschine and Traktor together in some way.

      I’d also wan’t at least 16 Buttons for Cue Point and Sample Deck control.


    • derp

      except that the leaked picture has 16 pads…

      • Anonymous

        Lol the “leaked picutre” is the first picutre. The second one is a mockup by a forum member 1 year ago.

        Please read the article before replying to a comment ..

        • Michael

          Twisted – you can clearly see 16 RGB pads in the NI picture, further more both the leak and the mock up have 16 pads – please follow your own advice…

    • You’re way off.. 🙂 I think you need to look at the NI photo again. 😉
      And… The row in the middle is 2×5 buttons… 😉

  • Ryansage09

    Full Maschine Integration would be epic!!!!!

  • Peter

    if that looks exciting, you should see the Livid CNTRL:R

    • Marcus Klay

      Looks pretty nice, but it doesn´t have an internal sound card, right?

    • Marcus Klay

      Looks pretty nice, but it doesn´t have an internal sound card, right?

  • Bloodhound

    possibility of traktor and ableton cooperation?

    like the bridge from serato?

  • is time to sell X1 and buy X2!!

  • is time to sell X1 and buy X2!!

  • Lauti

    this will also kill the X1 I think. at least for turntable setups


  • I was planning on picking up an X1 and a Midi Fighter classic, but will wait and see what these look like to see if I need to make that an X2 and a Midi Fighter…oh heck…who am I kidding, I will probably get both an X1 and an X2 AND a Midi Fighter!

  • Japanese making musical device Team “tkrworks” have made a controller&mixer for PCDJ like above device!
    That name is “PICratchBOX”.

  • Smokescreen20

    Ah man, I hope they aren’t killing my s4 lol

  • I just want to point out that this is not a NI “Leak”… It’s a controlled sneak peek teaser through their Twitter account specifically made to create a lot buzz about a new upcoming product.
    The word “LEAK” is misleading. 

    • Spacecamp

      Sure, it’s a teaser. But it’s also a controlled leak. Most leaks actually are, especially in product release season. See every “iPhone prototype found in wild” story. Except for that one where Apple got the police to raid that dude’s house. 

      • Anonymous

        Doesn’t “leak” refer to an unforeseen/unwanted/negative thing, if ya catch my drift?

        • Me

          nope. controlled leaks are common place, and still referred to as “leaks”

          • Jrockin629

            all of it is Marketing.  You think Ean played with the new MF hoping no one was going to record it?

    • paw_20

      indeed. NI emailed me the video link, and all i’m registered for is TSD2

  • Jesus III

    I read about this on other blogs and mabe I don’t see something everybody else is seeing but why does this have to be a new Traktor controller?
    For me the 4×4 pads indicate that it’s gonna be part of a new Maschine Hardware…

    • Gavin

      “Follow our brand new @Traktor channel for all the latest Traktor information and a sneak peak of some new #Traktor hardware!”

  • DJ Freesoul

    Would love to see some Ean Golden special mappings for this. Oh wait. He’s working for Vestax… 🙂  (Thats ironicly speaking :))

    • Dennis Parrott

      awww c’mon…. Ean & Co. are supporting the S4 and S2 with tricked-out mappings. His Vestax affiliations aren’t exclusive. I predict that there will be some X2 love given to the masses once it hits the market!

  • illstep

    man, NI ripped of your forum member

    • Armin De Ghetto

      Maybe the forum member was an incognito NI employee…

  • jon

    Am not having that

    the mockup is practically identical!

  • Arovia

    Traktor + Maschine finally integreted? 

    • Thats what Im gon=ing to do like my Mashine via midi and map it ,hope it works ?

  • Bastian Hertel

    would be if it got the same formfactor as the x1. think they both would give a good pair. and maybe there is a twitch-slicer function coming on traktor?

  • Bastian Hertel

    would be if it got the same formfactor as the x1. think they both would give a good pair. and maybe there is a twitch-slicer function coming on traktor?

  • joostiisme design is off the chain! I bet some designer at NI saw it, put his name over it and called it a day. joostiisme you better get some compensation! lol

    • Joostiisme

      Compensation would be great, but not likely.
      An e-mail noting that I was first would be great for my ego.
      A visit to NI headquarters would be the best!

  • Michielygil

    if color coding of cue points arrives in traktor and it will match the pad colors of this thing, that would be such a workflow improvement! Untill then it’s a mwah for this thing.

  • Cybertrash

    This looks interesting… Like NI’s answer to the Xone K2, It’ll be fun to see it revealed, I think that integration with Traktor will probably be it’s major selling point (as compared to the K2) but the K2 will probably be more versatile.

  • Umm….. CAN I HAVE TWO PLEASE!!!!!

    I have found the perfect performance knob and pad box. Sliders too………. I might wake up a bit wet after dreaming about this!

  • Bianca

    Looks like a Reloop Contour

  • A very cool mockup. One thing to notice is that in the main picture it actually shows a knob beneath the faders, a small line of button above it, and on the top the colorful pads. It seems promising.

  • Anonymous

    it’s just a Xone K2 with less features. although by the look of it, the pads should be nicer for cue point juggling, but otherwise, it looks much more limited than the K2

  • Dandyrandy88

    that thing is tight!!! i didn’t like the x1, but this one i might get

  • Blisstimothy

    Normally none of this traktor crap makes my head turn.. but this has definitely alot of potential.. most exciting thing so far. This is almost too cool if the pads can have that many colors

  • Rosetta_circle

    I am loving djtt even more lately pumping at new and interesting articles daily!!
    The Kx2 looks very cool. I could see with a different mapping maybe 4 decks of control? Keep up the good work djtt!

    • elio_xh

      samee! usually i go straight to the forum, bypassing the blog but this week they’ve been great.