New Serato Video Plugin Announced for Scratch Live and ITCH

Serato Scratch Live and ITCH users have long awaited an update to the popular but aging Video-SL plugin for Scratch Live to bring video mixing to the next level, and it looks like they’ve gotten their wish today with the new Serato Video. While we’re still waiting on more details and screenshots from Serato HQ, the major features include increased MIDI controller support by the way of ITCH compatability, audio-based effects, and the ability to save effects along within a video file for recall. Keep reading for the full feature list! 

The blog post from Serato detailing Serato Video is brief but to-the-point. Launching in March 2012, Serato Video will be a free upgrade for current users of Video-SL, and for everyone else it will be available for $149. While naturally we’re most excited about seeing what opening up  new video features to MIDI controller users means for the world of video mixing on a large scale (MIDI controllers are our favorite, in case you hadn’t caught on yet), there are number of other features that are very much of note:

  • Audio responsive effects, including bass zoom and splits, that are controlled by analyzing the music signal.
  • Preview and manage video files in both the ITCH and Scratch Live offline players.
  • Use Video Instant Doubles to play the same video and effects on a second deck.
  • Store effects within each video file for instant recall.
  • Setup different output configurations (Output Only, L/R prefader or all 3 outputs) for greater flexibility when video mixing externally.
  • Utilize third party controllers with Serato Video’s MIDI control in Scratch Live.

Not a bad offering from Serato in terms of stepping up their game and moving to capitalize on on of the major features that Traktor lacks, video. But video mixing has long been a crowded playing field, with Atomix’s Virtual DJ having lead the way for many years, and a number of other more specialized VJ applications like Processing, Quartz Composer, Resolume and Modul8 taking up the more professional and dedicated video applications.

Let’s hear your thoughts on how way cool or not way cool this is in the comments below – does having MIDI-control well integrated into Serato make you more inclined to mix videos? 

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