• No more available the soundpack?

  • Jay

    Hey DJTT, the download links are down. can you re-upload it please ?

  • Marcel Johnson

    why is the download link not working anymore? could anyone be so kind and upload the pack somewhere else and post a link in here please? 🙂 i would really like to play with it for a while. inb4 contest is over

  • nick

    mad zackkkkkkk theres no soundpack when i click on the download link. Im a huge fan have both sound pack box sets and would love the lazer bay one thanks!!!

  • AndyCAPPS

    I never got my Midi Fighter :/ i’ve called, facebooked, emailed… nothing :/ makes me sad. Pls get back to me


  • am like not to leave the net, hey this is super great things

  • Anonymous

    What ever happened to the disco ball photo contest months ago? http://www.djtechtools.com/2012/08/13/traktor-remix-decks-a-quick-and-easy-way-to-remix-songs-in-dj-sets/
    I’ve never seen DJTT announce any Midi Fighter 3D winners for this and frankly, I’ve put quite some effort into this.

  • My Contribution to the DJTT Studio Remix Contest!

  • Guest

    When you guys say midnight on October 10th, do you mean the very second the clock ticks over into midnight on the 10th in the AM, or do you mean after 11:59 pm on the 10th, going on 12:00 am on the 11th? What I mean is, do we have all day on the 10th to work on it, or do we have to get it in the day before?

  • TYLR
    • TYLR

      Submitted to the group

  • Guillou

    Here is my entry, right on time!

    What do you thinK?

  • mocharizma

    quick questions,can i post more than one video? i have 2 style remix if i
    combine to one video it would takes more than 2 minutes,execuse my
    english,im from indonesia..lol

  • tkr

    so we can use a sample to create a build and export it as a one shot for live use? thats within limits right?

  • quick question: for the remix contest, can I post something with vocals or does it have to be instrumental?

  • Guest

    myDJTT Remix Contest: Side A

  • Will studio competition be also judged by quality of mastering?

  • First decent song i made is with this kit

  • Russell Smyth

    There is a “yi-yi” sound at 1:28 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=9Kg6ZHEI4fE#t=88s) in Rick’s performance that dosnt seem to be in the .wav downloads (no ableton here).. or is it built from one of the other sounds?

  • pmgo

    is it cool to make some samples from the secret pack for the live performance, or are the intended for the remix? also where can we view entries on youtube? is there a playlist of entries?

  • Grant Elliott

    Just thought I’d let you know, but the samples all seem to be panned 34% to the right when I open them.

  • Shuffle Sam

    The Rick Fresco pack is still a text doc. for me and i cant open the other sound packs, “made in a newer version” is what it says… lame… i guess im putting the pack together by hand….

  • carlos

    can we use live looping for the ive performance contest?

  • I am intrigued. Liking the updated site design btw, guys…

  • Kreechur.

    For the production contest can we use sampler to change the pitch of the samples and still be within the rules.

    • Mad Zach

      absolutely, I certainly did. Flex your might, change that ish, just use them as the primary source material.

      • Rick Baker

        Is it cool if we filter the samples for the live contest or nah?

  • Which one of the sets are we supposed to use? The original one or the Fresco’s version?

    • Mad Zach

      it doesn’t matter, I put them both up because they’re a bit different but either is fine

      • Nice. Can we line up samples inside some mp3 tracks to use them with hotcues in traktor?

  • Marz

    Just submitted! If you like electro/dubstep check out my remix! http://soundcloud.com/iammarz/mad-zach-lazer-bay-marz-remix


  • Ian Savage

    Heres a tidbit of what I came up with. Featuring Lecrae 😉

  • Stewe

    Looking forward to this 🙂 Can I use my keyboard in routine or it’s strictly to controllerism?

  • CNK
    • Mad Zach

      submit it to the contest group 🙂

      • CNK

        I did 🙂

  • Becco90

    Ehi mad, thanks for the opportunity! Can we make both contest? Cheers!

    • Mad Zach

      yeah go for it, although you can’t win both, unless you’re a complete beast 🙂

  • DJ Keys

    Who won the last Traktor survey contest?!

  • Whats the bpm of the origional track.

    • Mad Zach

      88 bpm

  • Rick Fresco

    Thanks for the HUGE video guys! 😉

  • djinturn

    I’m having trouble opening the live packs, when I unzip them, I get a textedit document.

    • Mad Zach

      which pack?

    • Mad Zach

      hey I fixed it, for some reason it didn’t include the file extension “.alp” so you can either just add that extension to the file or re-download. thanks for calling that out 🙂

  • Jayvee

    Cool stuff! Definatly gonna try my best at this 🙂
    And good luck to all other contestants

  • alchemy

    when is the deadline? i did not spot it on the article

  • Guillou

    Really cool! But any news about the #remixthis contest?

  • signed up!