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LiveFX For iPad Launches – Playable iOS Effects Processor

The last few years have seen a lot of hardware manufacturers developing iOS versions of their hardware, and as iPads continue to find their way into even more DJ and producer setups, it’s no surprise that iOS developer Elephant Candy has taken on the task of building a playable effects processor for the iPad.

Inspired by the highly successful performance stye of Korg’s Kaoss Pad units, LiveFX is capable of taking any audio source and adding up to four concurrent, real-time effects to the audio.

Watching the videos of the app in use, it really does feel like the new generation of Kaoss Pad – featuring multitouch effects, inter-app audio routing (using Audiobus), and adjustable speed control of any recorded preset effects. Check out the below demo/promo video from Elephant Candy below:

The app itself is free to download from the iTunes App Store – but it’s just a demo version, with (somewhat annoying) audio watermarking in it after a limited time of demo use. If you want the full version of LiveFX , you’ll have to make an In-App purchase of it for $8.99. One more video to check out – here’s a quick set by Ciska showing what an experienced set of hands can do with the application:

[spotted via our friends at CreateDigitalMusic]

  • Looks like the videos are same, but it has some good quality.

  • buy an ipad and use it as a controller/live instrument on the side… (beware of gain settings)
    atleast that how use ikaossilator using this in/with traktor. it will req new mappings or even building in synth/ossil functions in traktor.. wont happend quick i think.. 🙁

  • Howto use it with kontrol s4?

  • gustavo

    how can I integrate this with the music in my controller (i use traktor, btw)

  • mindless

    kaoss pad quad.. the design, the four effects groups, and everything

    • AP S

      Yup. Practically a carbon copy.

  • Looks like the videos are the same.

    • Spacecamp

      Not for long! Thanks Chris.