• Looks like the videos are same, but it has some good quality.

  • buy an ipad and use it as a controller/live instrument on the side… (beware of gain settings)
    atleast that how use ikaossilator using this in/with traktor. it will req new mappings or even building in synth/ossil functions in traktor.. wont happend quick i think.. 🙁

  • Howto use it with kontrol s4?

  • gustavo

    how can I integrate this with the music in my controller (i use traktor, btw)

  • mindless

    kaoss pad quad.. the design, the four effects groups, and everything

    • AP S

      Yup. Practically a carbon copy.

  • Looks like the videos are the same.

    • Spacecamp

      Not for long! Thanks Chris.