• Daniel

    RemixComps and FindRemix are dead. You should add https://remixcomps.io/ they seem to be posting daily.

  • Skum

    RemixComps and FindRemix is no longer updated. You should add http://www.reremix.com to your list instead.

    • hrflikk


  • RogueDJ

    can you make a new article with an updated list? these sites don’t work anymore

  • DJiDevil

    Maybe it’s late but I know what to do now…

  • Marc Landish

    Cool piece this. 2 years ago I won the Creamfields & Mixmag DJ Comp and this year I came runner up in The Rockness DJ comp. Off the back of this the number of booking I have taken has doubled and through doing well in these competitons I feel as though I have gained more respect as a DJ so I can play a few more of the tracks that I want to. DJin at Creamfields was terrifying but it was the best weekend of my life, nothing compares to walking back stage at a festival wearing an Artist wrist band and meeting your hero’s! I feel as though making you DJ comp entries stand out shouldn’t really be all that difficult.

    1 Play a variety of music but stick to a theme.

    2 Play an acapella or 2.

    3 Edit most of your tracks.

    4 Play some oldies.

    5 Make sure your gains are perfect.

    6 End to end mixing just won’t cut it.

    7 Film your entry and get busy!

    8 Do a 3 deck mix.

    Here’s a link to my winning entry, you’ll see a midifighter!

    Also please check out my entry for this years comp and vote for me if you like it!


    Good luck! 🙂

  • Jefra

    don’t forget zedd, he became famous with remix competitions too!

  • David De Garie-Lamanque

    this is quite the interesting article.

    i’ve participated in a bunch or remix contests and won second place in a contest organised by FXpansion last year. Of course when entering such a contest like the huge ones on beatport, it’s a good idea to take time in crafting the best remix you can!

    Even then, originality and skill won’t get you far if you work outside of the genre of the original track, as mentioned in the article, especially in the Beatport contests…
    In those it just seems like the labels want either really commercial remixes or tracks in their preferred genre, despite their quality or originality…

    my point being, if you’re like me and you try to make a DnB remix of an electro track in a Beatport competition, you will most likely be overlooked… i think the contests on site like Talenthouse are probably better if you’re into slightly different stuff than the top-40 electro dance fare.

  • Martin Gaffney

    This is an amazing article, it’s a great way for producers/DJs alike to stay motivated and create awesome routines and remixes. Thank you for this, I will definitely be entering!

  • Anonymous

    http://www.djforums.com regularly has DJ battles and contests

  • Lylax

    cool article!