• Cordy Cept

    DJ MIX UPLOADS: http://mboxmp3.com

  • Javier

    You forgot to mention MIX.DJ http://mix.dj which is hosting hundreds of thousands of dj mixes and dj profiles since 2005…

  • Chris Smith

    I think http://www.mixhosting.co.uk should get a mention – fastest upload/download speeds around that’s for sure IE DJs can upload their mixes quicker/listeners can download/stream them quicker… all from mobile devices too – happy days!

  • Louise

    they should really change copyright law so non commercial creative pursuits are no longer illegal – it never should have been this way in the first place. Copyright was supposed to protect from straight outright copying and trying to pass that work off as their own. But now it’s infringing on people’s creativity and that harms culture. Paintings of celebs, cover songs, mixes should not be illegal if they are non commercial and create something ‘new’ rather than a copy. The fashion industry have survived without any copyright, why can’t the music business survive a little leniency.

  • Pablo Lopez

    check out http://www.logamp.com the website it’s simple to use and its not just for music but also for artist and writers . A social website where all types of artist are welcome. It’s for free and unlimited space

  • Alexander Krauskopf

    CSound is definitely the best alternative.

    Check out https://csound.me — DJs can host their singles, remixes, mixes all for free. And there’s absolutely no worries of takedowns. embeddable, dj profiles, every tool you need.

    100GB FREE!!!!

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  • DJ La Formula Mr Amazing!

    I Would like to know, if any of these app would work good audio streaming like sound cloud does.. i have my own DJ Mobile APP being created now and i used to use sound cloud, well as we all know i can’t anymore, because they suck with dj mixes, so what alternative can i use where i can upload my mixes and grab the mixes urls to attach them to my app so that anyone with the app can listen to the mixes..

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  • manyanimals

    You may follow this simple guide to download and convert SoundCloud songs to MP3, WAV, FLAC, at Allavsoft

  • yungcloud ?

    i would like to personally suggest http://yungcloud.com

  • jude

    i personally use http://yungcloud.com

  • Cody Cook

    I want a multi-user, self hosted replacement for Soundcloud/Mixcloud. Anyone have any recommendations?

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  • dropify ended service they no longer in business.

  • Jaffermach

    Nice tools. I’ll go do my research and see which famous DJs prefer which tools.

  • Martin Adelskov


  • Caesar Fernandes

    This new site is creating waves.. was launched in Jan 2015, called ENGAGE.
    It has a cool minimalist design, easy to use and has unlimited music hosting space.

  • sammond

    started using heartthis.at. so far so good. i’d recommend it over mixcrate, mixcloud, soundcloud.

  • Tuck

    All about http://vidi.am ! Has all the functionalities dj/producers want in a platform for making self-promotion easier. Also has easy uploads from youtube and mp3’s and allows you to create your own release schedule

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  • Garrett Cox

    has anyone tried https://www.legitmix.com/
    Its mixes for sale though. so not great for casual listening. It relies on you purchasing the music from other sources like iTunes though. If you already have the songs in your library they are relatively cheap for remixes and sets. It also supports the artists, record label company, and doesn’t infringe on copyright.

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  • ???? ????

    The problem I see is much like any programme or service. Once it begins to gain popularity, the legal system isn’t far behind. If people can make money off of suits, then they will. They don’t attack the smaller ones because there’s no money in it.

    Eventually every streaming audio service will encounter legal problems because of copyright agreements. The last mix I uploaded to sound cloud was probably a little more than a year ago because of one track in my mix that the company thought was copy written, and it is because it’s mix. I didn’t create the track. They never responded to my inquiry, and I thought if they’re that big to where they can’t serve their customer and subscribe base effectively, then I don’t need to be on it.

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  • Ian Baas

    I’ve only ever had one copyright issue with soundcloud and I was able to find a work around by starting the mix after the second track goes in. But also if your playing out 80-90% of each track I think you are screwed. Same goes for playing Big Label/”POPular” tracks in your set.

  • chris

    Release: VA – Temple Of One
    Label: Glowing Flame Records
    Year: 2009

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  • Ravi


  • Ravi

    what about official.fm

    • DJ

      They deleted my account because I had not created the songs I had put in my mixes!!! In other words: WORST than soundcloud, at least there, they only delete the file, on official.fm, since they thought they became famous they deleted my profile and I could not do anything, I could have deleted my mixes the results would have been the same, there was no alternative :-s What dj on earth would only play his own creations??

  • Ryan Wigley

    Check out http://www.thefuture.fm — DJs can host their singles, remixes, mixes all for free. And there’s absolutely no worries of takedowns. FB player, customized embeddable, dj profiles, every tool you need. We are not just a tool for DJs, we are a service that strives to better DJs careers and the value of their content.

    We’re even starting to pay DJs for the plays they get on their content via royalties. If any DJs or DJ Tech Tools has questions about our platform — shoot me a message and I’ll be happy to answer.

    Click here to register: http://www.thefuture.fm/dj_signup

    • Steven Funnell

      thanks for saying about http://www.thefuture.fm but i can’t find any where to upload my mixes

      • Ryan Wigley

        Hey Steven,

        Use this link: http://www.thefuture.fm/dj_signup

        Once you enter your info, you will be taken to a screen where you can upload your content, finalize profile details, and start sharing.

        • Don Stone

          yeah I’m at a loss trying to work this site. Finally was able to upload something (I think) but can’t find it to save my life. Pretty cool looking site but really not user friendly at all

          • Don Stone

            and now I can figure out how to get back to the upload screen 🙁

        • djfader

          The website seems to be really buggy. Its a great website and format too!

    • T Foxxx

      I would love to upload some tracks on this site but have no idea what my login info would be. There is a profile already set up for T Foxxx and that is me… can you help me with this?

    • ???? ????

      That site looks nice. I’ll have to check it out.

    • I love the layout but dislike the video ads. Does offer a paid premium to remove ads but there are a lot of sites that are free and don’t have them.

  • Dave

    hulkshare and audiomack!

  • J Crenshaw

    Blend.io : “DJ mixes would be quite large” ROFL… Uhmmm what? Every single one of my ableton projects blows away any silly size you think a DJ mix takes up. That was a ludicrous comment

    • Triprotic

      We’re so happy for your Ableton projects and how BIG they really must be to “blow away” the “silly size” of a DJ mix (typically around 500MB). Your Ableton projects must be what,10 hours long? How “ludicrous” for someone to say that a site geared towards tracks and DAW projects, which are usually around 5 minutes long, might not be perfectly suited for hour-long mixes!

  • Houseproject

    i use a few of the sites mentioned and i used to use http://www.house-mixes.com all the time as it is a very good site but i changed over a couple of years ago to http://www.mix.dj i am surprised this site was not mentioned… its FREE to uploadf 500mbs and 100% FREE downloads.. i bought a lifetime membersgip one off payment of $25 which entitles me to unlimited uploads..definately worth a look

  • Akar

    House-mixes.com guys!!!

  • Mixcloud doesn’t allow any individual track uploads at all due to their licensing.

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  • keratec

    SoundCloud’s TOS haven’t allowed DJ mixes for some time, I’m not even sure they ever did. Nobody should have put mixes there in the first place.

    • bob

      i agree they belong on mixcloud.com

    • DJ nuukkinkold as Bz

      i guess since you put it that way i should remove my mixes from SC since they never took them down….XD

  • ????Simba

    What about demodrop, a lot of bigger artist are asking for promos though it

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  • KN

    This would be more for other types of musicians but reverberation.com has a really nice layout, easy to set up, and it’d be nice to see DJs on it. It’s more of a promoting-type site. I feel like if DJs would gravitate to this just for promotion purposes, it could really kick off.

    • KN

      sorry, auto-correct sucks. reverbnation.com

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  • Tim Foster

    I can’t fault Twitmusic and Housemixes both very simple and easy to use with never a mix taken down that’s where I upload everything I can’t get on Soundcloud mind you I’ve got 70 mixes on sc one gets taken down roughly once every 8 weeks

  • The ultimate antidote to this issue is to setup a profile with Vidiam Music – putting the power back into the artist hands and giving them a fair deal at the same time. I’ve had a really great experience working with them. This is their site: http://www.vidi.am

  • I am surprised that there is no mention of Beatport’s mix hosting (http://dj.beatport.com)

  • Bridge2Brain

    I used Soundcloud mainly for productions and to get some feedback from people but in the last times it got full of follow and likebots and noone is likely to post any comment. Its nice you guys mentioned Bandcamp but for me its not an alternative to soundcloud even if youre able to just listen to the music. Its build with the purpose of selling music and not just to listen to it so it cant be compared. I gonna stay with soundcloud because i dont plan to upload anything that could cause copyrightproblems and if it does, okay – remove it. I think soon i gonna add Bandcamp to my publishing platforms
    (as soon as my music is good enougth for selling :P)

    • You can still give your music away on Bandcamp, but it’s limited to 200 per month. After that you have to purchase more or let it charge for your downloads.

      I personally prefer the Name Your Price , no minimum option and free downloaders have to give their email address.

      They have most flexible pricing set up I have seen, even if it does limit the free downloads.

  • Ben

    I am still confused how a company can take down a whole DJ set if you only use one of their songs in the mix. They should only be allowed to mute out that part of the mix that they are complaining about and not the whole damn mix! Well hopefully we can start making some headway legally in that department. Anyway eventually people will move away from these sites and post on their own sites and cut out the middle people.

    • Hosting your DJ mixes on your own website may result in your website being taken down in 1 of 2 ways.

      1. Record companies contacting your host company with a DMCA takedown notice.

      2. Your hosting company takes your website down for streaming large media files as they are mostly shared virtual servers. You need a Dedicated server for large files.

      Hosting it yourself has its own problems too, may as well choose one of the options above such as Mixcloud or Mixcrate.

      • Ben

        Again none of these platforms are for DJ’s and the interest of the DJ NONE!

  • Andrew

    I use mixlr to stream my mixes live and then the showreel records all the streams too. People can download the mixes also. I think it’s only 192 kbps, but I can’t complain. It’s free with tiered membership.

  • Madigon

    The lack of hiQ bit rates on mumble killed it for me and MixCloud. 🙁

  • djutopia

    http://www.thefuture.fm is a new service that has promise.

  • Immon

    Surely these (allbeit very welcome) alternatives will end up under pressure from content providers in the same way soundcloud is?

    • By that point there will be new alternatives and we will all move to those.

      But that will only happen if the current ones don’t pay licensing fees. Mixcloud is the only one i have seen that claims they do pay fees.

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  • Rockney

    I’m a little disappointed in the lack of http://www.house-mixes.com in this article, the format is really close to soundcloud, with more features, and I have never had a mix removed. They have an extremely active listening base, and it isn’t flooded with the big names that completely over shadow the average DJ. Your pages are customizable, as well as a ton of other features that have always made me prefer it soundcloud, but i’ve always saw soundcloud as a platform for tracks not mixes.


    • Dan White

      Glad that you shared it! I’m going to feature your comment so that everyone will see it – another great resource.

      • ed

        we have our own alternative too,www.deepsouthsounds.com,new emerging site, no frills just music no issues with mixes taken down

  • Chris Grant

    never had a problem in 6 years with http://www.podomatic.com and also using them means your mixes go on iTunes too.

    • Internal server error when I tried it. ??

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  • HearThis is definitely the best alternative. It has full quality SoundCloud import, all the features of SC and more. The developers are super responsive (I suggested the method of implementing full quality SC imports and it was implemented in literally a few hours). And they are on the uploaders side in any copyright disputes (claimants must have written proof, no automated takedowns).

    If this had the audience we’d all be able to wave bye bye to SC sooner rather than later.

    • Václav Mrkvi?ka

      I second that, hearthis rules! 🙂

  • Been using Mixcrate since 2011 when Soundcloud began removing every mix, and every mashup I’ve uploaded due to their ridiculous copyright system.

    Regardless how old-school Mixcrate is, it’s my favorite medium by far.
    The only drawback I find is the lack of embedded widget.

    Also, you guys forgot to add Beatport DJ!

  • happydan

    Actually, it’s only in US that you can’t go back in a mix on Mixcloud. It works fine in UK…

    • AlexGemmell

      Yep – as a Brit now in the UK I can confirm that Mixcloud has suffered from American music industry lawyers hamstringing the service. Also they hide the tracklist too which is f**king madness as that’s exactly what I need to actually buy the very music they say they are “protecting”. They US music industry scores an own-goal yet again.

      I have heard (from a friend) that visiting Mixcloud via a VPN will give you full scrubbing/tracklist access…

    • Mat Clayton

      One of the founders of Mixcloud here, I can confirm this is a US restriction, both the tracklist and scrubbing. This is the only legal way to stream this content in the US, as isn’t a restriction applied by us but is set out in law

      • flippinthemadstyles

        What could possibly be the legal advantage in restricting tracklists? Wouldn’t most labels (not to mention artists) want the free advertisement? If they wanted to, they could go a step further and even include a link for where to purchase the track? As far as scrubbing, it could be looked at in sort of the same way: I’m listening to a mix, something grabs my attention, so I rewind it to give it a second listen, I simultaneously look up the artist/track in the playlist, and if they happen to have a link, I download it legally. If not, then I happen to be incredibly resourceful, as are most DJ’s, and we have to use alternative methods.

        • Mat Clayton

          Unfortunately its not a matter of legal advantage, its a matter of obeying the local law. In the US we are licensed under the Soundexchange, which imposes this limitation upon us and any other provider with the same license in the US. I agree with you with about to the opportunities available to rights holders to make additional revenue and extend distribution through track listing, however unfortunately the law is what it is.

  • DjDecanus

    I use House-Mixes.com and happy with it