• https://www.mixcloud.com/reticuli/ Reticuli

    Wavo was pretty cool when they actually were still doing everything in wav. Then they went the lossless route like everyone else.

  • DJ Gerard

    Not worth it till you can listen offline. Most people in a large city like here in New York are on the train, driving through tunnels, at the gym with limited internet, etc. If I cannot listen offline what am I paying for!!

  • Ben

    Let me get this right they want to charge you for stats that you create for their web site(Music streaming service)? Let me say this I never have nor will I ever pay anyone to play. THE MEDIAN DOES NOT MATTER gig or on the net! NEVER EVER! They straight digital pimping!

  • John

    They need to spend less time on analytics and more time on a good Facebook player.

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  • Feel

    Too expensive for me for uploading one mix/month.

  • Holiday

    Mixcloud Pro is way, waaaay overpriced. I only paid like $6 for basically the same thing on Soundcloud. I can’t imagine paying more than $5-$6 a month.

    • Dean Zulueta

      It is for sure. I think it would be good for the DJ constantly putting out mixes. Myself, I only put out mixes once ore twice a month so I don’t feel like I would get much from an analytics stand point. Now for the DJ who puts one mix out every week, they can change quickly for next week based on how the listeners react.