Mixcloud Introduces Pro Accounts: Advanced Mix Analytics

Mixcloud is one of the main alternatives to Soundcloud, especially when it comes to uploading DJ mixes. Ever since the hammer came down from Soundcloud this summer, there has been a conquest to find a new home for those special mixes DJs want to share.  Yesterday, Mixcloud announced that they are adding to their platform for DJs by offering Pro and Premium subscription accounts for both listeners and content uploaders. Read below about Mixcloud’s Pro and Premium accounts with advanced analytics, comment control, and more.

Mixcloud Pro offers DJs Analytics, Content Control, and Engagement Feedback
“Upgrading to the new PRO account will give DJs and radio presenters access to a sophisticated analytics dashboard showing a breakdown of their audience size, source and location.” – Mixcloud

For the DJ

The Mixcloud Pro account is similar to Soundcloud’s current pro plan. With Mixcloud’s Pro account, content uploaders can expect to have an analytics dashboard showing demographics from their audience. A DJ can see everything from the size of the audience, the source, and even their audience’s location.

Pro uploaders will also receive more publishing tools, like comment control and the ability to schedule uploads.

What separates Mixcloud from other platforms is their listener reports. The “engagement graphs” provide valuable information to DJs by showing them where the listeners stop listening to a mix. Now, just because a listeners drops off after fifteen minutes that doesn’t mean the mix isn’t good, however, this can be useful if a DJ has hundreds or thousands of listeners and a majority drop off at a certain time. These graphs will allow the DJ to go back and see what works or doesn’t work. (With these graphs you can also see what social media platforms drive the number of listens.) A pro account on Mixcloud will run you $15 per month or $135 per year.

Mixclouds Repost feature creates a better alternative to upload mixes instead of using Soundcloud
“Inspired by the concept of ‘Retweets’ and ‘Reblogs’ on Twitter and Tumblr, we’ve just launched a new ‘Repost’ feature for Mixcloud. As an example, radio presenters can Repost their individual shows from their respective radio station’s channel.” – Mixcloud Founder Mat Clayton

For the Listeners

Most DJTT readers probably would rather go for the Pro account for content creators but the Premium account for listeners is worth noting. One big reason mixes get taken down constantly from Soundcloud and YouTube is because of the copyright fiasco that is created whenever anything is uploaded online that is not straight from the content creators.

A listener Pro account listeners the opportunity to give more support to the original artists included in the mixes they listen to. The listener also gets an ad-free listening experience. Even though DJ mixes are a cluttered mess of copyright issues, Mixcloud still finds a way to ensure everyone is getting paid something. The Premium account is available for $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year.

Is Mixcloud Pro for you?

Mixcloud continues to be one of the best websites for DJs to upload mixes (you can read more about other options here). What makes Mixcloud Pro stand out is the amount of insights they provide to better understand who your audience really is.

By knowing where the audience lives, how they listen, and what parts of the mix they listen to, a DJ can create the next mix that caters even more to their listeners. The price isn’t bad either ($135 a year) but you may only want to consider paying the subscription fee if you are uploading content regularly. Click here to learn more about Mixcloud Pro and take a demo of the new subscription.

Would you consider paying for Pro account? What features do you want from a content hosting service like Mixcloud?

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