• John

    Look http://ACAPELLAS.eu – every day new uploads and the best acapellas, remix parts, sample etc,
    They use it, music producers from around the world
    check it

  • i opened an account,and unless u get the ‘Pay for’ Version..its mad limited…

  • Elijah Logan

    I am so happy that this site is a thing. I also feel that as long as the vocals itself has been edited, it should be okay. Also, if it was a song for profit a percentage should go to the original artist/their family.

  • Unreallystic

    I’ll check the site later, but I’m more interested in discussing the last part.

    Without too much in details, I’m a home performance dj/producer. I’m working on an album based around Shaw Brothers film, original story, but I’ve been going through my huge catalog of Kung-Fu flicks to sample vocals for use – to put the storyline together and sound more authentic than me just narrating. I’ve hit a couple snags though, one is creatively – I just don’t like my plot anymore, so I’m scratching it and rewriting, but the big one is I don’t want to get killed by legal.

    I purposely don’t sample, even for hip-hop beats because the combination of hiding the sample verse clearing it sound like more headache than just being 100% original, but this is a gray area where I can’t side step it and ‘sound good’. I’ve played a female voice before and it was HORRIBLE haha. But not only do I not know the steps to clearing movie samples (especially for non-Shaw Bros content where it can be hard to find the source), but frankly for where I am, I don’t want to pay anyone, nor have the base for it to be worth it.


    I have an EDM based album I’m working on also, based on (no story elements just in name and theme) an 80s movie series, and I’m running into the SAME ISSUE. Do I just sample? Do I try and recreate the sounds with lots of voice and filter work? Higher voice actors off Craigslist? I know the right thing to do, but for an artist on my level, it seems a bit much.

  • Callum Hodgson

    I’d love it if the downloads were higher quality. Just downloaded one at 128Kbps…Can’t use that for a remix, it would sound awful!

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  • Great article and a great website! I hope the owners to the acapellas will take a leaf from Stevie Wonders book. Stevie let Philip George release a track that featured his acapella and allowed Philip to profit from it!