Numark’s iDJPro and MPC DJ: Exclusive Dj TT First Looks

We got a great chance to take a look at Numark’s brand new iDJPro late this afternoon at NAMM’s Media Preview day, a controller that revolves around docking an iPad running Djay – we’ve got all of the details we could glean from the NAMM mockup inside. However, even more exciting was a tip from one of our readers who had already checked in to NAMM this morning with a photo attached of a new controller from Numark – the MPC DJ. Click through to see this world exclusive leaked photo from the NAMM floor! 


To be honest, the iDJPro wasn’t as cool as we were hoping- mainly because the floor unit at NAMM was just a mockup and we couldn’t get a chance to play with the unit in a functioning state. We did manage to to get some information about the unit, and it’s certainly always interesting to see new attempts to break away from a laptop-dependent paradigm of controllerism.
Manufacturer: Numark
Product Name :
Release Date:
Also TBD – Mid to Late 2012?
Key Feature:

  • Traditional mixing section is replaced with an iPad running a customized version of djay
  • Line faders are missing – instead volume is controlled with large rotary dials
  • Other than the iPad, it feels like a traditional NS6-style controller, with simplified cues and loop sections
  • Inputs: RCA Line-in and 1/4? TRS microphone in on the front of the unit
  • Outputs: RCA and Balanced XLR outputs on rear of unit
  • Unit at NAMM was non-functioning, just for show


This controller we’re significantly more pumped about – cramming an MPC into the mixing section is an exciting hybridization of traditional DJ paradigms. It’s clear Numark has realized that there’s a new type of performer rising in the DJ world- the producer/DJ who wants a combination solution of the best of both worlds for their performance. From the looks of the photo, it seems to also fall along the traditional NS6 deck control layout, but with an extended middle section to fit a 4X4 grid of pads and unique line faders that seem to look more like a studio production mixer. It’s also got Akai branding on it, and those pads look backlit, so we expect to feel some quality MPC pads in this unit! Our editorial ninjas will take a closer look at this unit when the showroom floor opens tomorrow morning.

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