Pioneer RMX-1000 Announced: New Remix/Sampling Device

Pioneer has announced the Remix Station RMX-1000, a brand new external effects device designed to act as a live remixing and sampling unit in a DJ setup. Three’s no doubt that Pioneer has seen the success of software-based effects controllers like the Kontrol X1 and seen an opportunity to make a standalone unit that fits into the modern DJ workflow. Is it ready for primetime, and will the price match the feature set? Read on to find out and watch the star-studded promo video.


Manufacturer: Pioneer
$999 MSRP  | $799 in the DJTT Webstore
Release Date:
June 2012
Key Feature:
Four distinct effects sections allow for diverse high-value effects
What’s Missing:
Multiple inputs would make the unit more powerful -especially when not using a mixer with effects send/return

Four Sections of Effects Control

Scene FX: These effects are designed to create buildups and breakdowns, and are controlled by the knob in the circle selector on the right side of the unit. Build up effects, which add sounds to the mix, include Band Pass Filter Echo, Echo, Noise, Spiral Up, and Reverb Up. Break down effects, which cut sounds apart and remove elements, include High Pass Filter Echo, Low Pass Filter Echo, Crush Echo, Spiral Down and Reverb Down.

Release FX: These effects are used to either eliminate the playing music and leave just the output of the FX on the RMX-1000, or it can be used in reverse, eliminating the effects and letting the track carry on. This behavior can be triggered in three different ways: echoing, vinyl break, or backspin.

Isolate FX: If you’re not DJing with an isolator mixer, this section will allow you to emulate that effect. In addition to isolation, there are three effects that can be applied to an isolated band, meaning you can affect just the highs, mids, or lows of the playing track. The effects are Cut/Add, Trans/Roll, and Gate/Drive.

X-Pad FX: This is the section used for adding/playing samples on top of the playing mix. The samples are triggered with the touchpad, and while Pioneer includes simple Kick/Snare/Clap/Highhat, you can load your own samples with a SD card (see below photo).

Remixbox Software  + VST and Controller Functionality

Similar to the way that other high-end Pioneer gear can save a users settings to a SD card, the RMX-1000 offers the same custom user profiles that can be set up using the included Remixbox software. Just get it dialed to how you like, and then bring your SD card with settings to the club!

Pioneer has also developed a VST that they promise will allow users to emulate the effects of the RMX-1000 that will be included, and the unit can also be used as a USB controller for that same VST.

Tech Specs

Inputs: RCA x 1 and Phono (1/4”) x 1
Outputs:  RCA x 1 and Phono (1/4”) x 1
Data Port: USB-B port x 1
Sampling rate: 48 kHz
External dimensions: 13.14” (W) x 6.18” (D) x 2.24” (H)
Weight: 2.86 lbs

Final Thoughts

We’re pretty sure that the RMX-1000 is going to be a hit among high-end effects DJs like the ones shown in the promo video, but with a price point of $999, it’s not exactly gear that most mid-range clubs and small DJs will be able to add to their setups without doing a bit of saving. Pioneer does offer some of the best external standalone FX in the DJ world on their high-end mixers and the now old-hat EFX-1000, so we do expect that the unit will be incredibly fun to use.

As always, we’re interested to hear if you all think that the new Pioneer controller is going to be worth the price. Let us know in the comments below! 




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