Pioneer HDJ-2000/1500 Headphones Now In White

Pioneer’s product announcment team has been on a rampage these last few months, with the DDJ-SX for Serato DJ, the DDJ-WeGo, The DDJ-AERO, the CDJ-2000Nexus, and the mobile version of Rekordbox. But today they’re back to a classic new product reveal – announcing new matte white models of their professional headphone lines, the HDJ-2000 and the HDJ-1500.

As with Pioneer’s other white products, the units are functionally identical to the original units, except with a color change. We’re not ones to ever knock adding color customizability to make a product great (re: Chroma Caps and Midi Fighter Classics), but three tones (silver, black, and now white) is a bit underwhelming in terms of creative options.

The headphones will be available in December at the same price points as the classic models, with the HDJ-2000-Ws at $450/£255 /€320 MSRP and the HDJ-1500-Ws at $209/£150/€189 MSRP.

Are the new white versions of Pioneer’s headphones newsworthy and/or interesting to you? Let us know in the comments below! 

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