The Guardian: Are Small Club Nights Dead?

Photo Credit: DJ Mag

Spotted in The Guardian this morning was a great op-ed on changes in British club party sizes by Joanna Fuertes-Knight, observing the migration from small intimate venues to huge raves – and to online webstreams. As dance music has hit a renaissance (again), the popularity of massives might be impacting the former glory of the smaller nights for c

It’s well worth a read for any DJ or promoter – and great questions emerge from the piece about where intimate music discovery takes place in the modern world. Are bedroom raves from renowned livestreams just as exciting as small club experiences?

Here’s an excerpt from the piece:

Small, loyally attended events look thin on the ground, appearing to have been largely replaced in clubbers’ affections by the large, must-pre-book events like Manchester’s Warehouse Project and stay-over weekends where Butlin’s is transformed into a gurn-fest like Bugged Out!.


Now, people no longer discover new music at their favourite nights, because every blog races to get tracks online the millisecond they’re uploaded. Once-underground names can now demand luxury fees, and America has even given club music its own acronym. If the lure of the sweatpant still lingers, club connoisseurs can stick on a stream of the insanely popular Boiler Room or any one of its counterparts

[via The Guardian]

Have you observed this same transformation with dance music in your own city and region? 

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