Moving A DJ Library From Serato Into Traktor

We’re constantly being asked by Serato DJs who have recently discovered Traktor and want to give it a shot about the best way to easily move their library across without having to start all over with cue points, BPM information, and so on. The good news is that moving your library to Traktor is relatively simple. Watch today’s video inside and learn how to make it happen!

As the video mentions, you’ll need to be sure to download the SSL Database Importer, which is available here.

Remember that Serato Scratch Live doesn’t write beat grids to tracks, so setting a starting cue point is the best way to have a guideline as to where to drop your beatgrid. Since the track still retains BPM data, you don’t have to worry about asking it to reanalyze BPM upon adding to the Traktor Collection (unless you think you might need to)!

Have another set of software that you want to see a video of how to convert your DJ library data to and from? Let us know and we’ll investigate!  

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