Introducing Auxy – Essential Music making on the Ipad

There are over one million apps in the apple app store, and many of them are music related. With so many new ideas coming out all the time, it’s nearly impossible to cover the space but every once in a while we stumble on a new iPad app that is truly inspiring. Today that app is Auxy, a fun music making tool designed to simply the creation process through familiar workflows that have been vastly simplified. Their goal? ” enable more people to make more music”


Today the majority of DAWs feel more like building a budget in excel than making music. Auxy attempts to head in right direction by creating a new set of music making tools that feel familiar while taking away all the detail and clutter. Their first app, called Auxy, is a basic rhythm and synth sequencer which allows you to write music quickly and in an intuitive performance form.

“We wanted to extract the essence of modern beat making, and put it in a format that is easy to approach – Henrik Lenberg”

Our take in a nutshell

  • Making beats is very simple and fun
  • Drawing in notes by hand is slightly less fun, but creates un-expected results
  • The sound design is slightly “digital” sounding, but appropriate and enjoyable.
  • The “record” a performance function is a fun, easy way to sequence songs in real time.
  • We are excited and curious to see where this app and company heads in the future.

Here is a pretty good example of a full song made in Auxy


Auxy introduces a new way to make modern music on iPad. With a clean interface, stripped of unnecessary complexity, it encourages users to dive straight into the creative process and explore modern beat making without distraction.

With Auxy you create drums, bass lines and melody loops by drawing notes instead of recording instruments in real-time. Loops can then be mixed and recorded to create your own beats.

According to Henrik Lenberg, one of the co-founders of Auxy, the IPAD is a great platform for music creation. Especially with younger people who don’t have a computer and probably never will. While many of us can’t imagine dumping the laptop, there an entirely new generation who is likely to feel the exact opposite. instead of porting Ableton to the Ipad, they are attempting to answer the question “what is the right way to make music on a touch screen?”  Instead of copying old visual paradigms in a new format (ala Djay) Auxy creates a new interface language (ala Traktor Dj) in the production world.

Curious to try? Download it here – totally for free. 

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