NAMM 2015: Arturia’s Audiofuse Audio Interface

In our NAMM 2015 prediction guide, we pointed out that one of the constant winners at NAMM, Arturia, had been teasing a new generation of audio interface for about a month. The unveil is here, and the new Audiofuse soundcard looks like it might be perfect for producers looking for expansive connectivity. Read more in this article!

Name: Audiofuse
Manufacturer: Arturia
Available: Spring 2015
Price: €549.00 EUR/$599.00 USD
In A Nutshell: This small profile soundcard probably has more connectivity than we’ve ever seen in a card of this size.

Audiofuse’s Audio Quality

Obviously the most important aspect when talking about a new interface is the actual sound quality. Arturia seemly has spied opportunity in bringing a lot of studio innovations to the home studio with the Audiofuse, incorporating:

  • DiscretePRO® microphone preamplifier: First, we designed our own microphone preamps from the ground up. We decided not to use any third-party integrated amplifiers so we could have total control over their performance. Inspired by the classic designs of the golden age of analog, we improved them to the max and used the latest generation of discrete components.
  • 24-bit AD/DA (Analogue-to-Digital and Digital-to-Analogue) convertors are of the latest generation, delivering audio with startling transparency (at up to 192kHz sampling rate)
  • Arturia’s advanced clocking system to guarantee extremely accurate timing.

There’s also a few awesome bonus studio features that you don’t normally see in portable soundcards at this level, like analog soft-clipping, a talkback feature with a built-in microphone, and advanced routing (A/B speaker switching, direct monitoring, and separate master and monitor mix channels).

Input/Output Connectivity


The Audiofuse is a 14-in/14-out soundcard, with a massive array of I/O options for the size:

  • 4 analog inputs
  • 2x Mic/Instrument/Line
  • 2x Phono/Line
  • 4 analog outputs
  • 2 analog inserts
  • ADAT In & Out
  • S/PDIF In & Out
  • Word Clock In & Out
  • MIDI In & Out
  • 3-port USB hub

The Audiofuse is a USB 3.0 interface, and is compatible with Mac, PC, and Linux operating systems. It’s also totally class compliant, meaning that it will work with iOS and Android apps as well.

Compact Design


The aluminum chassis on the top and sides of the unit is a sleek, strong design, and is framed at the bottom by a soft touch leather base. They’ve even thought of an integrated case that covers the top set of controls. It’s a very small card – about the size of a Mac Mini – and has the ability to be entirely bus powered, even off an iOS device. That’s killer portability.

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