V-MODA x DJTT Design Contest – Win A Pair of Custom V-MODA M100 Headphones

DJ TechTools has teamed up with V-MODA, creators of the award winning M100 and LP2 headphones, to give the DJTT community a chance to win a pair of custom V-MODA M100 headphones. V-MODA headphones are famous for their incredible build quality and unique hexagon shape that maximizes comfort. The M100’s feature a removable metal shield which can be laser engraved with custom designs. That’s where you come in. Create a unique design to be engraved on the metal shield and the winning design will claim the V-MODA M100 headphones.


  1. Download the shield template files from V-MODA (Photoshop and Illustrator: CS4, CS5 files available)
  2. Export your image as JPEG and share it in the comment section (1 entry per person, make it count!)
  3. Submissions will be accepted until April 8th 2015 at midnight PST.


  1. Images/logos are preferred to be in black and white (correct image artwork shown to the right)
  2. For the best engraving results, images should be uploaded in high resolution (300dpi or above)
  3. Image formats accepted: jpg, gif, png, bmp, pdf, tiff, eps, ai, psd, svg, doc(x), cdr
  4. Please note that images/logos cannot be engraved onto chrome or matte silver shields

The entries will be judged by the DJTT staff. Comments and upvotes will be taken into consideration so feel free to share it and ask for support on your social channels. Keep in mind the winner won’t be based on the most upvotes, so you should be supportive of your fellow competitors and recognize their efforts. Although existing assets and images can be used, original designs from scratch will be the best way to stand out. 

Inspiring V-MODA Plate Designs

To help get the creative wheels spinning, we though it’d be good to share some cool V-MODA plate designs that we’ve found online. The designs don’t have to be limited to music inspired designs as you’ll see in the images below, so let your imagination run wild.



Whoever created this custom plate really wanted to make a statement against a certain brand of headphones.


V-MODA Predator

This design features the technologically advanced villain from the 1987 classic action movie “Predator”. Unfortunately wearing these will not give you cloaking powers.

 The Legend of Zelda

Legend of Zelda

DJs that are also into video games will appreciate the Royal Crests taken from the classic Nintendo series “Legend of Zelda”. Maybe Link will use a Midi Fighter as his instrument of choice instead of an Ocarina in the next game.

Contest Winner: Left Brain, Right Brain

V-Moda Contest

After looking at all the various submissions a winner has been declared. The winner of the V-MODA M100 design contest is Hameed Ansari. We liked his creative take on the left and right brain thinking and the intricate attention to detail in the shield design. Congratulations Hameed on your winning design and thank you to everyone who submitted a design, you all make it extremely hard to choose the winner.

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