ToneDen for iOS: Instantly Send Music To All Your Fans

When you combine the number of new music projects that are being created daily with the fact that SoundCloud has over 12 hours of audio being uploaded to it every minute, getting music in front of fans is getting harder than ever. ToneDen’s free music sharing app for iOS aims to solve this problem by letting you instantly send your SoundCloud tracks to fans who follow you on their service.

ToneDen Inbox


ToneDen’s mobile experience centers around the “inbox” where fans receive new music right when it comes out from artists they follow or friends whose taste they trust. Each track they receive is also coupled with a personal message from the poster, giving the story behind why the track is being shared.

Fans can then choose to save the track for later listening, or share it with their close friends and followers in a way that’s similar to sharing a Snap on Snapchat. They can also see which artists and tracks are most popular by visiting the real-time and constantly updating “trending” stream that acts as a filtered feed of new music.

Share New Music With Your Fans


The service has some clear perks for artists as every track-play on the service goes towards an artist’s play-count on SoundCloud. Artists currently have two locations for posting their music on the service: the mobile app or the web app (which means artists can still participate in ToneDen regardless of whether or not they have an iPhone). You can essentially view it as a free mailing list with a significantly higher engagement rate!

Download the app from the App Store now to start discovering

new music through your favorite artists and friends!

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