Blend Launches Automatic Ableton Projects From Stems

Producers know very well that feeling when one hears a song and thinks, “I could make a killer remix!” After downloading the stems and before they can begin working on a killer remix, they have to spend a significant amount of time un-warping tracks, leveling out the mix, etc. By the end of the preparation journey, much of that creative spark is gone. Blend, the popular collaboration tool for producers, announced their new auto-creation update which will allow producer to jump right into mixing a track.

Getting Down to Business

Stems are what producers refer to as raw audio tracks from an original track. In the new digital landscape, music producers will typically download full Ableton projects that contain the full track split into multiple raw audio tracks. Most of the time, these projects aren’t thrown straight into an Ableton project. The stems will come in a zipped folder which then has to be unzipped and inserted into an Ableton project.

When it comes to producing, this process takes a huge chunk of time to complete. Blend, which is used by many producers for collaborating, released an update which will give producers the option to have the stems put into an Ableton Live project file. All the stems will be in the correct BPM and the whole track will be ready for the producer to get creative. Similarly, Ableton producers can upload stems of their own originals for others to download in the same fashion. Currently this option is only available for Ableton producers, but Blend is working on an update for other DAWs that will be available soon. This update is slight, but helps keep producers spending time on actual productive tasks and not on monotonous repetitive ones.

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