Blond:ish On Preparing DJ Sets with Beatport Pro

Recently, we had the chance to interview Vivie-ann from Blond:ish to share how she prepares for her DJ sets. From tagging tracks with memorable moments to replacing her iTunes library integration in Traktor, she has some powerful tips for every DJ looking for a better tool for organizing their music collection. Watch the full interview and video inside.

The desktop Beatport Pro app is available for Mac only, for free, here. It’s a great tool for managing your library and preparing DJ sets. As we have written about in the past iTunes has become less and less ideal for DJ preparation and file management.  While not perfect, Beatport Pro has a lot of very DJ-friendly tools that may have you give up iTunes for good.

In this series we ask a series of professional DJs how they shop for music and organize their libraries. We hope you enjoyed the Blond:ish interview, and if you want to hear more of Blond:ish’s recent work,  here are their recent Soundcloud uploads

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