Traktor Pro 2.10.3: MP2014 Certification, Bug Fixes, and…?

Traktor users have been patiently waiting for any type of major update to the software. We’ve seen advanced features like Stems come out – but there’s been very little attention to the basics of DJing with the software. With this micro-update, Traktor Pro 2.10.3 there’s not too much to report, although a user in our forums seems to think something is coming soon.

Traktor Pro 2.10.3 Features / Updates

There’s really only a tiny selection of things in the changelog for this new update – the biggest of which is a soundcard certification for the Rane MP2014 rotary mixer. Having these boutique mixers ready-to-go in Traktor is nice, but most Traktor users will never own or use one of these high-end beauties regularly.

Here’s the changelog for the new update – with a serious focus on making the platform more stable:

  • Most currently known crashes in Windows and OSX fixed
  • Fixed blurry or missing waveforms on track loading
  • Fixed occasional Stems misalignment
  • Rane MP2014 mixer now Scratch Certified
  • AUX input routing now configurable on TRAKTOR KONTROL S5 and Z2

Never Update Before A Gig

Here it is again, our regular reminders to DJs everywhere: if you have a gig coming up in the next 48 hours, don’t update to a new version of anything. Software, hardware drivers, operating system, it doesn’t matter – unless you’ve thoroughly tested a new setup, it’s not worth it to risk something going wrong.

Something New Coming for Maschine?

Take this rumor with a grain of salt, but a user on the DJ Techtools forums confirmed that the new Traktor version is stable, and that there’s something afoot with Maschine:

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at Aug 12.59.31 PM

This is the first we’ve seen anything like this mentioned around the web. Is a new version of Maschine coming? Is this being mentioned in connection with a Traktor update intentionally, or is it just a coincidence? Is ragverp just making it all up? Let’s all speculate in the comments below.

Traktor Pro 2.10.3 is available today in Service Center or in your Native Instruments website account as a free update. 

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